February 2021

Upcoming GOLD AND SILVER Market Opportunities

In today’s video update we focus on our expected gold and silver price movements ahead. We believe that we will see massive opportunities occur in the precious metals markets in the foreseeable future. We are also looking at the mining companies that might provide us with leverage in the future.

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The ULTIMATE Crypto Report. Part 6 – Cryptos vs Gold

In light of all the facts presented in this report, it’s not difficult to understand why we warn people not to rely on cryptos as a form of digital gold. Cryptos are not a substitute for real money which is gold. For now, however, marketing hype has captured the imagination of the public.

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Exploding Copper Price Suggests Massive Inflation Ahead?

With the exploding copper price, most investors now believe the market and economy are heading towards a massive inflationary event.  Today, the copper price surged another 0.14 cents and is up a stunning 21% since the beginning of February.  However, if we look at some of the fundamental data…

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