May 2024

MASSIVE SURGE IN CHINESE GOLD ETF DEMAND: Looks Like $1 Billion Worth Of Gold Moved Into Chinese Gold ETF Yesterday

The notion that huge Chinese gold demand is driving the price may have some merit after all.  According to, there was a massive $1 billion worth of gold moved into one of the Chinese Gold ETFs just yesterday. Here is the most recent Gold Depositories update as of May…

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GOLD MARKET UPDATE MAY 2024: While Investors Are Buying Bitcoin, Central Banks Continue To Acquire Only Gold

If you are a Central bank, you are buying Gold, not Bitcoin.  Central banks have purchased a record amount of Gold over the past two years, and this trend continues in 2024.  Central banks rely upon the stable, less volatile 2,500-year history of the king monetary metal over the highly speculative Bitcoin…

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TOP 2 GOLD MINERS COST HIT NEW HIGH Q1 2024: Newmont & Barrick Cost Rise & What’s The Reason For Poor Stock Performance

Costs continue to increase at the world’s two largest gold mining companies.  Newmont and Barrick both reported higher costs for the first quarter of 2024.  Also, what is the “Real” reason for the underperformance of gold mining stocks versus gold prices…

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