September 2020

TOP GOLD MINING STOCKS: Technical Indicator Shows Which Stocks Are Better Valued vs. Being Overextended

After the huge run-up in the gold price and mining shares, this technical indicator shows which stocks in the group are better valued versus those companies that may be over-extended.  While some of the top gold miners have seen their shares surge higher over the past several months, other companies…

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STILL BEATING THE COMPETITION: The Lowest Silver Eagle Prices vs. Top Online Dealers

With falling silver prices, comes lower premiums for Silver Eagles.  However, most precious metals online dealers are still charging $6 or more premiums for 2020 Silver Eagles.  This morning, Dan at Cloud Hard Assets emailed me that they lowered their premiums on 2020 Silver Eagles to only $4.50 over spot…

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SILVER & GOLD MARKET UPDATE: After A Big Correction, Are The Metals Poised For A Bounce?

After the precious metals experienced a significant correction over the past week, silver and gold may enjoy a bounce this week.  However, it all depends upon what happens in the overall markets.  If there is continued bad news on the economy, then we may see continued weakness in the metals and…

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