The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value

The global economic and financial system is in much worse shape than I originally thought.  New data and information suggest that the collapse will occur much quicker and with more dire results.  This will cause global silver production to literally fall off a cliff within the next decade.


Again, this is far worse than anything I imagined before.  As I mentioned, new information and data point to a rapid “Thermodynamic collapse” of the U.S. and Global Energy Industries.  According to Louis Arnoux, from his article, Some Reflections On The Twilight Of The Oil Age:”

Within 10 years the Oil Industry as we know it will have disintegrated.

Furthermore, another quote from the article citing the Hills Group:

B.W. Hill considers that within 10 years the number of petrol stations in the US will have shrunk by 75%…

I plan on writing several long articles on this new information based on a 3-part article by Louis Arnoux.

That being said, global silver production is likely going to collapse at a much faster pace than I originally forecasted.  Here is my chart of estimated global silver production:


Global silver production will likely peak at 28,000 metric tons (or less)…  500 metric tons higher than the amount reached in 2015.  Currently, global silver production has increased slightly in the first five months of 2016 compared to the same period last year.  This was mainly due to Peru ramping copper production by 50% Jan-Jun 2016, thus pushing up it’s silver production 15%.  The majority of Peru’s silver production increase has come from a by-product of its surging copper production.

Regardless, the Fed and Central Banks attempt to prop up the Global Economic and Financial System will soon hit a BIG WALL… and this is the THERMODYNAMIC ENERGY WALL. 

The notion that the Elite will continue to control the Fiat Monetary System through market intervention for the next century is complete HOGWASH.  Thus, the LOUSY CONSPIRACY THEORIES forecasting that the elite will have a one world government, are completely unfounded and lack any logical sense whatsoever.

Again…. things are going to collapse at a much faster pace than I previously thought.

Thus, the collapse of the U.S. and Global Oil Industries will destroy Global GDP and economic activity at much faster pace.  This will cause the disintegration of most paper assets and real estate values at an alarming rate.  The only way to protect wealth will be in physical gold and silver.

I don’t know if we will experience a skyrocketing silver price as investors flood into the physical metal, or if the value of silver will explode in relation to plummeting asset values of autos, boats, real estate, stocks, bonds and most paper assets.

The TIME CLOCK of the collapse of the Global Financial System has sped up considerably.  I will be writing several detailed articles on this over the next few weeks.

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65 Comments on "The Coming Global Silver Production Collapse & Skyrocketing Silver Value"

  1. You do very good research and your articles are excellent. However, the elite Will have their global government because the Bible says so. We are about to enter into the Tribulation period, and halfway through is when the beast (antichrist) will rule the whole world. He will set up a one world government, religion, and monetary system. But he will only rule for 3 1/2 years when Jesus will return and throw him into the lake of fire and set up his kingdom for 1000 years. You can find more on this with timelines at

  2. Disintegration is the logical path for global economic systems, just as we witnessed in 2008. Furthermore, many collapseniks are predicting interest rate spikes, which are impossible in an increasingly constrained energy paradigm. That is, an upward adjustment of interest rates would implode the system, therefore the system will marshal in a regime of negative rates. It is beyond political control, and a one way bet for monetary metals. This will occur in spite of a century of brainwashing by central banks, and in fact they probably have unwittingly exacerbated the predicament.

    Thank you Steve for your perseverance.

  3. Within the next decade?!? Try, within 2 years. By the end of September or early October, the economic crash will happen! Bix Weir has managed to reveal a much more accurate timeline.

    • Ed,

      With all due respect, Bix Weir has no clue of the real reason for the collapse. I am surprised anyone still listens or reads his work.


      • Kansas Crude | August 5, 2016 at 6:00 pm |

        Good one Steve! Have been saying the same for at least a few years….Just waiting for Gull Island to save us Happy Motorers all while the gold from the Grand Canyon and Chocolate Mountain all make us stupid rich…….

        Fantasy has its moments…..then there is reality. Enjoyed the Webinar

    • Buford Pusser | August 5, 2016 at 7:09 pm |

      Bix wierdo believes in aliens and thinks Alan Greenspan is one of the good guys. The only thing Bix has managed to reveal is his need for heavy medication.

  4. The elites power will evaporate once Christ returns. Until then, Hallelujah !

  5. If I were you, I would not call biblical prophecy Hogwash! The One World Order is almost complete, and nothing will stop it from happening. There only has been a handful of people running the planet, the others you see going to a fro, are their minions, and do their bidding.

    All these events are being (fast tracked) because the elites realize this is the time for the re-set! Might I add (only) if the FATHER allows it to be so!

    If HE does, then the global conflict will engage soon, and then satan as anti-christ will arrive to stop this battle, and deceive the world with his lying signs and wonders! He comes in with peace and prosperity, not bloodshed – that is happening now!

  6. To KM: and others . I am envious of people like you, who can stick his head into the bible ,and say we will be allright.Humans were killing each other way before Christ was even thought of.This is our nature, somebody ,or groups always want to control the others..By nature we are corrupt ,there for humans will do anything to get what they desire . Today is not any different. As far , as the markets are concerned ,precious metals ,etc, are all rigged , and i am pretty tired of all these articles , predictions about price, and break outs etc. So far everybody was wrong. Just the other day i came across of a video with Eric Sprot, who predicted ,that silver will go to the moon in a sort order.Well after five years i am still waiting for the SUPER NOVA to appear ?????? lol. So the way i see it, live your life every day the best way you can, and hope for the best, because no one knows what, and when it will happen.

  7. It’s always the same old way. People criticize people that believe in God and the bible but yet they have never read the bible and know nothing about the bible. Only a fool does such things.

    Keep up the good work Steve.

    • I know the Bible pretty thoroughly…..and was raised Methodist,…teen yrs followed my big brother to the Evangelical Southern Baptist,…then fell crazy in LOVE @ 18 and joined the Mormons! I will say the Mormons were way ahead of most other churches, religions, and or CULTS, in following what they believed and had a SUPERIOR FAMILY PROGRAM!! LOL!! I stayed 13 years until I finally considered myself “worthy” to get to go inside the temple @ SLC. My wife & I almost ran outta’ there! Nothing but “MASONS” rituals scrambled up! So,…I gave up on the idea of a God who jumps in now & then to mess with us. I do think “SOMETHING” is pulling a string now and then, but don’t sweat it,….if there IS an afterlife (& I hope there is,) then “GOD” or WHOEVER, better have a lot of answers – cause I have some very relative & important QUESTIONS for THEM. My PERSONAL BREAKING POINT……”God” telling President Moses and General Joshua to SLAUGHTER the tribes between the exodusing Israelites & their “PROMISED LAND.” & not only kill every man, woman & child,….but to go FULL BAT-SHITE & kill all their donkeys, sheepies, goats, dawgs, chickens, and anything else that breathed!! Somehow,…I just do not have “FAITH” enough to picture JESUS being onboard with that.

  8. Bill Sodomsky | August 5, 2016 at 7:22 pm |

    Once again Steve, an excellent assessment of what underlies our intractable and ongoing predicament. “Energy Deflation” is a bitch. Everyone who populates this site should devote whatever time and effort it requires to fully understand what Energy Deflation is, and how it will destroy our current debt-based financial system. Unless (impossible), the world finds or creates an alternative energy source equal to or greater than fossil fuels… tomorrow, there is simply no alternative but for ever exponentially increasing debt in every conceivable market. Soon… even the most moronically inclined will not be able to deny the reality of diminishing capital resources of all kinds.
    Will silver skyrocket in value as energy sources diminish? Very likely, but what does that value mean in terms of what it can purchase and what good will those purchases do? Although I have been and continue to be, a silver investor, collapsing energy sources means the end of modern industrial civilization as we know it. What will remain is anyone’s guess, but for most, life will become horribly difficult. The only thing between us and that inevitability are vaporous credit markets that get stretched further and further every day. The day is rapidly approaching when the fiction of working markets is finally over, not because the pixels on the screen indicate so, but when access to fuel is either restricted by lack of credit or government decree, otherwise known as Command Economy. It will be one or the other.
    I look forward to your continued excellent analysis on matters of energy. Everything in “LIFE” is based upon some form of energy source, without it, there is no life. The sooner we understand this, the better off we will be. Not because we can stem the tide of ever-diminishing affordable energy sources, but so that we are better prepared to cope with its onerous consequences.

    • Bravo. It is so refreshing to see symptoms linked to the proper underlying causes. The opening ceremonies for the Brazil Olympics were a rehash of new age “global warming” pablum. That stubborn, misguided brainwashing is going to handicap decision-making at all levels of society.

  9. dos hillery work for satin/rothschild

  10. Steve
    What will the number of electric vehicles be in ten years?Apparently from some reports that China alone will have 50M on the road in 10 years.If I were an owner of an electric car, I’d sure want to have solar panels at home and charge via stored energy,i.e. batteries. How will the solar/silver markets keep up with demand as there is 1-2 ounces of silver per solar panel. Furthermore how will the oil industry and miners of materials required for batteries fair


    • Simon,

      I don’t know how many electric cars the Chinese will produce in the next ten years, but I doubt they will reach 50 million due to collapsing global oil production.

      That being said, according to GFMS, the world consumed 77 million oz of silver to produce 59 Gigawatts of solar installations in 2015. This comes out to be 1.3-1.4 million oz per gigawatt. Estimates are for 92 Gigawatts in 2020. Thus, that would consume 120 million oz of silver.

      Unfortunately, I believe we are going to experience some serious DISLOCATIONS in the economic and financial markets due to the massive amount of debt in the system. Thus, U.S. and global oil production will likely plummet much faster than the market can adjust. This will cause havoc in the system.

      There is no way to forecast how this unfolds. However, owning physical gold and silver will over much better options in the future than increasingly worthless paper assets.


    • “China alone will have 50M [electric vehicles] on the road in 10 years.”

      if they can see through the coal smoke to drive them ….

    • Don’t go all in. A post fossil world collapses in ways that cannot be imagined. With 7 billion+ people and a JIT economy, it’s rather dangerous to ‘bet’.

      During the first stages of collapse, the need for silver will be near to zero. If you survive the first stage, that means you’re a very lucky guy, the second stage could provide a certain role for physical silver.

      The third stage is what it’s all about. A post carbon world. With 40 trillion negative yielding gov debt, as we speak, we’re close to airbags blowing up in your face while you are eating your cake.

  11. gary hillerich | August 6, 2016 at 5:19 am |

    unfortunately i heard the same thing in 2005..when i was 55
    by 2025 i’ll be 75[ if the world even makes it that far] 75 years of age whether i have $200,000 or $2,000,000 doesn’t much matter.. the new world order will already be well entrenched and PM will be bartered underground..
    the jack booted NWO thugs will surely have already come for my metals so if it takes 10 more years for the metals to really go parabolic,i think I’ll sell my metal now,take my 25% profit,and live life to its fullest while i can still walk w/o a cane..

  12. First graph X-axis is unexplained. What does 0-10,000 represent? I assume time.

    The elite are (according to the theory) planning a New World Order. They have said it, so it’s funny to call their plan hogwash. Maybe they will or won’t achieve it, but empires were maintained with and without fiat currency and oil. Disappearance of cheap oil could even make them stronger – if only they have the remaining oil.

    You’re a good analyst, Steve, but you really don’t what’s going to happen politically in the future. It’s hubris to believe you do. And you seem to have reasonable humility about the extent of knowledge.

    Sure – the dollar collapses, but they probably own a lot of hidden metal.

    • Kelly,

      I appreciate your comment and input. However, watch as Warren Buffet’s wealth implodes over the next 3-5 years. I am not saying there will be no Elite after the crash controlling things, but just think about the Western Roman Empire after it collapsed. There was a lot of wealthy Elite in Ancient Rome when the population was over 1 million people.

      There was a lot of trade, real estate and businesses. The collapse of the ancient city of Rome down to 10,000 people wiped out 90-95% of the wealthy Elite. I did not say that the Elite would disappear… I said that along with the collapse of oil, will be the collapse of most Elite wealth.

      Furthermore, we have no idea of what happens to our modern way of life when oil production plummets. Basically, complex technology becomes a LIABILITY, not an ASSET at this time for the majority. So, the public will be moving to lower levels of technology to survive.


    • Bill,

      Thanks a million. What a chock full of data document that is. I skimmed it over and there is plenty to read and go over for countless hours. However, I believe the modeling and reserve estimates only work in a computer or air conditioned lab. I doubt we will extract anything close to the reserves they have stated.

      Unfortunately, oil production or silver metal production will not resemble Hubbert’s Peak. Hubbert’s work put Global oil peak at about 2000-2005. The reason we were able to continue rising global oil production was from the ADDITION OF MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF DEBT and ZERO INTEREST RATES.

      Thus, we took oil from the future that would have made that downside of the chart more like a Hubbert’s Peak. So instead, we will end up with a SENECA CLIFF.

      I will be writing more articles on all of this in the next several weeks. According to the new information, the EROI and Net Energy is crashing.


  13. LOL, because the Bible says so. Be a good slave and sit back and watch evil destroy the earth because God and Jesus will save you in heaven.

    Have any of you studied where that bible you have faith in came from in the first place? Oh yeah, it came from God right?

    Evil triumphs when good me do nothing. The bible has a lot of good men waiting for their salvation. They will allow the douche bags that wrote it in the first place their NWO because the bible says so.

    So screw, don’t fight back, don’t do anything, because the bible says this is the way it is supposed to go down. Best mind control in the history of earth.

  14. “I plan on writing several long articles on this new information based on a 3-part article by Louis Arnoux.”

    I’ll look forward to that because I thought this was a relatively “hasty write” by your standards. I’m posting this after reading 37+ comments; then I read the article.

    I have no problem with people believing what they want to believe. I just want them to acknowledge it is their belief; don’t try to ram it down others’ minds as absolute fact because you and some friends believe it, or it is in a book, regardless of how holy or high regard you hold it.

    I’ll tell everyone here a fact. Not a single human knows exactly what is going to happen or when it will happen. Not politically, economically, sociologically, or spiritually.

    But the likelihood of what will happen [not exactly when] in some areas is revealed by reading what Steve is bringing to light here.

    Thank you Steve, and thanks for allowing comments you may not agree with.

  15. Thank you Steve for your continued hard work and brilliant analysis. You are one of the best out there.

  16. Does the publisher of this article actually look at the real world? Im hoping hes right but the actual price has dropped AU $2 t/oz.

    • Paul, Steve does NOT make any short (or even mid-term) price forecasts, where pretty much “anything” can happen, as long as the paper markets (CONeX/LBMA) remain the heavy-weights in the price setting. As fizzical PMs are sucked up by the eastern exchanges in SIZE (golden BRICS accumulation), as declining ore-grades and EROI on energy will force a resolution of the current fiat shenanigans sometimes down the road – a road that is going steeper and steeper downhill from here and a bumpy ride is guaranteed.

      Steve, thanks for sharing your outstanding work.

      X (regular reader since ca. 2011/12)

  17. Just found this site, Steve the Editor knows his subject, Sorry about the religeous nut jobs.

  18. Thank you for the info.
    As far as the conspiracy theorists, one thing that can be a game changer
    is a new digital monetary system that eliminates cash and possibly eventually gold and silver which they will outlaw.

    • Commenters on this site [and others] have addressed this over and over. Make something illegal and you create a black market.

  19. Joe Lindell | August 8, 2016 at 6:31 am |

    The Silver bull for 2016 just died. A few miners are reporting a profit after 2 to 3 years of loses. The spot
    was $19/00 for the calculation. If silver went back to $20 more silver mines will restart. Wishful thinking
    and blaming manipulation isn’t involved here. It’s simply knowing that they can produce silver with
    production costs at $15.00 or less. Then simple supply demand dynamics kick in. It will be many years
    before we see 425 silver.

    • Joe,

      Oh, what a nice surprise to finally see one of your excellent well thought out and positive comments. Been a while. Glad to see that you still haven’t changed your SILVER IS DEAD FOR 100 YEARS analysis.


      • I thought Joe had finally found something that made him happy and he had moved on. Maybe what makes him happiest is spinning anything towards negativity. That is his comfort zone I guess.

        “If silver went back to $20 more silver mines will restart.”

        100% moronic statement.

        For newer readers, it takes mines YEARS to start up, and they don’t stop production quickly either.

  20. “rapid ‘Thermodynamic collapse’ of the U.S. and Global Energy Industries … The only way to protect wealth will be in physical gold and silver.”


    “I’ll pay you ten ounces of silver for that bag of corn.”


    “an ounce of gold then?”

    “GET LOST!”

    “two ounces?”

    [snick snick ….]

  21. Statistics and charts can be interpreted hundreds of ways and twisted to make YOUR points.

    Reality is in the coming years when Gold and Silver have dramatic increases in price, this will, as in the case of Peru’s Copper mining surge, lead to massive mining activity. Keep in mind mining Gold and Silver costs are somewhat fixed wether gold is at $1000/oz or $2000/oz, it still costs about the same to mine. Yes, it takes many years to develop new mines, however, currently operating mines can ramp up production…just like the Copper mines in Peru.

    If Gold and Silver keep going up in price, especially when the gross manipulation of the metals market comes to an end and the masses realize paper dollars are only the “promises” of a corrupt monetary system and precious metals are THE REAL MONEY, mining activity will rise dramatically increasing the above ground supplies.

    Take a look at TGD, Timmons Gold, a 50¢ Junior mining stock. They have vast resources, but limited capital with which to mine. If Gold rose to $1500/oz their stock would most likely DOUBLE or TRIPLE giving them the dollars to increase existing mining operations and greatly increase their production. Their stock more than doubled as Gold increased from $1200. to $1350. this year and their Gold and Silver production increased dramatically as per their 2nd Q figures. I bought their stock at 32¢ 7 weeks ago and today it closed at 54¢.

    • Silvrwillwin | August 8, 2016 at 8:15 pm |

      Dr Charles ,

      From what you’re saying , it would seem that there is allot of physical gold and silver just below the surface ready to be had once certain prices for the metals kick in .

      Do you believe that both are infinite or finite in nature concerning what’s in the earth ?

      From what the experts are saying , for physical silver mines around the world especially , all of the easy to get , in the earth’s crust ore is mined out already , gone , poof , forever !!

      Since 1940 when the industrial and technological growth factor using physical silver kicked in there has been no looking back !

      The cost for harder to get high quality ore will take it’s toll on energy fees and by all indications with what Steve is finding out , a weee bit near futuristically speaking has to do within single digit years , not decades or centuries.

  22. most people are unaware, that gold and silver ore deposits are not the same. there is still gold in veins, miles deep in africa. silver deposits tend to be close to the surface, with ore grades diminishing, the deeper you go. most all of the low hanging fruit has been picked. in the future you will have to process a lot more ore, to get a lot less silver. that’s gonna take more energy. some of these comments would be more appropriate at hagee ministries blog.

    • I checked with a close friend with a MS in Geology [I have a BS]. He said mining of G & S wasn’t his particular area of expertise; but he couldn’t confirm the line of thought above to be true.

      If you are a mining geologist with expertise in G & S then what you say above is more likely to be true. If you are just repeating what you have read or heard elsewhere….who knows.

      Deep deposits of gold or platinum are increasingly hazardous and expensive to mine; that’s a fact.

  23. These “pay for article” gurus most likely have never been to a mine site. I’ll give you several penny stocks to research on GOOGLE and you tell me, after reading, if there is no “low hanging fruit”.

    LODE Comstock Mining 41¢
    TGD Timmons Gold 54¢
    SVBL Silver Bull Resources 19¢
    CJTF Gold & Silver Mining of Nevada .006¢
    GSS Golden Star Resources 75¢

    Do a GOOGLE search: List of Gold Stocks | All Countries | Gold Mining Companies

    List of Silver Stocks | All Countries | Silver Mining Companies

    These are just a few of the hundreds of companies actively exploring that have plenty of “low hanging fruit” but do not have the financing to bring the PMs to market.

    At $2000+ Gold or $50+. Silver, these companies will be able to bring thousands of tonnes to market or be bought out by First Majestic, Barrick, Freeport or other major mining companies providing the PMs need to back a Gold/Silver currency, rather than the worthless paper being printed by governments.

    Most of the Gold & Silver articles I read on are full of conjecture, regurgitated nonsense and poorly researched garbage, although, I must admit, are good reading for the uninformed.

  24. The world is awash of silver as can be seen on the silver basis/bases.

    There will be no production collapse in the next few years.

    There will be no comex default as stated by the clown bill hotler.

    There will be no contracts settled in gold instead of USD as stated by the jackass jim willie.

    • And you, like anyone else, right or wrong, are welcome to your opinions.

      If I were a better I’d “short” your opinions.

      • Thanks. We cannot begin each sentence by the term would. Obviously nothing in life is 100% sure. For example gravity on earth : can we be sure 100% that it will not change dramatically from tomorrow ?
        Just I wanted to say it is that the odds are very low : production peaked in silver, maybe but a collapse no. Same thing for oil : as you can see each sucker capitalists in the USA increase drillings and production of shale oil as soon as 50 USD/barrel.
        The chinese clowns will have to do the same trick the west did so that credit will continue. You can bet that if credit tightening threatens the energy production, central banks (ie globalists) will monetize their bonds so that the whole system will be able to continue.
        Why comex would not default : because it could have in the past and nothing happened !
        Nobody can afford a western collapse nobody : the russi and chinese oligarchs just want more stake of the global cake. period. no more no less.

        • “Nobody can afford a western collapse nobody”

          oh no, no no no there’s people – “elites”, “international financiers”, the “deep state” – who most definitely can afford it and in fact are working for just that. they hate the united states, they hate europe, and they look down on asia, and they’d be ecstatic to see the nations reduced to stone-age living and populations reduced by 99%.

          • They hate nothing, they just bow to their master : possession.
            If they have to destoy most of the humanity I am sure they will or at least try to do it because they did twice in the last century.
            But they are not acting as proactive beings, they just react by/in defense of the whole system.
            You are probably american, so you cannot understand what is the history of europe and do not understand the risk involved in such controled demolition and that is the reason why they are just caught in the system they love so much and not a conscious strategy from these elites.

  25. Your article puts another tick in the gold column for me

  26. This may have been covered above, as I haven’t read all of the comments. But there is some evidence that the PTB have suppressed certain technologies for perhaps a hundred years. If so, undoubtedly alternate and effective energy solutions are among the things kept from public access.

    Reliance on oil allows the PTB various methods of powerful control. It also affords them a method of present and future chaos generation, upon which they feed like vampires on a jugular.

    At this late date the worldwide institution of any new energy technology would take unprecedented international cooperation (and some universal economic dislocation). There is neither the will nor the interest on the part of the PTB to accomplish such a switch. They have us right where they want us right now, so for them it’s business as usual.

  27. I like to try to predict outcomes myself. I used to think energy was limited, I tend to think now that it is, at least somewhat limitless (The sun is anyways). We’ve got plenty of stored carbon in the earth, we burned wood for heat most of my life, it’s interesting how some harder woods have more BTU’s stored in them, god I loved burning red oak, now I have access to stands of dying applewood, but alas, I got rid of my house, it was uneconomical, taxes, upkeep, and my wages didn’t keep up, as a typical American I’m slowly being outsourced, instead I bought a small condo close to work. Wow, blah, blah, blah..

    Anyway, I think barely any of the silver has been mined, we haven’t even touched the oceans yet. And, as you say with undiscovered technological advances ((fracking (horrid tech. by the way) anyone?)

    My prediction is once the oceans really (I mean really) start to show die off and the pollutions are finally recognized (proven to cause all these cancers), might take one heck of a group of lawyers to push this issue someday (although money buys off anything/anyone it seems). See article the lawyer who became duponts worst nightmare NY times, long read btw, but a long lawsuit, if you watch the news you’ll see the individual lawsuits settlements pop up fairly often, Dupont doesn’t care, people have no choice but to settle, heck what else you going to do when your about dead or dying, maybe leave a little to your kin..

    We will get our green revolution, other countries are already doing it, it’s just easier, it really is. I mean why destroy yourselves, the biodiversity, our food sources, our great forests, the ocean, our carbon sinks, which also convert and give us oxygen. If it’s a world collective this should punch silver up huge as solar farms are built enmass around the equatorial areas where the sun shines all the time. Many metals will go sky high as grids will need to run from north/south, and definitely east/west as the sun is always shining somewhere.

    All these poor countries near the equators with all the sunshine will be the next Saudi Arabias. Buy land, property accordingly if you are into that kind of thing. Might take awhile, people are by nature stupid and greedy, not in my lifetime that’s for sure.

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