May 2024

U.S. ELECTRICITY UPDATE MAY 2024: Residential Electricity Rates Hit All-Time High

As I warned, U.S. Residential Electricity prices hit a new all-time high this year.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of much higher power bills for Americans as energy and capital costs continue to surge.  How much did Residential Electricity Rates increase…

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TOP SILVER MINERS Q1 2024 UPDATE: Silver Miners Are Now Making Significant Profits At $30 Silver

While the Top Silver Miners barely broke even in Q1 2024, they are certainly rolling in the Dough now with silver over $30.  It’s incredible how quickly the silver price ran up to nearly $32 on Friday for the first time in over a decade.  So, what does this mean for the primary silver miners…

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BITCOIN ZOMBIE MINING COMPANIES DRAIN SHAREHOLDER WEALTH: My Interview With Palisades Radio On Bitcoin Mining Shareholder Ponzi Scheme

This was my interview with Tom at Palisades Radio, during which I shared my Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme presentation.  I highly recommend it if you haven’t yet watched it.  The Bitcoin Mining Industry is using the shareholder as a piggy bank to fund the Bitcoin Red Queen Syndrome…

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