August 2018

During Big 2016 Market Correction Gold & Silver Didn’t Fall, They Soared

If we go back to the last big market correction, the precious metals didn’t fall, they soared.  There were several reasons the gold and silver prices disconnected from the broader markets at the beginning of 2016. In my newest video update, I show exactly what happened to gold and silver…

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GOING CASHLESS?? Someone Better Tell The Federal Reserve As Currency In Circulation Reaches New High

With all the talk about Central banks going “Cashless,”  someone needs to tell the Federal Reserve.  Why?  Because the Federal Reserve just placed another large order for newly printed 2018 Dollars.  Interestingly, the U.S. Treasury will print the largest number of $100 bills since it came out with the updated…

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Gold, Silver, Shale Oil Industry & The Economy: My Interview With James Kunstler

How insane are the markets today?  Well, it’s always a pleasure to discuss this and other topics with James Howard Kunstler.  Jim and I had a lively conversation about gold, silver, the shale oil industry and the overall economy in his most recent KunstlerCast.  James is one of the few…

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