PILGRIMS SOCIETY TAKEOVER OF BITCOIN: The High-Tech Monetary Booby Trap Has Been Set

(By Charles Savoie) —

As of a January 2, 2015 report, Bitcoin was in the $350 range in December 2014, but it started 2014 at $770! As of January 20, Bitcoin is $210, and the New York Stock Exchange (Pilgrims Society) has invested in another Bitcoin startup enterprise.

There’s no use in Bitcoin people hollering about silver being down from 2011 highs—it has happened to their star also. However, has silver flash-crashed to zero? No it has not! Silver people can hold their real wealth in their hands—try doing that with Bitcoin—and if the Internet and power grid goes down—physical silver remains viable money! As of this release, Bitcoin is sagging and silver is up! As of January 5, 2015, Bitcoin fell to $257.71— see the cogent remarks of Bill Fleckenstein calling Bitcoin “a complete joke.”

Bitcoin #1“I feel like citizens are fed up with banksters” says Mellon; yet that’s his heritage and he can’t be trusted! We will review some of his lineage and connections—it’s like a blend of Dante’s Inferno, the worst aliens from Star Trek and an H.P. Lovecraft horror novel!

Mellon was chairman of the finance committee of the New York State Republican Party—teeming with megabankers like barnacles on a ship’s hull! He says one thing to mislead the small folks, but his background says otherwise. His great uncle Andrew was the biggest thief in modern world history. Matt was appointed to that Republican post by Edward Ridley Finch Cox, probably a Pilgrims Society member.

Ed Cox’s father was in The Pilgrims 1980 list, and Ed Cox descended from Edward Ridley Finch (Pilgrims Society), who was on the New York State Supreme Court—he had both Livingston and Delafield ancestry. The Delafields were big players in the
history of the Bank of America, and trace ancestry back 1200 years to French nobility. The Livingstons were large scale colonial land owners.

Matt Mellon represents old line, blue blood wealth as surely as anybody. These are the most dangerous financial conspirators in history, a very close second to their British associates. Ed Cox married Tricia Nixon, son of the President who stole gold from foreigners wanting dollar conversion. Nixon stole silver from miners in 1972 under his Cost of Living Council, capping silver at $1.61 the ounce! Mellon and all his associates are like so many fleas on a dog, the dog being these United States, and they’ve caused financial anemia to tens of millions with all their biting monetary bloodsucking.

PILGRIMS FIMAGEAt Mellon’s site, see the second and third links, promoting Bitcoin. He also boasts, “Bill Gates embraces Bitcoin.” If a Pilgrims roster were available for 1990 or later, I’m certain Gates would be listed. He is known as of 2005 to be a member of the Order of the British Empire, a lesser organization with the same purpose, and a frequent attendee of the Bilderberg Conferences. Gates pushes many nefarious projects as a collaborator of the British Royal family, such as extraordinarily dangerous vaccines. People! You cannot trust Bitcoin after you see operators like Mellon and Gates involved with it and boosting it!


This article was written by Charles Savoie.  You can find more of his work at SilverStealers.net.

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16 Comments on "PILGRIMS SOCIETY TAKEOVER OF BITCOIN: The High-Tech Monetary Booby Trap Has Been Set"

  1. Metals news.. COT now decidedly in bearish territory. The most bullish so far in silver has been 5k Large Commercial net Short Contracts. The most bearish has been 75k. Right now we’re at 56k. So we’re approaching all time record bearish levels.

    There has been only one time when the COT report hasn’t been a fool proof indicator of future price movement, and that was end of 2010, when the banks were overrun and had to cover their shorts into a rising price. Of course that could happen again, but we have to conclude that due to the rising dollar, meaning PMs actually trending higher in other currencies, and the low oil price, which will enable mines to produce more cheaply, there is certainly potential for the $ price of the PMs to go lower.

    • Thanks for the info.

      The market manipulations of virtually everything will go on until they can’t any longer. There will be no “managed retreat” as the price rise of PM’s was called from 2001 to dedicated take downs & subsequent rise of algorithms and HFT tactics. Never will a rise like 2011 happen again. Not until it all breaks; the whole damn system. Then PM’s, copper, water, food, and anything of tangible use or value will become much more valuable….and a target for the desperate & lawless.

      Other than getting the necessities for life, the thing to fear is widespread social chaos, i.e. looting, rioting, and therefore safety & sanctity of lives and one’s home and possesions.

    • The future price indicator for gold and silver is coming from China and India PERIOD. COT Report BAH!!! Don’t waste your time thinking the past is how the future plays out.

      I’d suggest looking up and reading Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates dot com who said in a recent post:

      How can anyone be gold-bearish now, against the background of Indian wedding season, Chinese New Year, and the franc’s mauling of the dollar?

      If you don’t know (and judging from your post I’d say you don’t) all the more reason to find out why “Chindia” will be the price driver and price discoverer for ALL gold from NOW ON as well.

      Here’s a link: http://www.321gold.com/editorials/thomson_s/thomson_s_012015.html

      • “If you don’t know (and judging from your post I’d say you don’t) all the more reason to find out why “Chindia” will be the price driver and price discoverer for ALL gold from NOW ON as well.”

        Probably at least as well informed as you are.

        China and India WILL NOT be the PM price setter in the U.S. for a while. Rather the COT reports & the COMEX structure will be until the system breaks. THEN and only then will the pent up “energy from Asian demand factor in.

        But the powers that be will drain everything from the West trying to stem the Asian buying effect on the spot prices set principally in New York.

  2. Oh, and Bitcoin sucks major donkey balls.

  3. Thanks Charles/Steve for this warning.
    I like the podiatrist line.I had to take my shoes/sox off just in case. I’m of the
    opinion that fools will never listen and therefore deserve their Bitcoin dreams.
    I consume some silver every day,and I ain’t blue,it’s gold for me,but still into silver coins.
    The 80% RSA ‘tickey’ is a good one,just over a gram of pure silver in a 1.41g coin,good
    barter material,cheers.

  4. Readers that think Asian demand is now in control of the U.S. spot prices on PM’s should read this from Ed Steer:

    “The technical funds in the Managed Money category, whose buying got this rally started, sold 3,971 of their short positions—and added 23,429 long contracts during the reporting week.

    As for the Commercial traders, they were the short sellers of last resort in all categories—the Big 4, the “5 through 8”—and the raptors. The “Big 4” went short a huge 16,300 contracts, the “5 through 8” added 4,700 contracts to their respective short positions—and the raptors purchased 19,000 gold short contracts.

    Ted Butler mentioned that since the Commercial net short positions lows back in early November, these same Commercial traders have added 43,000 short contracts in silver—-and a chunky 127,000 short contracts in gold, as they were the not-for-profit sellers—and sellers of last resort during this rally.

    Only the action of these traders has prevented the four precious metals, plus a lot of other commodities, from taking off for the moon and the stars. But that’s what these traders are there for, specifically the Big 8. The raptors just ride their coat tails for fun, profit and, in the process, contribute to the price management scheme in their own way.

    And, without doubt, the Commercial net short position in both silver and gold has grown materially worse since the Tuesday cut-off.

  5. Ehhh, this article is a lot of fluff. You should stick to Silver, this article demonstrates that you don’t know much about Bitcoin.

    • FYI

      This article was written by a guest author.

      However anyone that thinks their money is safe in Bitcoin, compared to the historical money gold and silver, is deluding themselves.

    • Details you don’t want to know about are “fluff.” Bitcoin will de-throne the bankers, even though they’re pushing it. Sure, yeah, ok. The sonic boom I heard was Mellon laughing.

  6. Silverwillwin | January 26, 2015 at 7:56 pm |

    Perhaps it is time for this secret organization to affix their control on the future form of “money”as they would like to consider it , enticing the masses such as focusing on their new target , bitcoin.
    Could it be that silver might be – becoming a thing of the past for these villains ? They have to know that
    the physical is dwindling down . Besides it really is not in focus among the masses any more ,as bitcoin is.
    If anything this can only be a rosy future for physical silver as it very well may soon find its true place along
    side of platinum , gold , palladium and rhodium , where it belongs .

  7. 1oz. US Gold Buffalo coins are 4 9’s pure, cleanest on earth. Come in a sealed plastic wrap with United States Mint printed on one side and the US Treasury seal on the other. $50 face value. That is the true definition of money.


    sold out. think about it.

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