April 2021

World Gold Council’s Accounting Suggests Global Silver Market Suffered A Quarter-Billion Oz Deficit In 2020

According to the World Gold Council’s accounting standards, the silver market DID NOT experience a record surplus last year as reported by Metals Focus Consultancy, which provides the analysis for the World Silver Surveys.  During a recent interview on Kitco this week, Philip Newman, managing director…

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2020 SILVER MARKET: Large Surplus Or Deficit & What’s Missing From The Analysis

Was there a record silver surplus last year as stated by a Metals Focus Analyst on Kitco??  Many silver investors are now puzzled by this claim that the silver market was in a large surplus, even though there was record physical and ETF silver demand.  In my newest update, I explain why I disagree…

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IMPORTANT ECONOMIC UPDATE: Bubble Markets & High Commodity Prices To Peak Shortly

This is an important economic update because most analysts continue to believe we are heading towards massive inflation and much higher broader stock indexes.  While we could see the markets move higher, certain forces are now getting ready to pull down the major stock indexes and commodity prices…

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