So where does the silver market go from here?  This is the question asked by most silver investors.  I sat down with Sprott Money and answered several questions for their “Ask the Expert” series.  We also discussed where the silver market goes from here.

I believe the important thing for precious metals to do is to focus on the fundamentals.  There seems to be an ongoing barrage of articles stating when the price of gold and silver are going to explode, or when the COMEX with default.  While these events will occur, it becomes frustrating for investors who believe analysts that forecasted dates in the past that did not materialize.

This is why I focus on the ENERGY DYNAMICS going forward.  I will be writing articles and reports in the future detailing why the energy situation is much worse than I realized… and it was bad enough to begin with.

Precious metal investors need to realize that there is very little physical gold and silver investment to go around compared to the 100’s of Trillions of Dollars of supposed financial assets.  These financial assets base their value on a growing cheap energy supply.  When the energy production starts to decline as the massive amount of global debt is no longer sustainable, it will put severe stress on the highly leveraged financial system.

This event is not decades away as some frustrated precious metal investors may believe, rather it’s a matter of years.

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7 Comments on "SPROTT MONEY & SRSROCCO INTERVIEW: Where Does Silver Go From Here?"

  1. Man , you’re on a roll Steve ! Keep em coming !!

  2. Steve,

    Great interview. Interesting and informative. I think you are right on the money!

    Would be great if you could post a transcript.



  3. My understanding is that the centre piece of your hypothesis is oil scarcity or too expensive.
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to by oil companies or alternative energy companies, then when their price double or triples switch to gold or silver ?

  4. The PM-market is dead.Each day you are the looser.Miner Stock are falling since weeks.Each day without resistance.

    Strong Dollar means low Gold Price.And the miner don’t decrease production.
    It was the greatest fault not to sell.I’am really angry about my own stupidness.

    • silverfreaky,

      It’s a shame that you put a lot of your funds into the miners. I have always stated that 80-90% of one’s funds should be in the physical metals. While some folks purchased when the price of gold and silver were higher, the GAME AIN’T OVER YET.

      I believe the revaluation of the metals will come quicker than folks realize. This is not a 5-10 year time-frame.


    • Precious Metals are rare. Finding a mine that gives 2oz oz of gold per ton are 130 years gone. Those grades are worth working by hand or with a mule. We have ore available that has 2 Grams per ton that are being worked with huge energy inputs (digging, transporting, grinding, sorting, etching, chemical processing, electrical processing, casting, rolling, stamping, shipping, etc.) doing the 30x more work needed to get the same gold.
      This energy input is the difference between a coin in your hand and “proven reserves” in a mine somewhere. If near-free power is available from “System X” and that power can scale up, PM’s could go down in price. Is this likely? I think that PM’s and PM miners will remain tightly linked to the price of Diesel fuel. The “Cost” of Diesel fuel is something else, since the user is not paying much of the costs associated with petroleum.

      Low price time is Time To Buy. The worst that could happen is that you have Ounces instead of fiat money for the coming collapse. When is “Low Price”? When miners aren’t making money.

      • pdrx13 Good points indeed ! Physical silver is also at the point where mining for it takes allot of energy. Making it’s return on investment all the more valuable.
        Time is every physical gold and silver’s best friend at this point.
        When things look the bleakest , a crystal clear truth will rise like a zenith about the physical.
        Count on it.

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