May 2024


In just one day, not only did Silver BREAKOUT above $30, but it also sliced through $31, closing below $32 for the day.  The only way to describe this huge move is a massive short covering rally.  Why?  Market participants were likely caught on the wrong side of the move due to large silver bullion hedging and not believing the rally…

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BITCOIN MINING PONZI SCHEME HITTING RED QUEEN SYNDROME: Top Bitcoin Mining Companies Massively Under-Reporting Depreciation Costs

The Bitcoin Mining Industry is really a “Shareholder-funded Ponzi Scheme” that is underreporting the true cost of producing Bitcoin.  Unfortunately, Bitcoin investors have no idea of the Bitcoin Mining Industry’s unsustainable nature, which I explain in this Video Report…

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THE GREAT OIL SHALE NOTHING BURGER: My Debate With Tom Luongo Why Oil Shale Isn’t Economical

I can honestly say you are in for a treat today with my newest Video Report on the Great Oil Shale Nothing Burger.  According to Tom Luongo, there seems to be a new “Massive” oil discovery in the western United States.  This is supposed to double the world’s oil reserves—OR IS IT…

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