January 2022

Turkey Sells A Lot Of Silver To U.S. As Its Currency Collapses

In a stunning change, Turkish silver exports surged to the United States in 2021 as citizens sold metal to offset the collapse of the Lira.  Thus, silver behaved exactly how it should by protecting wealth for Turkish citizens as the Lira continues to evaluate.  However, this is just the beginning…

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More than a decade after the Great Financial Crisis, it seems that we are faced with the same questions as in 2008. Can the current financial system be relied on for much longer? Is our future in more high-tech solutions, more green energy, more consumption at all costs? Or do we need to, finally, start thinking about the Real Reset. Because a reset is coming, whether we like it or not… but it might be different than what most think it’s going to be.

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TOP SILVER MINERS UPDATE JAN 27th: What’s Next For The Mining Stocks & Good Buy Prices

While many precious metals analysts are claiming the LOWS are in for the mining shares telling their followers it’s a good time to get in… I’m afraid I have to disagree.  In this Top Silver Miners Update, I provide my technical analysis on the Silver Price and what’s next for these five mining stocks…

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