The Reason For The Coming Breakout In The Gold & Silver Market

The breakout in the prices of the precious metals during the 1970’s and 2000’s was due to the same reason.  The coming explosion in the values of gold and silver will also occur for the very same reason… howbeit a bit different.

I sat down with Kenneth Ameduri of Crush The Street and discussed my new realization why the Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history cannot be sustained for much longer.  I recommend this video as we discuss the market in a much different way compared to most of the analysis on the internet.

You can listen to more interesting interviews at Crush The Street.

Tomorrow, I will be posting a new article about the U.S. Gold Market that shows just how insane the West is as it pertains to failure in understanding how to “Invest In Real Assets.”

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13 Comments on "The Reason For The Coming Breakout In The Gold & Silver Market"

  1. Excellent interview with a steady focus on fundamentals.

  2. Sorry Steve off topic but 40 million shares dumped at the tape today on the Dow! The ppt got upwards traction! wow, heck of a lotta paper money looking for new home soon. Mugabenomic’s 101!

  3. Where I live an unlimited data plan is not available, therefore I must pay for data through a cell phone carrier.
    I wish videos had an option for the printed words.

  4. howbeit |haʊˈbiːɪt|
    adverb archaic
    nevertheless; however: howbeit, I’ve no proof of the thing.

  5. If oil functions as a currency for most Middle East country’s is the overproduction of oil we keep hearing about a form of QE?

  6. On the first of December 2014 a “pundit” wrote an article stating that the bottom was in. After that other “pundits” wrote that 2015 would be a watershed moment. Now it turns out that the break out will take place in 2016. If a date is required “pundits” say that nobody knows but the breakout will be catastrophic and one should be prepared in advance. If “pundits” are proved to be wrong is the fault of The Cartel. Steve is correct on supply and demand, but it does not determine the price of PMs.

  7. Hello Steve:

    I agree with you pretty much on everything, but I think one thing you may be missing:

    You say silver miners will be a better investment than gold miners because less expensive energy is required to mine silver than gold. I do think that is true. However, this does not necessarily mean that physical silver will be worth more than physical gold or that silver will be more undervalued than gold.

    In fact, this will mean that gold in of itself will be so much higher in value than silver (which will also be very high in value) because it will be a precious metal that is next to impossible to acquire any longer since it is so costly energy-wise to get out of the ground, unlike silver. So one would be better off holding more physical gold than silver and investing in silver mines. My goal is to keep my physical holdings of gold at about 80% and 20% for my physical silver holdings.

    • Stephen,

      I gather you must have missed this article I wrote,

      Please check out that article and the different amount of diesel consumption for Pan American Silver vs Barrick Gold. It takes Barrick 20.8 gallons of diesel to produce an ounce of gold compared to 0.2 gallons for Pan American Silver to produce an ounce of silver.

      It’s not the cost per say, it will be the AVAILABILITY OF LIQUID FUELS in the future.


  8. sorry, nope. remember, money is a medium of exchange. when the “Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history” unwinds it will take the entire world’s manufacturing and energy and shipping industries with it. no-one will be exchanging any amount of food for any amount of dollars, gold, or silver.

    lead, maybe. short life expectancy though ….

    • gman,

      While a MAD MAX scenario could occur, I don’t put it high on my list. That being said, you are making an assumption that MAY OR MAY NOT occur. I have said over and over, INDIVIDUALS have to be prepared to be as self-sustainable as they can be. Once you get there and you have surplus funds, then its wise to own gold and silver.

      We must remember, after ANCIENT ROME collapsed, people still used gold and silver.


      • (shakes head) no assumptions. remember, bad money drives out good. until mad max occurs it’s dollars all the way. and when mad max occurs you won’t be able to buy food or gasoline for gold or silver even then – in fact ESPECIALLY not then, not for decades.

        “people still used gold and silver”

        an overstatement. this word “people” covers just a few over a long span of time, and while focusing on them is easy doing so produces a false understanding. most had nothing most of the time, the biggest reason being that if they had any gold or silver it simply would be taken from them. sorry. gold and silver have little utility either as money or as “investment” except in precisely the economic/social/legal situation which is about to evaporate around us. remember, money is a medium of exchange, and until that exchange gets going again then money of any kind will have little utility.

  9. Steve, I wonder what is going on at the US Mint. This is the first time I have noticed that the new silver eagle proofs are not scheduled for release on the first business day of the new year. It is probably nothing but it does make one wonder.

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