METALS & BITCOIN MARKET UPDATE JULY 2nd: High Commercial Net Short Positions In Metals & Bitcoin Suggest Weakness Still Ahead

Before the precious metals make another BIG MOVE HIGHER, we will likely see a correction first.  This is especially true with the high commercial net short position in Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin.  However, Bitcoin has already fallen $10,000 from its highs and may have further to go…

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METALS & TRUMP BITCOIN MARKET UPDATE JUNE 16th: Bullish Setup For Silver? And Why Is Trump Now Backing Bitcoin Mining?

Why did Donald Trump totally reverse his stance on Bitcoin as a “Scam” and now totally support the Bitcoin Mining Industry?  Well, it seems to come down to Big Money and much-needed votes.  Also, are we seeing another Bullish Setup in the silver price…

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BITCOIN ZOMBIE MINING COMPANIES DRAIN SHAREHOLDER WEALTH: My Interview With Palisades Radio On Bitcoin Mining Shareholder Ponzi Scheme

This was my interview with Tom at Palisades Radio, during which I shared my Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme presentation.  I highly recommend it if you haven’t yet watched it.  The Bitcoin Mining Industry is using the shareholder as a piggy bank to fund the Bitcoin Red Queen Syndrome…

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