WHAT GRID SHORTAGES OR BLACKOUTS?? Stunning Surge In Utility-Scale Battery Storage Additions This Year To Save The Day

If Americans are worried about more electric grid shortages or blackouts… don’t be.  The U.S. plans to more than double its utility-scale battery storage this year to save the day… or will it?  I was pretty surprised to find out the amount of planned utility-scale battery storage to be added…

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METALS & TRUMP BITCOIN MARKET UPDATE JUNE 16th: Bullish Setup For Silver? And Why Is Trump Now Backing Bitcoin Mining?

Why did Donald Trump totally reverse his stance on Bitcoin as a “Scam” and now totally support the Bitcoin Mining Industry?  Well, it seems to come down to Big Money and much-needed votes.  Also, are we seeing another Bullish Setup in the silver price…

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BITCOIN ZOMBIE MINING COMPANIES DRAIN SHAREHOLDER WEALTH: My Interview With Palisades Radio On Bitcoin Mining Shareholder Ponzi Scheme

This was my interview with Tom at Palisades Radio, during which I shared my Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme presentation.  I highly recommend it if you haven’t yet watched it.  The Bitcoin Mining Industry is using the shareholder as a piggy bank to fund the Bitcoin Red Queen Syndrome…

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