June 2015

THE SILVER CHART REPORT: The Coming Explosive Silver Price & Market

As the price of silver skyrockets during the next global financial collapse, the Silver Market will become one of the world’s most explosive markets in the future.  The Silver Chart Report is a must-read for the new and experienced precious metals investor. Most analysts focus on a certain area or…

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India Hoards Silver; Massive Disconnect In Stocks & Bonds

(MoneyMetalsExchange) Not only did Governor Abbott of Texas announce they’re going to build a new depository, he made sure in his press release, he said a gold and silver depository. That’s important because silver is mentioned there, not just as an industrial metal, but it’s in the same vein as…

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Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Spike In June As The Market Senses Financial Turmoil

There was a definite trend change in precious metal sentiment and investment demand in June as the market senses financial turmoil on the horizon.  Each day we see another announcement from Main Stream financial sources warning of upcoming systemic risk in the markets. For example, Goldcore published the article “Hold…

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