October 2023

MIDDLE EAST ESCALATION UPDATE OCT 27th: What Happens If The Situation Gets Out Of Control?

With the Israel ground invasion now starting in North Gaza today, energy and precious metals prices surged higher.  But, what happens if this Middle East conflict escalates further?  We are already seeing the U.S. attacking facilities in Syria, believed to be linked to Iran…

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USA & GLOBAL AUTO SALES SHOW TROUBLING SIGNS: Amazing Correlation Between Auto Sales & Oil Production

While U.S. and Global Auto Sales still haven’t recovered since issues stemming from the 2020 Pandemic Shutdown, another culprit is at work.  No, it’s not due to shortages of semiconductors, even though that has accounted for a small part of the weak sales rebound.  So, what is it…

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WITH U.S. CONVENTIONAL GAS DEPLETION… Make Way For Shale Gas That Declines 30% Per Year

With the depletion of U.S. conventional gas reserves, and just in the nick of time, we made it up with the Great Shale Gas Miracle.  And, indeed… it is quite amazing to have more than doubled U.S. domestic natgas production over the past 15 years.  How fast the years have gone by…

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