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We begin the conversation discussing the latest global ponzi scheme coming out of South Africa, the Rand Gold Bond. According to Eric Dubin this is similar to the GLD or SLV ponzi schemes but the target market are people on a fixed income with a promise of exposure to gold. While Dave Kranzler explains there is nothing in the sales brochure or terms of the agreement that says you the “bond” is tied to allocated gold in your name. Oh yeah, you have to fly to the Rand Refinery to pick up your Krugerrands in the event the paper-ponzi scheme actually matures. Good luck with that plan.

We then take a look at the gold and silver market. Eric and Dave break it down for the near term and the long term. Towards the end when China, Russia and India are brought into the conversation I ask a very simple question–”What does China, Russia and India acquiring gold and silver have to do with my stack and why is it important?” For anyone, but especially the new listener, this is crucial information.


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9 Comments on "The New Rand Gold Bond Ponzi & Western World Is Sleeping — The Daily Coin"

  1. Outlookingin | August 31, 2014 at 9:42 am |

    Just one more stone in the ever increasing global fraudulent financial system.

    Case in point:
    The regular price capping of gold and silver at the “line in the sand” levels of;
    $1,300.00 for gold and $20.00 for silver. Please consider the following averages for both metals;

    May $1,281.66 $19.20
    June $1,289.50 $20.11
    July $1,319.00 $21.07
    Aug $1,295.35 $19.58

    Four month averages = Gold at $1,296.38 Silver at $19.99

    Do you really think this is how price discovery reacts when markets are free from manipulation?
    The above stats has control and manipulation writ large all over it!

  2. Nobody in his/her right mind thinks, it’s a market price. Unfortunately most people do not care at all (as they don’t own not even an ounce. Sadly they might think, that a manipulated gold price would be even to their advantage…..Andreas, Vienna

  3. Yet another avenue to dupe the people out of their money. Of course it’s all crooked, the system as is could not survive otherwise. I’m shocked to learn I am considering Shanghai as the lesser of all evils.

  4. Armstrong is a
    damant there is no manipulation – just markets doing what markets do. And he does seem to be a guru…check the soo respectful q’s he deigns to answer. Now i’m convinced 3000 years of history is suspect. Perhaps ‘dis time it is different?’

    • I forgot d’ smiley ….

      • Armstrong believes like pascal lamy that the markets are the hand of God (truly nad litteraly in the case of the pascal lamy) and that if markets allow him to make one billion $ without producing anything just because there are some incentives from central banks, there is nothing to see here, poors just have to work more or being less stupid…

        It is a major problem with people working in financa only, they do not understand that 99% of their profits are pure parasitism thanks to western oligarchy which has worked on this project for the last centuries and which has now be accomplished in the last décades.

        How disgusting this guy is…

    • Outlookingin | August 31, 2014 at 9:55 pm |

      The price of farmland and the price of gold have moved together in lock step fashion for many years. That is until July/ August 2011 when both gold and silver were capped, then smashed down in price by the so-called “free market”.

      Since that date farmland has continued higher in valuation, while gold and silver have slid back and stagnated. The price of farmland cannot be manipulated near as easy as the precious metals price. Hence the price disconnect between these two assets.

      The severe beating that Martin Armstrong received while he was in prison, must have effected his power of reasoning! As Eric Sprott denies any PM manipulation also. Who knows why they refuse to see what is obvious to most? Time is ALWAYS different with passage it will tell.

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