March 2021

MAJOR MARKET & METALS UPDATE MAR 28th: Important Quarter-End Technicals

With the quarter coming to an end in a few days, there are some important technical levels for the markets, metals, and energy.  Also, because the S&P 500 Index reversed on Thursday, from what could have been a larger selloff, and shut up higher on the close Friday, we may likely see new highs…

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INDIA SILVER EXPORTS EXPLODE: Filling The Insatiable Physical Metal Demand In The West

Evidence that the SilverSqueeze in the silver market is going global can be seen by the explosion of Indian silver exports.  This is quite a surprise because India has been known for its massive silver imports, not exports.  Well, that all seems to be changing as investors continue to acquire silver bullion…

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FIVE TOP SILVER MINING COMPANIES: SRSrocco Analysis On Which Is The Best Performing Stock

What silver mining stock has outperformed the industry?  Well, if we look at the fundamental data and analysis, there is most certainly a clear winner.  Not only has this silver producer enjoyed the highest profit margins, but its share price has also outperformed its peers over the past decade…

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