March 2015

CENTRAL BANKS LOSING CONTROL: Are The Seeds Of A Global Depression Sprouting?

(By Chris Hamilton) If the “markets” are rigged and economies divorced from true market valuations, then what (if anything) could trigger a recoupling of reality to the record setting flashing numbers presently offered by the “market” facade?  My best guess is decelerating global credit and debt creation (and a rotation from private to government debt creation) is the harbinger progressively…

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THE SILVER MANIFESTO: Precious Metal Investors Guide To Surviving The Coming Debt Bomb

Investors worried about the highly leveraged fiat monetary system based on massive debt and derivatives need to read the new book, “The Silver Manifesto.”  This book was written by David Morgan and Chris Marchese of The primary purpose of writing The Silver Manifesto is to educate the reader as…

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