June 2024

METALS & TRUMP BITCOIN MARKET UPDATE JUNE 16th: Bullish Setup For Silver? And Why Is Trump Now Backing Bitcoin Mining?

Why did Donald Trump totally reverse his stance on Bitcoin as a “Scam” and now totally support the Bitcoin Mining Industry?  Well, it seems to come down to Big Money and much-needed votes.  Also, are we seeing another Bullish Setup in the silver price…

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PLOT THICKENS… IS THE FED QT MONETARY TIGHTENING A MYTH?? What About The Massive Decline In The U.S. Treasury Market Value

It seems that everyone believes the Fed QT Monetary Tightening is reducing the money supply, but I believe there is more going on behind the scenes.  Also, why haven’t any economists or MSM reported on the massive decline in the value of the U.S. Treasury Market…

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WHO JUST BECAME THE NEW THIRD LARGEST PSLV HOLDER: How The Coming Surge Of Institutional Silver ETF Investment Will Crowd Out Retail Investors

This institution just became the third-largest holder of the Sprott PSLV ETF, and is why it represents a coming trend-change in global silver investment.  I also believe future institutional Silver ETF investment will likely crowd out retail investors who will move more into physical metal buying…

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