December 2023

RECORD U.S. OIL PRODUCTION & MARKET UPDATE DEC 31st: How Sustainable Is U.S. Oil Supply & Has Domestic Demand Peaked?

While the market applauds record U.S. oil production surpassing Saudi Arabia and Russia, how sustainable is this supply?  Also, what is happening with the critical U.S. diesel supply and inventories?  And how would a recession impact U.S. fuel consumption in 2024…

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HEADING INTO 2024 DEEP RECESSION??: What Does This Mean For Gold & Silver Prices

With most Economists and the Fed suggesting continued growth next year, one important indicator suggests quite the opposite.  Unfortunately, it seems that the U.S. Economy enjoyed its “Soft Landing” this year and is setting up for a Deep Recession in 2024…

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Vancouver Resource Investment Conference Discussion On The Future Of Energy With Jesse Day, SRSrocco & Brian Gitt

What’s the Future of Global Energy??  I sat down with Jesse Day for the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference and discussed energy with Brian Gitt.  While Brian believes the world has a tremendous amount of oil reserves remaining, I believe this is vastly overstated…

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