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SRSrocco Report provides intelligent, well-researched information to those with interest in investing. Neither SRSrocco Report nor any of its owners, officers, directors, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, licensors, service and content providers, producers or agents provides financial advisement services. Neither do we work miracles. We provide our content and opinions freely to readers only so that they may make informed investment decisions. Under no circumstances should you interpret opinions which SRSrocco Report or Steve St. Angelo offers on this or any other website as financial advice. 

Past success investing in assets or stocks has no bearing on the success of future investments. Even the most informed investors lose money. We strongly suggest you conduct careful research before making any investment, preferably doing so with the help of a trusted professional financial advisor.

Steve St. Angelo makes no claims to be a registered investment advisor. Neither does he provide personalized financial strategies, as these must take into account any number of highly individualized factors, including income, net worth, personal values, and unique family needs and situations. People making investments must choose among a variety of recommended assets or stocks, weigh risks against benefits, make informed decisions, and manage their own accounts.  They must also exercise patience, as each position could take several months or more to come to fruition.

SRSrocco Report will never provide advice on using borrowed funds, margin accounts or leveraging futures. We proffer explicit warnings for any and all energy collapse related investments that include stocks and/or bonds. We strongly recommend the use of limit orders when investing, particularly in small stock issues that can show sensitivity to volume order pressures.

We discourage investment in the majority of juniors, which are highly speculative at the best of times. Such investments now involve taking even greater risks, particularly when taking the imminent dire peak energy environment into account. Because of that, we urge readers to consider acquiring stocks of companies that have achieved commercial production status as well as physical assets.

No company or its prospects have ever paid Steve to publish their views or for research that could benefit them financially. Steve promises that he will disclose any personal ownership of securities he brings up for discussion.  He also pledges to research conscientiously – always consulting sources that experts regard as reliable. At all times, Steve strives to achieve precision and truthfulness in the information he shares. In rare cases where Steve commits an error, he will diligently and swiftly rectify it – along with a mea culpa.

Steve appreciates all letters and emails his readers send, though the sheer volume he receives prevents him from responding personally to each one. Rest assured that every email addressed to our customer service department will receive a prompt and courteous response.

Information on this website may include “forward-looking information” as described in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. In full accord with Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 safe harbor provisions, please view all forward-looking statements on this website as speculative in nature, unless the information is clearly historical. We bear no legal or financial responsibility for the decisions you may make after reading SRSrocco Report.

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Problems with Files:  We want you to enjoy your purchase.  If you are unable to view the files sent to you, please contact us immediately so that we can correct the problem and send you a copy of the materials that you have ordered that you can use and enjoy.
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