September 2017

TOM CLOUD PRECIOUS METALS UPDATE: Silver Libertad, Chinese Gold-Backed Yuan & More

During this precious metals update, Tom Cloud discusses several important developments in the gold and silver markets.¬† Tom first discusses the debate on the monetization of the Silver Libertad and the increased buying by investors of the Official Mexican silver coin. Tom then talks about the possibility of a gold-backed…

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U.S. Retirement Market Ponzi Fueled By Record Concentration In Stocks By Young Americans

For the U.S. Retirement Market Ponzi Scheme to continue, there must be a new group of suckers to pay for the individuals who are receiving benefits. ¬†Without a new flow of funds, the Ponzi Scheme comes crashing down. ¬†Such was the case for the individuals who invested in the $65…

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Big Trouble For The Silver Market If Mexico Monetizes Its Silver Libertad Coin

Recently, there was a debate in the Mexican Congress on the proposal to monetize the Silver Libertad Coin. ¬†The debate took place during a forum for “The Promotion of Savings for Mexicans.” ¬†If Mexico decided to monetize its Silver Libertad Coin, it could have a severe impact on the silver…

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