Silver Eagle Sales To Hit Record… U.S. Mint 2015 Production To Halt Dec 11th

Silver Eagles US Mint San FranInvestors looking to acquire 2015 Silver Eagles may just have a few more weeks to purchase the coins.  If demand for Silver Eagles by the Authorized Dealers and investors remain strong over the next several weeks, we could see a record 47 million of the coins sold this year.

According to article, 2016 American Silver Eagle Release, Last 2015’s for Record:

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Earlier today, Nov. 24, the United States Mint announced that it would stop producing 2015 American Eagle silver bullion coins by Dec. 11 and that it would begin taking orders for the first 2016-dated issues on Jan. 11.

2015 American Silver Eagles will claim an annual sales record. That should happen by early next week, even as the U.S. Mint limits their sales.

The bureau has rationed sales of bullion American Silver Eagles for most of this year as demand has exceeded supply. The U.S. Mint has the production capability to produce many more of the one-one, .999 fine silver coins but, like other world mints, it cannot always acquire enough silver planchets.

Currently, the U.S. Mint has sold 43.8 million oz (Moz) Silver Eagles with three weeks remaining for sales to their Authorized Dealers.  Here is the U.S. Mint memo sent to its Authorized Dealers (from article quoted above):

“This is to inform you that the United States Mint will continue to produce 2015-dated American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins through the week of December 7, 2015. Accordingly, we anticipate our last American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin allocation of the year to be on Monday, December 14, 2015. The final allocation is expected to be standard size so please plan accordingly.

The U.S. Mint will begin taking orders for the 2016 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins on Monday, January 11, 2016.”

If we assume the U.S. Mint will provide about 1 Moz of Silver Eagles for the next three weeks, total sales will nearly reach 47 Moz.  I would assume sales of the Royal Canadian Mint Silver Maple Leafs will also hit a new record of 30+ Moz.

As I mentioned in my article, THE DEATH OF PAPER GOLD & SILVER: The Data Proves it:

Not only did demand for Global Gold ETF’s decline 2011-2015 (2015 f = forecasted) compared to the previous five years, it went negative by 21.2 Moz. This was in stark contrast to the huge increase in physical gold bar and coin demand of 208.8 Moz during the same time period.

Furthermore, we see the same trend taking place in the silver market. Investors purchased a record 994.1 Moz of physical silver bar and coin demand during the 2011-2015 time period compared to a paltry 18.2 Moz build in the world Silver ETFs.

When we study the difference in paper gold and silver buying versus physical bar and coin in the past five years… there’s just no comparison. Investors purchased record physical gold and silver bar and coin while staying away from the paper ETF’s with a ten foot pole.

Investors continue to wake up to the fact that the collapse of the World’s Great Financial Ponzi Scheme in history is approaching faster then ever.  This is why we are experiencing record volume in Gold-Silver Coin & Bar demand.


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27 Comments on "Silver Eagle Sales To Hit Record… U.S. Mint 2015 Production To Halt Dec 11th"

  1. Price takers : absolutely zero influence on price makers ie paper future markets.

  2. I just purchased your Silver Report. Great read by the way, well worth the money. I’ll be purchasing your next report once it is available. Are you planning on releasing a report on peak oil? I’m curious to understand how the return of Iranian oil impacts peak oil. If a peak oil report is not in your immediate plans, do you know where I could source that information?

    Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work.

    • pete,

      Glad you enjoyed the report. I do believe the next one will provide an even better understanding on just how undervalued silver is as a store of value.

      Pete, while the addition of more Iranian oil sounds like it would postpone peak oil, the real problem is debt. Without debt, we couldn’t bring on expensive oil… even $50 oil. High levels of debt forced the Fed and other Central Banks to lower interest rates to zero. More Central Banks will follow. I will get into this in more detail.

      Yes, I will do a PEAK OIL, FALLING EROI and its impact on the PRECIOUS METAL REPORT next.


      • Steve,

        Would you elaborate a little more on the Iranian oil, my understanding it is expensive like fracking and oil sands? if true, how that will postpone your peak oil hypothesis?

        • I think our host means 1) peak cheap oil followed by 2) peak oil (if we are not already there for both). The low hanging “cheap” fruits have been harvested. The current (US) production is the result of a massive build-up in cheap debt to get the oil and NG out of the ground… A majority of the Saudi oil still is produced from just a few big wells that date from the 60ies or early 70ies… same story there. At current prices (roughtly 40 US dollars per barrel) my guestimate is that probably 2/3 of all producers sell their product at a net loss (in North America, some may have hedged when prices were still above 90). The Saudis seem to be hurting too, as does Norway and (silently) Russia. The Iranian oil just increases the pain for most producers, many of which are their enemies… As the energy debt bubble bursts (and this is in the process of happening) 1) will become evident for all, and 2) then follows in short order (global production has been stalling already for a few years now), accompanied by a collapse of energy use and the real world economy (also seems to have started). At that point, what will be the Trillions of fiat dollars (e.i. debt that cannot be paid back) be “worth”. That is when the fiat ponzi pyramid scheme will topple over at the very latest, and PMs will be “last man standing”. The global mayhem will likely be of biblical proportions.

  3. The amount of silver offered on ebay at $15 is ridiculous for nice coins including shipping, insurance and no credit card fee. how is it possible silver is in shortage when they let you use credit cards to buy it. Looks like this is going to $8. Very cheap and abundant…

    • Valid point Joe. What you discribe reflects reality for the time being. We must be honest and adimit, that there is no serious Silver shortage going on at the moment, at least at the retail level. Some bullions such as the american Silver eagle are in high demand and the mint had to halt or limit sales in order to recover their stock, but that doesn’t mean that there is a Silver shortage per say. So far it was a production capacity problem, not a Silver supply problem. So, as long as there is no real supply shortage, the game of manipulatiing the price of Gold and Silver lower will continue, maybe even intensify as the elites will do „ what ever it takes“ to keep their game up and running for as long as possible. Many people do not see behind the curtain and therefore believe that the current situation will go on for a long time or maybe even for ever. That is definitely not the case. Every manipulation, especially one in this magnitude will harm the supply chain medium to long term. The bill of having done so for decades will be presented one day and that bill will be huge. Many people will only wake up when the train already departed. It will be too late for them to get on that save haven train of PM. It’s true, not everything that shines is gold but not everything that is declared worthless is really worthless either. You have to think who benefits of making you believe that Silver is worthless. I for one don’t trust them and i buy when others sell. If i remind correctly that is a winning strategy not only when trading in the stock market but also when it comes to PM.

  4. Just wait until they try to force a 50% devalued $ down your throat and name it SDR, aka the “Turd Bowl”. To continue business as usual, with less energy. Don’t forget to fuck up the middle east again on your way out.

    • I bought few thousand ounces this week, just in case this author is right. I am suspicious the way it is offered so close to the spot with no shipping or credit card fee. Why is it offered so cheap? My 15 year experience from trading is that if the price is good, it should be rejected quickly. it is been like this for two years.

      These are not 100 ounces bars. I bought one ounce and 10 ounce coins and bars, looks like 100 ounce bars have little demand.

      If the key to protect yourself from the coming apocalypse is that easy, this looks to me too good to be true. I wonder if silver goes to 17, how flooded the market will get with silver as many would be willing to take that 20% profit.

      • There’s no cheap energy surplus to feed growth, and there’s way too much debt in all layers. This downward spiral is masked by qe, zirp, nirp, shale etc. Your insurance policy should also include a few waterfilters and a 3 months stack of food. Don’t look at the ‘price’ of paper metals, they dump $1.8 billion in a few seconds, just to make you shiver. Every time they do that, i put on my cotton gloves and enjoy my coins and bars, hoping my neighbours don’t hear me laughing.

      • Joe,

        As I stated in several articles recently, the retail silver shortage has diminished due to lack of a continued collapse of the broader stock markets and or black swan event. If the broader stock markets continued to crash in Oct & Nov, then you would have seen the shortage continue.

        Regardless, your notion that if a stock-commodity price is good, it should be rejected quickly. This is true in REAL MARKETS that aren’t manipulated by Central Banks. It was just reported that the Chinese Govt owns 6% of the market already. How much do you think the Banks own via the Fed’s easy money?

        Lastly, traders were buying Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns thinking these were QUALITY STOCKS in 2007. Both went bankrupt in just a short period of time.

        You better start looking at the markets FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, and do not buy silver because I SAY SO… read a lot of other analysts and make up YOUR OWN GOD GIVEN MIND.


      • You are also right on that. Many of those who purchased now around these 14/15 Dollar level will be happy to sell when Silver goes back up to 17/18 Dollars. However we have to keep in mind that there are also a lot of Silver investors out there who entered the market in 2010/2011 when Silver was a lot higher than it is today. Most of them have an average pruchasing price of well above 30 Dollars per ounce and they will not sell when Silver is back up to 17 dollars. The other thing is that those who really believe in the Silver story know, that 17 dollars is a lughable price for what Silver could reach in a currency crisis, war or economic collapse scenario. Now the question is what motivation you had to purchase your Silver. Was it for a speculative reason or was it more as an insurrance against dept explosion, paper money devaluation etc..? If it was the latter then most probably won’t sell at 17, otherwise you probably made a quick buck and that’s it.

        • Max,

          I didn’t buy those for trading. I buy the physical for insurance and I forget about it in case Steve’s peak oil hypothesis comes to fruition.

          I bought as well SLV for trading, I think silver has bottomed short term and there is a quick rally to $18. IMO, it should start next week.

          Plus there is a good possibility that silver might rally to $40 in the next 45 days if the events in Turkey escalate.

          • If Erdogan goes down with a military coup, it marks the end of the NATO alliance. This will be a huge blow to confidence in US dominance/US dollar in ME.

            Saudi Arabia has already shifted to the east by anointing a Christian syrian-russian ally as president to Lebanon. The news didn’t hit the western media yet, but Saudi Arabia has already nuked the US dollar, the market doesn’t know it yet.

          • IMO, if turmoil escalates in Turkey, the US dollar will have a severe correction short term and silver will rally to $40. This will be just a short term correction for the US dollar. Intermediate term, up to two years, the us dollar will rally to new highs as global delivering resumes. But I think during this last phase of US dollar rally, PMs will decouple from US dollar, they will not go down as us dollar rallies. The world will become cognizant that the days of US hegemony is over. This will be a new regime of market dynamics and the stock market will rally as well to new highs.

        • Putin is very smart. He didn’t react military against Turkey as the CIA was hoping. Instead he installed the S400 missiles (250 miles radius) , this is a no fly zone message to Turkey and Israel. He essentially can down Turkish and Israeli fighter jets right in the heart of their territory before reaching the Syrian border.

          He is bombing the ISIS oil trucks in 1000s in Syria, this is a huge blow to the Turkish economy. Plus he started economic sanctions on Erdogan. IMO, Turkey is the emerging economy to go belly up. The Americans are loosing every single war, total disaster.

          Remember Erdogan is a Sunni and there is 18 million Alawites in Turkey besides the Turks. Russia, Syria and Iran will use them to start a military coup on him. They will end him by internal turmoil instead of declaring a war against Turkey which is protected by NATO.

          Erdogan is so worried now that NATO can’t come to his rescue on this scenario. His days are numbered.

          • As ISIS goes down, the US dollar will go down with it. It is the only thing keeping the lid on American hegemony in ME, now Putin has thrown a wrench on that and Saudi Arabia just surrendered last week to Putin by anointing a Russian ally as president to Lebanon.

  5. There is always someone – that will come into these threads – and take a swipe at P.M.s owners – as if it is personal – and they are saving stackers from themselves. I never understood that, really. Why would skeptics really care? In the U.S. – something on the lines of 2% – have any exposure to precious metals… whatsoever.

    We always hear and see metals being discounted. And paper money always goes up. Hell, apparently, things are better in this country than have been throughout my entire life.

    Ironically, at my local coin shop…. Silver Eagles are available… ( mostly 2015 issue ) – discounted down to $20 USD a piece. Everything else is so cheap… it is long gone. Only stuff with big premiums is available.

    In physical gold – I have seen one 1 oz Eagle coin come in – in the last 6 weeks. Granted, I am not there everyday – so it could be a bit more – but it is definitely scarce. There are no ‘Quarters’ – no ‘tenths’ – even at $100 over spot on OZ’s.

    In the past year and a half – there has been 1 ( ONE ) proof Gold Eagle coin – that has come into the shop. Buffalo coins are non-existent.

    More importantly that any of that – here locally ( and we are in a upper-middle class neighborhood ) – average citizens do not have the measly $20 USD at it take to buy a silver eagle. They certainly don’t have the $1100 USD to buy the Gold Eagles.

    The reality of ‘main street’ – is that a large percentage of folks are living at the edge of their means. And it wouldn’t matter if silver were $5 – they can’t afford it. Gold would be out of their reach at a fraction of its price – as ‘cheap’ as some would have us believe.

    It doesn’t matter if it is ‘all over the place on E-bay.’ Regular people are already ‘out of the game.’ You are safe, angry skeptics. You can live in one big happy paper world – full of paper promises – and paper tigers.

    Gold ETF’s are now 300 to 1 ration to physical at Comex? If you really require more evidence or explanation after that – why would anyone listen to you anyway?

    My apologies… if I am not politically correct.

  6. The direction where the world economy goes shows Dr. Copper.
    In the moment in free fall modus.It’s an early indicator.

    Like i said one year ago we go into a big recession.


    Here is the reason why the PM-Market is dead.Mr. Draghi wants to increase the inflation.That is the official statement.In reality the whole bond buying did not work.We go deeper and deeper in recession.

    But some people reveals that countries like italy had bought their own bonds.
    The money comes direct from the ECB.This is direct financing via printerpress.Nobody says anything

    And this sceanrio we see every where in the world.With a zero interest rate this can last very long.
    I see no reason that the banksters or politician stop this behaviour.

    At the end they can print money as they want.The worldwide shifting from money is the critical point.I’am shure that ist is controlled by the bankster elite with unlimited FIAT-Money.

  8. @SRSrocco

    You talked with Eric Sprott?He claimes that the Comex have only 5 tons gold.
    Why didn’t you ask him why he don’t buy those 5 tons?

    • Good point…

    • A Canadian company or Billionaire taking down a US Market? It sounds like war.
      Erik Sprott is no dummy, he’ll keep buying like the Chinese, and stack until the last minute, then let the Norwegians ask for delivery of their gold.

    • CONeX has the legal right so settle in cash, while the member banks can get the goodies… It is a legal paper Casino and sets the global price. What a farce. It is what it is, so the paper games may well persist for quite a bit longer, at least until they cannot satisfy the BRICS fizz demand any longer (London needs to be bled out of metal). As long as the ETFs (and Western CB vaults) still have holdings they are comfortable parting with (do they, are they ???) this default (THE reset) will be deferred. But it will come, unexpected like a thieve, overnight (or over a bank holiday).

      • The COMEX contracts can be settled in cash now days, so a “delivery default” that everyone talks about is just a fantasy. No gold is required to be delivered. Ever. Gold and silver are an important investment, especially at current silver prices, but just because it is a good investment does not mean all the BS tossed around in the gold community is true.

        However, if someone expects gold or silver delivered from the COMEX and is (legally) settled with cash, that would be an interesting event.


  9. ding, ding, ding! We have a winnah…
    Eric Sprott is no dummy. He, and all the others
    capable of “taking out” the Comex would like
    to live to see another day.

    • What the heck does “taking out the COMEX” mean? All that would happen is that backwardation would increase until someone shows up with some gold. Delivery requests can also be settled with cash. There would be no “taking out” happening. It may make the COMEX a little less relevant, but it will require far more to make it extinct.


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