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THE SILVER BREAKOUT FINALLY ARRIVED: What Happens When It Hits This Next Important Level?

While demand for silver bullion continues to be very weak, the long-awaited Silver Breakout finally occurred.  So what’s next?  It was surprising to see how quickly the Silver price hit $27, but what happens when it reaches the next important level? IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to visiting and assisting a very…

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USING IT UP…. RECORD U.S. OIL PRODUCTION & EXPORTS: The Highest Annual Amount Of Proven Reserve Depletion In The World

While the U.S. is bragging about being the world’s largest oil producer, it is also draining its oil reserves at the fastest rate compared to the other leading countries.  Worse yet, it is exporting nearly one-third of its domestic fast-reserve-depleting oil supply overseas… BRAVO…

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THE NON-RENEWABLE U.K. DRAX BIOMASS PLANT BOONDOGGLE: Massive Wood Pellet Global Supply Chain Is Unsustainable

If the Green Energy transition couldn’t get any worse… I give you the U.K. DRAX Biomass Powerplant Boondoggle.  Someone thought it was a good idea to switch the U.K.’s largest coal-fired power plant to burning wood pellets until you peel back the layers and look into the massive global supply chain…

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