June 2021

MAJOR GOLD & SILVER UPDATE JUNE 27th: The Next Three Trading Days Are Important For The Future Prices

The next three days of trading could be very important for setting the gold and silver prices trends.  In my newest Gold & Silver Update, I provide interesting information on the silver market and the technical charts for the precious metals.  You really need to see this update because these charts provide…

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How Does 1970s Inflation Compare To Current Market & Gold Price

Many precious metals investors want to know if the coming inflation wave will be like what we experienced during the 1970s inflation.  In this video update, I compare the top gold miners during these two periods and how the oil and gold prices impacted the profitability of these companies…

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FUNDAMENTALS ALWAYS KICK IN: Two Overvalued Silver Miners Now Experiencing Larger Declines

As I have stated many times, the fundamentals will always KICK IN.  Of course, it may take more time than we anticipate, but we are now seeing the two silver mining stocks that I cautioned about being overvalued compared to the group are seeing larger percentage declines.  I believe this same trend…

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