February 2020

Demand For Physical Precious Metals Surge Due To Fears About Disruptions In The Global Supply Chain

According to a precious metals dealer I spoke with, the world out on the street is that demand for gold and silver has recently surged due to investor concerns about a disruption to the Global Supply Chain.  We are already seeing a massive slowdown in China’s oil demand as official…

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RED WARNING LIGHT: The World Is Rapidly Burning Through Its Conventional Oil Reserves

While Americans continue to enjoy the convenience provided by the just-in-time inventory supply-chain Leech and Spend Suburban Economy, the rate we are consuming the high-quality conventional oil reserves should scare the hell out of people.  But, it doesn’t.  Why?  Because, virtually no one sees it or has a clue.  Unfortunately,…

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ENERGY & MINING: SRSRocco Two New Interviews Including Round Table With Rick Rule-Larry Lepard & Bill Powers

This week I participated in two new interviews on ENERGY & MINING.  The first interview was with Bill Powers, who runs the Mining Stock Education website.  We discussed how Energy will impact the silver mining industry and silver price.  I included data about how much Energy it takes to mine…

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