SRSROCCO REPORT: U.S. Ponzi Scheme & Peak Silver

The United States is being propped up by several Ponzi Schemes.  I sat down with Jason Burack at WallStforMainSt and discussed why the U.S. Financial Ponzi Scheme cannot continue for much longer.

Furthermore, we spoke about the coming collapse of the U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme and Peak Silver.  Both of these will impact the value of silver going forward.

You can check out more of Jason’s interviews and work at his site, WallStforMainSt.

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12 Comments on "SRSROCCO REPORT: U.S. Ponzi Scheme & Peak Silver"

  1. Everything is just not logical. It is so illogical, it is just stupid. ZIRP is stupid and NIRP is even more stupid. It is like bankers telling you, ‘Hey stupid, I need to borrow money from you and I will charge you 5% for it. If I go bankrupt, your money is mine. Hey stupid, give me your money now.’ Do you think there is going to be anyone stupid enough to keep money in the bank. It appears that shale oil production had not gone down although the number of rigs had gone down. How can shale producers continue to produce when they lose money producing. Are they getting free money somewhere to produce. It is so illogical. This is a MAD MAD world. The world will run out of real money and real money will disappear. This is why velocity of money is getting lower and lower as more and more real money disappear. People are not stupid. So by treating them like they are stupid will destroy the system.

    • How can Shale survive? I will give you the answer to that. Here in Australia we are still paying $1.30 on average (roughly) per litre (say $5.00 per gallon). We should be paying @ US$36.00 per barrel around $0.80 cents per litre. You answer me this question, who is getting the $0.50 cents per litre overprice?. I bet much of it is finding its way back to the shale oil companies. Hey BUT no one ever complains about it. They just put their hands in their pockets and pay.

      • In 1950 one ounce of gold @ $34.71 or one barrel of oil at today’s price.

        Today one ounce of gold @ $1,180.00 or 32 barrels of oil at today’s price.

        So what is the point? The price of gold and oil are connected through time.

        1950 gold $34.71 ~ today’s gold $1,180.00 = 34

        Very close relationship over time. Crude oil close Friday at $35.62 per barrel

      • Australia is being screwed by their own industries. We pay more for everything – Nike shoes, jeans, computers hardware & software, tooth paste, whisky. Even our home grown potatoes cost more than $3 a kilo, oranges $5 a kilo, apples $6 a kilo. I remember when oil was A$150 a barrel, Aussies pay $1.60 a litre at the pump and exchange rate was A$1=US$1. Now the price of oil is about A$50 a barrel, A$0.7=US$1, Aussies pay A$1.35 a litre at the pump. The middlemen are laughing all the way to the bank.

  2. Wow Steve,

    Never heard a more titillating conversation about energy and metals. All that talk about “Naked”, “Behind the Curtain” and “Finding the sweet spot”.

    But what really got me excited was your statement that “interest comes from the energy supply” – blew my socks off. A slap your forehead moment. It makes total sense but I never thought about it this way. Governments are “working” hard to get our inflation rate to 2% and not getting the job done. Why do we need any inflation as a standard? 2%, 4% or whatever – We DON’T. Inflation is just the mechanism for government to defray their over spending.

    In a PM’s standard economy, inflation causes outflows of money (gold/silver) and deflation causes inflows (gold/silver) and both are limited by the physical monetary base. No big booms or busts. Maybe we (the world) are ready for that.

    The other comment that caught my attention is that you seem to now be indicating that maybe more than the 2% of the investing public is taking any interest in gold and silver. Is that what you see?

    I also totally agree that “silver is the most undervalued asset today”.

    My question is, Would you consider a paid report that recommended or, at least, elucidated the pros and cons of north american primary silver producers?

    Thanks for another right on the money report.


  3. Steve, instead of responding to wacko comments of readers like silverfreaky, would it be possible for you to answer direct specific question about your product I had asked? I posted it in your earlier post from yesterday. But I noticed that you seemed to have glossed it over & the gibberish from silverfreaky caught your eye instead. Hopefully, you can give a 2nd look. Thanks.

    • Thervaida,

      Sorry, I try to answer as many questions as I can. Some slip through. I am answering your question now.


  4. Steve your forecast of 47 Mil. Oz Silver-eagle sales this year was correct. Right now the US-Mint updated there Numbers to exactly 47,000,000. Maybe the will ad some more in the coming days.

  5. Who can explain to me. What happened? I live in Dubai. Previously I was paying for my silver bars by credit card (paypal) in one of the largest suppliers gold and silver in Dubai. Now, this service is not available.

  6. 2016 should be a rosy year for reporters such as Holter ,Shiff , Maloney , Willie , etc. .
    The main event which is clearly underway and will be ongoing is the steadily winding
    down of the GDP , thus jobs and as a result free enterprise’s steady demise.
    The middle class is doomed for dismantling.
    Add to that such Bozo events like Obamacare , false wars , and big government spending
    and the scene is set for faster paced disaster after disaster.
    During the period while we are swirling in this sea of s#@* the physical will be kept locked
    down by the architects who are responsible for its creation and direction.
    If there is one last chance for a reset with lifesaving advantages it is Steve’s definition of world
    oil running out which will force this house of smoke and mirrors pressured to a grinding halt.
    Believe it or not , there are many ways to survive and flourish under such conditions.
    One can only hope that these villains will be brought to their knees some day. The sooner the better !
    Otherwise a slow killing off by way of stagflation will continue on it’s course.

  7. Clarification – ” the physical will be kept locked
    down by the architects who are responsible for its creation and direction.”
    – its creation and direction stands for the economic mess that we’re in , not
    physical gold and silver.

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