July 2014

“Pilgrims Society Are The Gold & Silver Manipulators, Not Bilderbergs” Silver Supressors – PART 3

(by Charles Savoie) Nothing is as great a danger to gold and silver investors as The Pilgrims Society.  Across the years, not only has The Pilgrims Society, with its twin branches in the world‟s top two international banking districts—London and New York, featured as members, unknown to the gold and……

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“Wrecking The Silver Monetary System”: Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2

(by Charles Savoie) The organization responsible for destroying the role of silver as money, is documented in this article.  This organization makes the Bilderbergs look like pikers.  If you think you know the true story of Silver, this article will surely DESTROY many myths and incorrect assumptions. To understand our……

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MUST WATCH: How Derivatives Will Trigger A Bond Market Melt-Down (Part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R16tLKio974 (IRD-Dave Kranzler) Get your money out of the bond market. Once the default-contagion starts, it will spread faster than the bubonic plague which caused the Black Death in the 14th century. I just got off the phone this morning with a source in NYC who confirmed that several Wall……

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