SRSROCCO REPORT: Top Articles For 2014

Here are the SRSrocco Report top articles for 2014.  The article with the highest amount of views was Precious Metals Prices To Rise As The U.S. Economy Disintegrates, and the one that scored the best in the Social networking category was GERMANY:  Renewable Energy Policy, “Complete Failure”… Bring On The Dirty Coal Monsters.

I found it quite interesting that the articles with the most reads were related to precious metals and the economy, however the one with the most tweets and Facebook likes was an article on energy.

I want to thank everyone for the support and continued interest in the articles at the SRSrocco Report.  I also appreciate the countless emails from my followers.

While the prices of the precious metals remain at lows not seen since 2009, the longer term fundamentals for gold and silver are better than ever.  Most of the emails I receive are quite positive, but some are downright negative.  I accept the good with the bad, but like to remind those who follow my work, investing in the precious metals is like a RETIREMENT ACCOUNT.

Even though the prices of the precious metals are not where we would like them to be, I don’t have faith in owning anything else.  Right now, the markets are being propped up by massive Central Bank liquidity.  This is not a long-term sustainable economic model.

As I have stated several times… the value of the precious metals will be realized when the FINANCIAL PAPER PONZI SCHEME implodes.  Peak Oil will be the factor that pushes the highly leverage Derivatives Market over the edge, and along with it, the value of most paper assets.

If the price of oil remains low for the next year, it will destroy the already weak U.S. Shale Oil Industry.  Peak Oil… will be here sooner than most realize.

Happy New Year to everyone, and here are the top MOST READ ARTICLES for 2014, plus the ENERGY ARTICLE which surprisingly had the highest social network response.  If you want to read the article, just CLICK ON THE IMAGE:






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17 Comments on "SRSROCCO REPORT: Top Articles For 2014"

  1. Steve, thank you for all your hard work throughout this past year. Which you share with those of us who are financially conscious and practice our own due diligence. This coming year will be one for the record books. I only hope and pray that the massive change coming our way will be without massive violence.

    May you have a healthy and prosperous year. Cheers.

    • OutlookingIn,

      I appreciate your comments… and thanks for the continued support. Yes, I agree, 2015 may indeed by quite an interesting year. I believe there are just way too many CRITICAL FACTORS that need to be resolved. I don’t think Russia & China along with the other BRIC countries will continue to allow the FED to PRINT MONEY, destroying the value of their goods and services.

      Something has to give sooner or later. And… this doesn’t even factor in PEAK OIL, which I believe becomes a factor this year or next.


      • I liked the article showing the BRICS pay really high interest rates while the western welfare states pay almost nothing. Think Russia paying over 10% while Japan pays under 1%, Japan has to import all their sustenance and has montrous debt and an aging population, while Russia will likely do great in the next decade. Go figure, right? How long do these countries allow this to continue.

  2. Happy new year Steve, I am sure I will enjoy reading your articles in 2015 as well.

    • GermanReader,

      Thanks for the comment and support. I do believe 2015 will be quite interesting.


  3. Happy New Year to You and Your Readers. 2015 might be the most exciting yet to come. I have spent considereable time reviewing your reports from their inception, as I too am troubled by the marketss movements and especially the true cost of an ounce of any precious metal. I am particulalry fascinated by your analysis of the correlation of the price of Ag with that of crude to the point of accepting the causation. The Hunt Brothers analysis hit me like a ton of bricks. I, however, can make absolutely no sense of the cost reporting that appears to be the industry standard. And, like many, can not believe that the pundits and PM Editors nose foe news can not smell the BS when their own pencils a stirring it.
    Being a retired property manager, broker & builder, my approach is simple nuts and bolts. In this new
    year I would like to share my analysis approach for your critique. Thanks for all your work!

    • SteveW,

      Thanks for the comments and I am glad you see the OIL-SILVER connection. This is by far, one of the most important factors to understand. However, most of the precious metal community is still in the dark on this issue.

      The CASH COST metric in which the gold and silver mining industry uses is complete RUBBISH. It does not reflect profitability whatsoever. Which is why, it is not a GAAP- Generally Accepted Accounting Principle.

      For example, Hecla stated a very low CASH COST of $5 an ounce in Q3 2014. The reason Hecla arrives at such a low cash cost is by deducting 55% of its by-product credits (gold and base metal revenue). Hecla lost money in Q3 2014, even with a $5 cash cost. This is complete lunacy.

      This is the very reason I came up with my ESTIMATED BREAK-EVEN ANALYSIS. I believe its the best determining factor for break-even for the industry. Much better than CASH COSTS which deludes the less sophisticated investors into believing their costs are much lower.

      The BIGGEST FACTOR to keep an eye on is the ENERGY INDUSTRY. Finance does not run the economy, energy does. Finance done correctly is a gauge of the ECONOMIC ENERGY INPUTS & OUTPUTS of the market. However, used as manipulation, it totally distorts the physical economy.

      This low OIL PRICE will wreak havoc on the U.S. Shale Oil Industry. Once PEAK EXPENSIVE OIL arrives, its game over for the West and then a bit later for the East.

      PEAL OIL will be the death of the highly-leveraged Paper Financial Industry. This is precisely why the precious metals are the best place to be.


      • In your 12/13/13 What did it cost to mine silver Q# 2013, you stated that ” a mining company’s share price will increase based upon 3 fundamental factors:1) increase of the price of metal
        2) increase of its reserves 3) increase of its annual production” but, while it may have not seemed possible at the time, the 4th would be a reduction in operating expense. With world manufacturing off about 50% with the consequent industrial demand for Ag off and the price of oil off 50%, the question is what is the real cost to produce an ounce of silver? If the “All In” cost of producing an ounce of Silver was $24.50 with oil at $101, what is it when oil is $55/brl? Can producer keep producing and at least break even when silver is $15-$18/ounce?

        • SteveW,

          Yes, a lower oil price will impact costs for the silver miners. I don’t believe Global manufacturing is off anywhere near 50% (maybe 5-7%), however the price of oil is lower by that percentage. We must remember, global oil demand did not fall that much. According to the IEA, global oil demand DID NOT FALL less than less year, it just didn’t GROW AS MUCH AS EXPECTED.

          I believe Q3 2014 Oil demand was supposed to be 92.4 million barrels per day of total petroleum products, but was only 91.8 mbd. It still grew over last year. So, with the U.S. bringing on more supply as demand falls a TAD, it creates a bit of a glut… but not much.

          Anyhow, China has been happy to take whatever they can get, so they can fill their new STRATEGIC OIL RESERVE.

          Furthermore, the price of silver crashed since 2013 to below $18.. even though the price of oil remained at $100. So, a lot of the COST REDUCTION is already BAKED IN THE CAKE so to speak. The breakeven for my top 12 silver miners was right around $19 for Q3 2014. I would imagine it could fall to say, $17 or so, but still there would be marginal silver companies that couldn’t even come close to that… even with a lower oil price.

          In addition, we are heading into uncharted territory. Because of the FED’s QE policy that has propped up the Global Economy as the Dollar is still the world’s reserve currency, Americans were able to afford expensive oil such as SHALE OIL. At this $50 price, its sure DEATH for 50% or more of the Shale Oil Industry.

          Lastly, the cost of mining primary silver is not its VALUE. We must remember, the majority of Americans and folks across the world are invested in PAPER RETIREMENT ASSETS. The future value or payoff of these assets are based on a GROWING ENERGY SUPPLY. Because the U.S. Govt & Wall Street educated and bamboozled Americans into investing their hard-earned money into a PONZI SCHEME instead of physical assets and commodities, the prices-value of commodities have been held down artificially LOWER by orders of magnitude.

          When PEAK OIL arrives (very soon), it will destroy the valuations of most paper assets, thus forcing investors into physical assets such as gold and silver to protect wealth. This is when we will experience absolutely SILLY PRICES.

          Once the U.S peaks in shale oil production (2015-2016), its game over and the world will look like a much different place by 2020.


          • Am and always have been a hard asset guy. Real Eatate, PMs, guns, ammo, art. I think you are right on both counts, oil demand is only off a liuttle but China is filling its reserves. Saudis have shut down all of their high cost fields and now have an average cost of $20/brl. Shale oil everywhere is toast. The manipulators have beeen abusing Au & Ag for awhile but the high grade miners are still producing. Is this because their variable hard costs are at or below market? With the massive reduction in oil costs will the high grade producer continue to produce? Is there still time to back up the truck? Or is the day near when the paper pusher can’t fill their contracts? It would be extremely helpful to be able to calculate the actual cost per ounce at any point in time.

      • AISC & byproduct revenue credit is accounting hocus pocus BS. In real estate when we rent an apartment, we also rent parking, laundry amd amenities – these are not byproducts but part of the product portfolio. It takes utilities, maintenance and taxes to provide these products. If you have a copper mine that also has smaller amounts of gold and you credit in the gold revenues at the end it is the same as saying the gold was breakeven no matter how much revenue it generated. This totaly skews the actual cost of the copper. Each should stand on its own. It brings to mind the cookie factory that discovers their cookie crumbs make dynomite chicken feed. It is so popular that they start breaking up their cookies to fulfil demand. Whats the byproduct?

  4. Happy New Year Steve, and thanks for providing your research and knowledge! My guess is that your readership will grow. Exponentially 🙂

    • houtskool,

      Thanks for the response and I appreciate the continued interest in the site. Seems like you have been around for quite a while. I believe once PEAK OIL hits, interest in my work should increase. This should also be at the time when the value of GOLD & SILVER EXPLODES.


  5. Thank you Steve! I focus mostly on the coming Energy and demographic disasters since they will both be the real reasons why the metals will go to the moon.

    I think that if oil stays where it is or drops lower we will see a derivitives meltdown between now and the summer.

    We could have $30 a barrel oil that no one can afford. Regardless of whatthe spot price for the metals will be, they will still be able to buy more things then a frozen bank account.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you Steve for all your great work and great articles you post on your sight. It is nice to see someone who is actually still rooted in logic and common sense.

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