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According to Sean at SGT Report, the current price of silver is a Buck in 1980 Dollars.  I sat down with Sean and discussed my new realization about the coming collapse of the Greatest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history.  The biggest problem is the massive amount of debt needed to keep this system going is unsustainable.

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Note, I apologize for the quality of the audio.  I will be upgraded my system shortly to provide a much higher quality audio interview.

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  1. Michael Gannon | December 19, 2015 at 7:06 pm |

    Hi, I’m a listener from the UK. During the ‘ Silver for a Buck ‘ interview a comment was made by Sean that the Comex was a fraud ( which I agree with ) ….. Like Sandy Hook . Was that comment in relation to the murder of 20 children ? Or something else ? Could that comment be explained please .

    • There is abundant evidence that “Sandy Hook” was a choreographed exercise with paid “victims” and “parents.” In addition, the FBI report noted that there were no actual deaths in Sandy Hook that year.

  2. I just now donated. Everyone should give at least a little. Steve has expenses related to this fine service. That’s in addition of course to food, rent, and all the rest. Help him help us.

    By donating, we are helping keep these free updates coming to us. Over the years I’ve subscribed to many and various pundits. I’m actually a pretty old guy. I’ve made a lot of money and I’ve lost a lot of money. I would have been better off by far if I did nothing with my investable money other than buy silver. I can only imagine what my stash would be worth now if I had invested in 90% silver coins, even just $100.00 per month at that month’s going rate, since I started investing in 1964. Steve not only is spot-on with his ideas, but has such an interesting way of putting tidbits of information together. Nobody else is doing the job he’s doing, teaching us about energy-related, highly leveraged debt and all.

    Am not sure I am investing any different by virtue of subscribing to this report but I sure do get affirmations about where NOT to put my money. For various reasons, I usually encourage my friends to buy 90% silver coinage, but if they wind up buying rounds or government mint products such as eagles, maples or Brittanias, I still applaud them for taking steps to protect their financial futures.

    I know of two individuals local to me who are right now looking for rental real estate. I can’t and won’t try hard to talk them out of doing so (because it won’t do any good, and could cause tremendous resentment,) but I do encourage them to hedge their real estate “bet” by buying some silver. By the monthly plan, as described above. And if you are of a mind to do the same, be sure to realize that every month that the purchase price stays low you are getting a gift, and you can pat yourself on the back by being smart enough to act on that plan. Funny how that awareness won’t get profound until AFTER spot silver does one of it’s rocket-launch moves.

    ——-The “Sandy Hook” comment was not made by Steve. Analysts and interviewers have widely disparate ideas of how deeply the U.S. government and for that matter any other government sometimes distorts the news or engages in false flag situations. Everybody has a right to his or her opinion about everything, and just because the interviewer mentioned “Sandy Hook” it does not necessarily make that person right or wrong regarding silver or the state of the economy, and my belief is that it is not beneficial to Steve to publicly agree or disagree with the other guy’s statement. Steve’s focus is, and should properly be, the world of silver. Well, in my opinion, that is.

    Charley Z

    • Charley Z,

      Kudos for your comments.

      Yes, Steve provides priceless info virtually for free so we should all try to help. I thank God I found his site a couple years ago and now I read it regularly. Steve impresses me as one of the most straight forward and honest bloggers out there and I’ve read thousands of bloggers’ materials.

      Echoing your statements, I know a guy who is depressed about his silver investment of four years ago. At the same time he is obsessed with buying rental real estate. He is convinced that the economy can’t be as bad as I say because he sees lots of traffic on the roads and packed restaurants. So, there are lots of people with these feelings.

      Just a little personal theory of mine, but I believe that restaurant traffic will actually INCREASE as the economy crashes. Eating out makes people feel better all around, and hey, everyone has to eat. I also believe that people will continue to drive around, even if they have no money, just because it’s a habit. A form of window shopping, if you will. If things are really bad they will drive around just to feel “normal” or strictly for entertainment.

      What I’m trying to say is that it will take an extreme jolt to jar people out of these habits and way of thinking, and like you say, it won’t happen until it’s too late to buy silver.

      I have been following the silver market for about 10 years. One of the great unintended consequences is observing just how intertwined the precious metals market is with human nature, politics, etc. People always follow the herd mentality and are hostile to those trying to help them with good advice. People will always continue along the path of self-destruction and then, when the fall comes, attack those who tried to save them in the first place.

      I’m sure that when the Big Fall comes and silver sky-rockets, the media and PTB will blame it all on those pesky precious metals hoarders!

      I used to tell a lot of people about silver and gold. However, like you, I learned the hard way that people don’t want to know! They really don’t want to know. Firstly, it requires thinking. And like talking about politics, it pulls them out of their comfort zone and makes them uneasy about their own ignorance. It requires them to change their lives. It requires them to ACT. Many can’t get away from thinking that their IRA will save them.

      These days I only share it with a very select group of people under the right circumstances. I’m compassionate, but most people just can’t be reached.

      I believe that people today have never lived further from reality. People these days never grow up. It is one long period of adolescence. A society of permanent teenagers. And when people like Steve and others try to give them friendly fatherly advice, they rebel and stomp their feet and go of in the other direction. Then, when their world caves in, they come running back to be bailed out.

      Well, I think it will all come to past soon. Keep stacking, especially 90%!

    • Charley, wouldn’t you be even better off have you had invested a hundred bucks monthly into the Dow. The Dow stood around 700-800 in 1964, now it’s 17250. Silver cost 1.30 in 1964, today it’s 14.30. The Dow rose about 22x, while silver rose 11x. So, the Dow outperformed silver 2:1 on your 50-year investment timeline. In terms of profits, that’s a big deal.

      • Come on “BJ” ! Get a life.

        Oh- and if we had all bought Dell stock in January 1990 we’d all be billionaires.

        Are you on the site for the first time?

        If you had done the math 4 years ago, the Dow would be 15x and Silver 25x. or 10x and 30x ………etc. etc.

        Hindsight is 20/20

        Keep buying stauks, and leave the silver to us.


        • Actually, Charley was the one considering the hindsight. That’s what my reply was about. What’s your about? Being aggressive because you didn’t sell in April 2011? There were a million ways to make lots of money since 1964. Silver wasn’t one of them. Deal with it. But hey, let’s talk again in 2065. Until then, keep stacking all that cheap silver…

  3. Steve, I have a question. You stated that figures listing the amount of scrap silver both as import and export, are essentially not significant because the value is .33 per ounce. (Apologies if I am incorrectly remembering the value.) While I understand that your area of expertise may not include the dissection of what form scrap silver takes, can you shed some light for me on that subject?

    I envision countless ocean-going containers filled with outdated electronics… for example computers and related hardware… perhaps cell phones, too. But for any of this stuff, the amount of contained silver is miniscule compared to the total weight. Nothing relative to .33 per ounce makes sense to me. However, my belief is that EPA requirements make the burning of electronic waste a no-no in the U.S., so it all gets shipped to China, and perhaps other places.

    On the other hand, I know that coin dealers accumulate unsalable coins that are too corroded or worn to be re-sold as “junk silver.” Coin dealers have very well-organized networks which they use in all facets of their business. With unsalable silver coins, plus lots of silver jewelry and old tea sets and the like that they’ve purchased over the counter they sell to a larger dealer, AKA an aggregator, and then it perhaps gets aggregated into a yet larger load, and then when the load reaches the most beneficial weight (perhaps hundreds of pounds,) it is sent off to a smelter. Each step along the way earns the seller a very slim margin of profit. And of course there is freight and insurance to be factored in. But I digress, and I apologize for that. The point is that the scrap silver from coin dealers goes to domestic smelters. I don’t see a reason why it would leave the country in that form. Smelters such as Northwest Territorial Mint and Sunshine Mint are set up to do the refining. And I note that the most efficient aggregators are geographically nearby those refiners.

    If anyone can show that I am incorrect about my statements herein or elsewhere, please educate me. I consider myself to be a student of the markets, and I hunger to learn. Thank you.

    Charley Z

    • Charley,

      First… thanks for your donation and support of the site.

      Second… you are correct, I do not know the details of the U.S. Silver Scrap market. I need to look into this in more detail in the future. That being said, I can share this info.

      The USGS breaks down the total amount of silver scrap tonnage exported and provides a value. It was 11,000 metric tons Q1-Q3 2015 with a value of $1.08 billion. That comes to approximately 33 cents an ounce as you stated. There could be other metals in that scrap… I don’t know, but that is the value when we divide the total ounces by the value.

      If we look at the 2013 USGS Annual Silver Report, a total 19,300 metric tons of silver scrap was exported in 2013 with a total value of $1.57 billion. Thus, this had an approximate value of 39 cents an ounce.

      Here is a quick breakdown of who received this U.S. Silver Scrap:

      Japan = 4,280 mt
      Germany = 4,010 mt
      Canada = 3,830 mt
      Sweden = 2,710 mt
      Belgium = 2,020 mt
      Italy = 1,620 mt

      As you can see, a lot of it was exported to the European countries. China received very little silver scrap from the United States.

      I would imagine most of this silver scrap is electronic and etc. Again, I will look more into this in the future.


  4. Congrats on your interview!

  5. On conspiracy theories and false flag events:

    Few if any knows how far desperate psychopaths or sociopaths in government or the financial elite will go to maintain their power, money, and control. If events are not staged they certainly take advantage of them.

    Whether distracted by the news [the content of which is selected], events, or the holidays, the trend is clear.

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