SILVER: Top Performing Commodity In 2015

With the new year now in full swing, Silver is one of the top performing commodities in 2015.  After falling over 71% from its high of $49.82 in April 2011, to a low of $14.16 in December 2014, silver is up 16.3% in 2015.  Not only is silver up higher than gold in percentage terms, it’s nearly double gold’s performance of 9.3% in January.

Of course the commodity suffering the worst performance in 2015 is Brent Crude which is now down more than 15%.  I explained why I believe the price of oil fell so much over the past half-year in my article RECORD GLOBAL OIL DEMAND:  Even As The Price Of Oil Declined.

Furthermore, Brent crude is down further today due to the Biggest Weekly Inventory Build Since 2011:

EIA Weekly Inventory Build

The world is producing about 500,000+ barrels per day more than global demand.  Thus, global inventories-stocks are increasing.  According to the IEA – International Energy Agency December OMR Report, the world could bump up against global storage capacity limits in the first half of 2015 based on current supply-demand forecasts:

Based on current projections of still relatively weak demand growth and robust supply, global oil inventories would notionally build by close to 300 mb in 1H15 in the absence of disruption, shut-ins or cut in OPEC production. If half of this took place in the OECD, stocks there would approach 2 900 mb and possibly bump against storage capacity limits. The resulting downward price pressure would raise the risk of social instability or financial difficulties if producers found it difficult to pay back debt.

So, if the Middle East or other oil-producing countries don’t cut back on production, the world could run out of places to store oil.  Furthermore, the IEA believes oil producers could come under increasing risk if the price of oil continues downward.  2015 may turn out to be the year that destroys the U.S. Shale Oil Miracle.

I compared some of the top commodities and indexes in the chart below.  As I stated before, silver ranks on top at a gain of 16.3% in 2015, followed by gold at 9.3%, platinum at 5.3%, natural gas at 2.8% and the U.S. Dollar index at 2.2%.  Even though the U.S. Dollar continues to strengthen against the other lousy fiat currencies, Gold & Silver outperformed the world’s reserve currency by a wide margin.

2015 Best & Worst Peforming Commodities Indexes

The precious metals also outperformed the two major stock indexes, the S&P 500 which declined 0.8% and the Dow Jones down -2.2%.   Moreover, the king base metal copper is down a whopping 7.7% in 2015, while lumber fell 6.5% and wheat lower by 9%.

Although gold and silver ranked at the top compared to other leading commodities, many of the top producing precious metal stocks blew away the gains by the metals.  The leading performing stock was Endeavour Silver which increased a staggering 40.7% in 2015.

2015 Best Performing Gold & Silver Stocks

It was followed by the three of the four largest gold producing companies in the world;  GoldCorp at 34%, AngloGold at 30.8%, and Newmont at 30.1%.  Barrick, the largest gold producer, ranked last at a gain of 22.3%.

Furthermore, the HUI index (mostly gold stocks) rising 25.3%, outperformed the SIL index (silver miners) at 17.3%.  The other leading top silver producers were First Majestic at gain of 27% followed by Hecla and Pan American Silver at 25%.

Now with the ECB’s new QE program of 60 Billion Euros a month, events in the market will become even more crazy and volatile.  At some point, investors will need to wake up to the fact that monetary printing and exponential debt increases are not long-term solutions for what ills the global economy.

In a blink of an eye, the world will change and investors who have purchased physical gold and silver will find themselves getting the better end of the deal.

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23 Comments on "SILVER: Top Performing Commodity In 2015"

  1. So far in 2015 gold and silver have not seen the smack downs that have become so familiar. These are the sub-60-second events that take out bids, trigger stop loss selling, and generate margin calls. I believe 1300 is the new price cap for gold and that the banks will attempt to keep the price under 1300. For more than15 years we have seen very peculiar price capping in gold near round numbers. Read Dimitri Speck’s excellent book for a detailed analysis and examples of this phenomenon.

    So if you are trading futures contracts the recipe is simple. Buy below 1290 and sell above 1305. Turn profits in physical. 🙂

    • “So far in 2015 gold and silver have not seen the smack downs that have become so familiar. ”

      So much for that. Major smackdown in 1 second today. You see, now that Europe is printing again like crazy, THEY MUST also now get involved in the gold and silver smack down game. To hedge against constant manipulation as the ECB now goes on a major print fest—–YOU HAVE TO OWN GERMAN STOCKS HEDGED AGAINST currency flucuations. That will PROTECT your downside in gold. Trust me, they have been back all over the price over the last few days.

      Plus, the TBTF banks ALWAYS let off the peddle just after bonuses are calculated at year end (thust the rise in PM’s the first part of every year) and then start to really slam it down again going to the mid point of the year. Then it drifts a bit higher, then the SLAM it do smithereens going into year end.

      NOTHING has CHANGED. I said this on this website awhile ago! The CROOKS are COMPLETELY in CHARGE.

      And will be for a long TIME.

      • frank,

        As I have tried to DRILL INTO THE MORTALS EGGHEADS, investing in precious metals is not an OVERNIGHT REWARD. The SNB decision to go against the Central Bank Policy of ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL, is one step closer to the end of precious metal manipulation.

        If it weren’t for the $24 Trillion in U.S. Retirement accounts or the $100+ Trillion in Global Conventional Assets under management, then I would say… the ELITE could keep manipulating for quite some time.

        However, ENERGY IS THE KEY, especially PEAK OIL. For some darn reason, investors don’t seem to understand the connection. Central Banks will not be able to support the highly LEVERAGED PAPER DEBT SYSTEM when global oil production peaks and declines.

        Just like the Elite couldn’t stop the collapse of the Roman Empire.



        • Steve,

          I agree with you just not on timing. So far I have been right. The world and the sheep only see through a foggy rear-view-mirror. While “Peak Oil” might be coming, the only thing the world KNOWS right now with any certainty is that oil prices have crashed over 50%, and that prices are waaaaaaaaay down at the pump. That is virtually, AT BEST, all the sheep know–which hardly seems like Peak Oil while supply is growing as the price of crude CRASHES.

          Until the world actually SEES a decline in production, the central banks will remain in complete control. I didn’t say they will be forever, I said they will be in control for a long time (another 2-4 years). The SNB move is actually my CASE IN POINT. Why?

          Simple, the SNB’s front running of a bigger than expected ECB QE is PROOF, PROOF!,that the central banks collude with one another. There is just no WAY the SNB could have keep the peg over the next 20 months without the SNB creating hyperinflation in Switzerland. They didn’t do this out on a limb. I promise you, the ECB, the Fed, and every other WESTERN central bank KNEW what the SNB was going to do. Think about it: the SNB front ran the ECB policy! How did they do this?

          But sure, this also proves that EVENTUALLY the central banks back themselves into a corner with NOWHERE to go. The SNB move is also proof of that. So it is a small sign they are unravelling…..and that will continue over the next 3 years.

          Meanwhile, to the SHEEP, it will seem as though they are in charge and will forever be. Until the central banks lose all control, and a number of things can cause this–not just Peak Oil, they will remain in control—but, yes, not forever.


          • Oh….and remember that silver went on an absolute tear last year too. Silver was by far the best asset to own up until July. Until THEY decided to TANK it.

            The paper pushers can still push gold and silver to anywhere they damn well please. Right now, the US Fed has no problem with the minor increase in gold and silver prices because they actually don’t like the dollar getting THIS strong……..and that is why they have risen.

            But don’t worry, TPTB will see to it that this is another huge headfake. This time, they won’t LET gold and silver rise with the ECB’s balance sheet since the ECB is following in the Fed’s footsteps exactly.

            So buy the German stock market—ride it to its high (50-80% higher from here) then convert those gains into the metals. Until then, the metals will only once again disappoint.

          • frank,

            You may have a crystal ball, but I don’t. Of course the precious metal community didn’t see the QE3 being funneled into Stocks & Bonds, but to continue to say gold and silver will disappoint may not be true either.

            Again, buying gold and silver throughout the year(s) is not something you do for immediate gains. Don’t know why people don’t get that. I would not put one CENT in any paper markets. Sure, you might play RUSSIAN ROULETTE and win for a while, but I would imagine most NITWITS will get creamed as the ELITE know when the RESET is coming… but not the public.

            So all those HIGH FLYERS out there who think you can outsmart the ELITE by playing PAPER RUSSIAN ROULETTE… be my guest…LOL.


          • “Of course the precious metal community didn’t see the QE3 being funneled into Stocks & Bonds,”

            Well, that is why they had to manipulate the prices of gold and silver so badly. And short term it worked. Americans, through proxies like their 401ks and advisors, flocked into the stock market because it was the ONLY thing that was working. Americans being complete idiots and all.

            BUT this is why my crystal ball says to buy German stocks. The ECB will be more than happy to step on the throat of PM’s as they expand their balance sheet—which will drive all the currency creation and pensions, etc. into the stock market in Europe. That is the playbook. Even Soros said it will just creatte Asset Bubbles. Guess what assets they will NOT want to BUBBLE?


            P.S. It is not a crystal ball–the writing is simply on the wall. You could see the central banks in the Gold and Silver markets all day yesterday and today making sure on the ECB annoucement that the “winning” choice would only be stocks. And so that is the game they are going to play over the next 20 months. The only question is what happens if the Fed has to QE long before the 20 months are over for the ECB?

            Remember, the ECB made it out alive without joining the QE party during all of QE3. Will the Fed make it to late 2016?

            If they do hold out until then, that is when the stock market finally crashes–between the fall of 2016 and early spring. But we’ll have to hear that it is just a “correction” because afterall the market is up 240% since 2009.

          • One last thing, you also know I’m right about PM’s when you follow the miners. The miners are BREAKING down BIG TIME again…..and they BEGAN breaking down before the bullion spot prices.

            So, it looks like THEY have had enough of the Gold and Silver rally. They now need to direct the whole world into stocks.

          • seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????????

            Everything I said has been set into motion. PM’s have been dumping (thanks to the Western Central Banks) and German stocks have been ripping EVERY SINGLE DAY sine they announced QE!

            see! The ECB is doing the US Fed playbook exactly? Cap and slam PM”s, so the currency all gets directed to stocks in Europe. As stocks absord the new liquidity, the pensions and sheep all start to invest because it ONLY GOES UP.

            The market will go up every single day in Germany over the next 20 months. it will be just like QE3 paradise in the US.

            Will live is sick and twisted times.

  2. As far as I am concerned it is still a short term rise in a bear market.

    It may change within several months but it is too early to draw any conclusions at this stage.

  3. Yeah and in ten years I am even with the Price I payed for my silver.For such a bad Performance to find such words is a joke.

    In worldwide rezessive times stocks are the better Investment.The proofe we get 4 years now.
    The dax is about 10500.Until we get no Inflation worldwide PM is a bad Investment.

    • 10 years? How so? Silver was 6-9+ 10 years ago. You’d only be burned right now trying to sell if you bought one of the highs. I think I’m even down overall but I’m not trading silver I’m investing in it… I’m not selling for a long time so I don’t care much about these short term moves until they become disasters

  4. I would love to believe the recent upturn augurs the start of a new bull market. However, the Fed/Treasury cartel can still cap the paper price whenever they want to. As issuers of the currency, trading losses mean nothing to them, since the USD they put up for the shorts came straight out of their computers at zero cost.
    Ultimately, there will be a global revulsion against fiat of all kinds, but that day is still some way off IMHO.

  5. silverfreaky | January 23, 2015 at 7:40 am |,4086672

    It’s in german.Goldman Suchs expect a lower Gold Price the next years, because of the low Inflation.
    And then every where the Money printing.Money which goes to the stock market, like the last years.

    And when you calculate what Money you loose, because of the PM-Lobby, after all those years.
    And each year we have a Crash, a hyperinflation,a catastrophe,…..

    • silverfreaky,

      So you take gold forecasts from Goldman Sachs…LOL. I need to remember that one. Goldman Sachs has the highest leverage in Derivatives than any of the top 5 Commercial Banks.

      CITICORPSE– $1.37 Trillion in Assets to back $70.2 Trillion in Derivatives
      JP MORGUE’n- $2.0 Trillion in Assets to back $65.3 Trillion in Derivatives
      GOLDMAN SACKED- $111.7 Billion in Assets to back $48.6 Trillion in Derivatives

      While the Fed & member Banks have been able to SIPHON the QE LIQUIDITY into the Stock & Bond market, this is not a sustainable policy as the BRICS are working around the U.S. Dollar. I don’t see this as a decade long affair, but to be completed in the next few years.

      Anyhow, precious metals should be bought and held just like any retirement account. However, they are a much better store of value than paper retirement accounts as poor Americans will find out sooner or later.


      • Lack of counterparty risk might be the best reason to hold metal. Practically no one worries about their digital promises from the financial institutions they work with. Counterparty risk was right in everyone’s face in 2008 but the media managed to lull most people back into a coma.

      • In the meantime gold bugs have to concede that the only real store of value is the long term government bonds : 30 years belgium bond returned 40% in 2014 and italian 10 years 6% yesterday only !

        PS : the gold slaughter has begun at 10.10 AM NY time : it would just need a couple of hours to back go below 1200/15.

      • gary hillerich | January 23, 2015 at 9:52 am |

        agree Steve..listening to GS’s & Dent’s Shitake Mushroom growing medium,is like listening to your ex in a divorce case..lies,lies,& more BS,propaganda,& lies..they want you to give up on the PM’ don’t think TBankstersTB don’t know PM’s are the only real money? they want it & they want it all..every last iffing round & speck of it,& anyone selling it,& not buying more of it at these ridiculously low prices are but fools..if silver were correctly priced at the average price of silver over the last 2,000 years or so, in todays inflated money,silver would be about$1500 an oz.,as a 10th of an ounce of silver was always a average days pay throughout history,therefore, today’s average days pay being $150 per day[ about $18 an hour }
        being we bought 95% of our silver between 2002 & 2007 at $6-$14[ though we bought more silver in this last take-down as well..[ we’ve never paid more than $17 per ounce]..after all.. where else are you going to put these worthless paper debt notes.? in the bank? NOT
        we sleep very well at night..the PPT smackdowns are just more opportunity to load up on more physical..
        .you naysayers can go ahead & keep your worthless paper & we will see what happens WTSHTF and it absolutely will..100% chance..the ONLY unknown in when & we believe 2015.75-2016.25 is it for there PM manipulations..We’ll take God’;s “MONEY” & a tiny bit more patience any-day for the big payoff that’s coming ..soon.. …we sleep very well at night…patience is still the word here..

        .”the universe does & will bend towards righteousness” – MLK

        ….there is no way these worthless paper investment instruments & fiat currencies will last much more than another year[if that long]..TPTB,banksters,& pilgrim society, are currently bringing the debt dollar up even with the collapsing debt euro,& once they are on par with each other,the banksters will unleash their one world currency,& then force the 666 beast mark on everyone

  6. silverfreaky | January 23, 2015 at 8:48 am |

    Look to the miner stocks.A total catastrophe.They always run before the PM are increasing.
    There is no interest in miner stocks.

    • Silverfreaky,

      IMHO, I think you and others that feel as you do need to get some perspective.

      Do you own a car, a boat or a home? Do you insure them against disasters?

      Think of silver and gold as your insurance policy. It is insurance against a disaster in your investments and your future well being. With world CB interest rates at vitually zero and in many cases negative, and the value of almost all fiat currencies declining, there is no ongoing costs to owning silver and gold. There are virtually NO opportunity costs. So even though, on a day to day basis PMs don’t pay interest or dividends, it isn’t costing you anything to hold them.

      The world financial markets are like a massive game of musical chairs and as long as the CBs and manipulators can keep the music going everyone is happily shuffling along. Once the music stops and, it will, the system collapses, everyone, all 7 billion of us, will be looking for a seat – something with true value, something that everyone will accept in payment for the things you need to survive. Silver and gold are the only real money left in the world.

      Off the 172,500 metric tonnes of gold ever mined, about 6%, 10,350 mt has been lost or used up, 23% or 40,000 mt are held by CBs, the IMF and ETFs, leaving 122,150 mt for the rest of us all. That is about 17.5 grams of gold per person or about enough for one mans wedding band.

      Of all the silver ever mined, 1,411,475 mt, nearly 50% or 700,000 mt has been used up, of the remaining 711,475 mt, 4% or 30,000 mt are “officially held”, leaving 681,475 mt for the rest of us all. That is a little over 97 grams of silver per person or about 3.1 toz per person. Add this to the fact that for the last 10+ years global consumption has been 100 mt greater than global supply.

      So as long as the music plays on, get your own seat of the future.

      Keep on stacking. Buy for cash and stash.


      • This Story I heared 4 years.When interest rates are Zero they can Play this game as Long as they want.

  7. THE SYSTEM IS VERY SIMPLE.You have different countries in europe.All goverment has debts by his central Banks.Especially the southern europe states.
    After years of debts they decide.Oh we have a lot of debts.We must get rid of them.Then come Mr. Draghi and said;”That is a good idea”.I am the chief of the ECB.Give me all of your garbage and you can make new debts.

  8. 1280/18 broken : dead cat bounce over, cartel still in total control.

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