The Financial War Waging Underneath The Surface PART 2 — The Daily Coin

(By The Daily Coin)

We cover three crucial topics–the economics of the new marijuana laws, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and we wrap up with Fukushima. Fukushima is a global problem that is getting zero coverage. There is so little information being transferred about this ongoing nightmare that it is appalling.

We quickly turn to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Dave explains that the SCO is the Eastern version of NATO, with one major exception. Eric picks up and details how the SCO will encompass somewhere around 50% to 65% of the global population and three-fourths of the global mineral wealth, including oil. To all you scum-sucking bottom feeders in New York, Washington DC and London–put that in your pipe and smoke it!! This plays a big part in the current events in Eastern Ukraine, Syria and Iran.


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5 Comments on "The Financial War Waging Underneath The Surface PART 2 — The Daily Coin"

  1. BRICS must launch a new monetary and financial system which will compete directly with the western one. If not clearly supported by gold I cannot see how it could defeat the anglo one.

    Up to now, the BRICS has only take part to the monetary orgy (especially china) with nearly nothing done within the last 5 years.

    What a mess…

    • The BRICS can compete with the dollar, even without gold backing. This is possible because any basket of BRICS currencies exit in far lower quantities than dollars. The US dollar has filled central banks all over the world. This really went into overdrive in 1973 with the creation of the petrodollar. A new currency system for international trade does not have that boat anchor. When those dollars are sold it will create a huge inflationary problem simply due to the increase in velocity of the US dollar. This is not a problem that the BRICS will have with their new currency basket.

      But the new one will fail too without gold backing. Only gold as currency will allow a country to thrive short term AND long term. Without gold there is no stored capital. Without capital it is very hard to have economic growth.

      • While I agree on the last part of your post, on the beginning I reach an opposite conclusion.

        Indeed, despite all the dollar debauchery, the fed can peg its short term to 0 without any difficulty, and without a massive devaluation against BRICS ones. If russia for example would made the same thing the ruble will be obliterated, it shows the dollar is much stronger than the ruble. I believe the same of yuan because of the multri tens trillions of yuan rise of their banking assets (namely dark pools).

        They will bail out eveything and they will have to explode the yuan supply. The ruble is like real and the rand is a pure crap.

        That seem counterintuitive but I do think that the more dollars are created, the more debt are libelled in that currency and the more dollars are needed to pay interest even small and the repay the principals.

        I just hope that BRICS have a longer term plan B where gold would be clearly involved but up to now, there are absolutely nothing public in this sense. As Huga salinas said one of the reason is because politics and oligarchs love controlling money (harder with gold) and because nobody knows anymore to do otherwise !

  2. With regards to the issue of Fukushima, Chris Martenson did a podcast which covers this extensively and although I’ve seen evidence to support the points it still seems remarkable.

  3. Cognitive Dissonance

    A survivor of the Titanic disaster was asked. “How did the Titanic sink”?

    Their answer was, “Slowly at first, then all of a sudden”!

    Some of those still on deck when the ship slipped beneath the water, still “believed” what they were told, that the Titanic was “unsinkable” because the alternative was too horrible to imagine.

    There will be those in the coming paradigm shift, that will be suffering from the “deer caught in the headlights glare” (cognitive dissonance) that will perish. Don’t go down with the ship. Prepare. NOW.

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