THE TOP FOUR PRECIOUS METALS: Which Will Be The Best Investments During The Next Financial Crash

When the next financial crash occurs, investors need to understand which of the top four precious metals are the best to invest in.  Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of faulty analysis that has mislead many investors about the fundamentals of gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

I will provide information in this article on the top four precious metals that has not been covered correctly by the majority of analysts.  While some may have touched on individual aspects, very few have put together an in-depth analysis on these metals to properly educate investors.

However, before I get into the details of these top four precious metals, I would like to share some very important information.

When I wrote my article (few weeks ago) titled, THE COMING BREAKDOWN OF U.S. & GLOBAL MARKETS EXPLAINED: What Most Analysts Missed, it generated the most interest and commentary of any of my previous articles.  It seemed to have hit a nerve in my followers and new readers.

In that article, I posted some of the charts by Louis Arnoux and the Hills Group.  These charts explained the coming “Thermodynamic Collapse” of the oil price and global oil industry… in a relatively short period of time.  Since then, I have had several long conversations with Louis on the science and math of their work.

Let me tell you all, any doubts I have had about the accuracy and legitimacy of their work… IS COMPLETELY GONE.

Folks… we are in a real mess.  And the damned thing of it all, the world has no clue.  While I have been pessimistic about the ramifications of peak oil and the Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment for many years, now I understand there is a TIME CLOCK.  And, we don’t have much time.

I have mentioned in a few interviews and articles that I was planning to have these gentlemen on for an interview to explain their work on the “Thermodynamic Oil Collapse.”  I’d planned to have them on already, but it took more time to understand the science behind their work.  Basically, it took more time for me to wrap my mind around the ramifications of this work.

Furthermore, it is extremely important to present this information in a way in which individuals can “GET IT’ or “CONNECT THE DOTS.”  Because, once an individual understands this information, it’s like taking the ULTIMATE RED PILL.  Once you comprehend it, you can’t go back.  Thus, it will force you to look at the world in a completely different way.

I will be wrapping up the discussion between Louis and the Hills Group, and we will have them on in the next few weeks to discuss their work.  Moreover, I have decided that we will likely do several interviews to get the point across as well as discuss the dire ramifications.

Lastly, my article THE DEATH OF THE BAKKEN OIL FIELD HAS BEGUN: Means Big Trouble For The U.S., went viral on many sites a week ago.  It received nearly 100,000 views on Zerohedge.  However, a really bizarre event took place on the website.  When it was posted on the site, it received the most comments ever (from what the members stated).  Normally, there are only about 35 diehard members that leave comments.  Most articles only received between 10-30 comments.

However, my DEATH OF THE BAKKEN article received nearly 300 comments on the site, and the majority of them came from 100+ new members that day.  What was really bizarre, was that the comments from these new members were all negative and may have been generated by what is called, a TROLL BOT ATTACK .  This is what some of the members of the site were discussing.

The site has been discussing peak oil for years, so the information in my article wasn’t anything new.  Although, the way it was presented or the title must have hit a nerve to generate such a large barrage of negative comments.  So, it seems as if the global oil industry is in a much bigger trouble than I realized.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming interview on the Thermodynamic Collapse of Oil.  It will be the most important information for individuals and investors to understand.

The Important Fundamentals Of the Top Four Precious Metals

Mine Production:

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, there is a lot of incorrect analysis on the top four precious metals that has confused investors to no end.  I will try to clear this up.

Let’s look at the annual mine production of silver, gold, palladium and platinum.  According to the Gold, Silver & Platinum Group Surveys provided by GFMS (Thomson Reuters), the world produced 877 million oz (Moz) of silver, 101 Moz of gold, 6.7 Moz of palladium and 6.1 Moz of platinum in 2015:


As we can see, there are 9 times more silver produced than gold, 15 times more gold than palladium and 16 times more gold than platinum.  Many analysts have erroneously stated that due to the rarity of platinum or palladium, its value should be much higher than gold.  Furthermore, other analysts believe the value of silver should be much higher than its current 69/1 price ratio to gold, due to there being only nine times more silver produced than gold.

The silver to gold production ratio may have been more a representation of the market value of these two precious metals hundreds of years ago or in ancient times, due to the way it was extracted from the earth (by human and animal labor).  However, this has changed since the late 1800’s, as the energy sources of coal and oil replaced human and animal labor.

Gold, Platinum & Silver Estimated Production Cost:

The current values of the top four precious metals are based on their cost of production, not their production ratio.  The chart below shows the estimated cost of production of gold, platinum and silver.  I omitted palladium in my cost analysis below, because the largest producers of the metal are a by-product of nickel and platinum production.  Regardless, I would imagine the few primary palladium producers probably produce palladium at the similar cost margins as gold, platinum and silver shown below:


My estimated breakeven for gold was based on using the mining companies of Barrick and Newmont.  For platinum, it was Anglo American Platinum and Impala Platinum, and for silver,it was Pan American Silver and Tahoe Resources.  These where the two largest primary metal producing companies for each metal.

NOTE:  This was not my normal in-depth approach using many different formulas, but rather more of a simple cost approach using the mining companies net or adjusted income divided by total primary metal production.  While the calculations could be more accurate, the figures above represent a pretty good  estimated breakeven for these precious metals.

If we look at the chart above, we can see that the estimated break even for gold (Barrick & Newmont) in 2015 was $1,120 an ounce.  The average price of gold in 2015 was $1,160.  Thus, these top two gold mining companies made a $40 per ounce profit.

For platinum, the estimated breakeven was $1,130 in 2015, while the average price was $1,054.  So, these top two platinum miners made a profit of $24 per oz.  I believe this estimated platinum breakeven is a good estimate for the platinum industry as these two top companies produced 2.9 Moz of the total 6.1 Moz of platinum in 2015.

Now for silver.  The top two primary silver mining companies estimated breakeven for 2015 was $15.00, while the average spot price was $15.68.   Which means, these two primary silver miners made a profit of $0.68 an ounce.  Actually, Tahoe Resources reported a very large profit, while Pan American Silver stated a loss in 2015.  However, if we average these two companies, we come up with a $0.68 profit.

Basically, the profit margins of these three metals, based on my estimated breakeven, were 2.2% for platinum, 3.4% for gold and 4.5% for silver.  These are very thin margins.  These production cost profiles of these metals are what I believe the traders and or algorithms use to value gold, platinum and silver.   I would imagine the same would be true for palladium, even though I did not construct a breakeven analysis.

So, the value of these metals are not based on their production ratio, but rather their cost of production.  Which means, any precious metal analyst who says, “gold is the key monetary store of value metal”, doesn’t understand that it is currently being valued as a MERE COMMODITY, just like platinum, palladium and silver.

However, my analysis suggests the current gold and silver “commodity priced mechanism” will change to a high quality store of value when the worst financial crash in history takes place in the near future.

The Top 4 Precious Metals Investment:

While most precious metals websites focus on promoting gold and silver investment, several are touting the benefit of owning platinum and palladium.  Unfortunately, the majority of the reasons stated to own platinum or palladium may turn out to be incorrect or untrue in the future.  That being said, let’s take a look at the percentage of physical retail investment versus total demand for each metal in 2015:


Gold was the clear winner as 39% of total demand was in physical retail and Central Bank investment.  Gold was the only metal in which I included net Central Bank purchases.  I excluded all investments (flows in or out) of ETF’s in each metal.  Basically, the figures above represent physical retail investment (including Central Bank for gold).

Silver came in second as 23% of total demand was in bar and coin investment.  As we can see, platinum investment was 6% of total demand, while palladium investment was only 0.5% (half percent) of total demand.  All figures came from GFMS Gold, Silver & Platinum Metals Group Surveys.

I decided to take a longer view of physical investment of these metals, so the chart below shows the average over a five-year period (2011-2015):


We can clearly see, gold and silver retail physical investment represent the highest percentages of total demand in the group.  For whatever reason, investors innately understand the 2,000+ year history of gold and silver as money or a high quality store of value.

Even though gold enjoys a much higher investment percentage (31%) of total demand in the five-year period, silver is the clear winner when it comes to total amount of metal (in ounces) invested by the public:


Investors purchased a total of 1,141 Moz (1.14 billion oz) of silver 2011-2015, while gold investment was 223 Moz, platinum was 1.3 Moz and palladium at a distant fourth at 0.2 Moz.

These figures reveal a very significant “mindset” or “psychology” of investor preference.  Of course, the total Dollar amount of gold investment of the 223 Moz is much higher than the 1,114 Moz of silver, but the volume of metal purchased, proves that investors have a real affinity for silver.

Why Gold & Silver, Not Platinum & Palladium Will Be The Key Precious Metals To Own During The Next Financial Crash

Looking at these figures, I would suggest that gold and silver will be the go to assets during the next financial crisis, not platinum and palladium. While platinum and palladium could provide the investor with some relative store of value properties in the future, the upcoming Thermodynamic Oil Collapse will destroy the market’s ability to produce or consume platinum and palladium at anywhere near the current volumes.

Unfortunately, most of the public has no clue about investing in platinum or palladium or realizing these metals as a store of value.  Most of the investment into these (true) industrial metals are a hedge or bet on future supply shortages or price spikes.  Rather, gold and silver are known more to the public as money and true stores of value.

While silver is PIGEON-HOLED by the Mainstream media and by many of the precious metals analysts to be more of an industrial metal, it is still an excellent store of value as gold.  The only difference is its cost of production.  However, the cost of production will become less of a driver for the value of gold and silver in the future as the $250 trillion in Global Bonds, Stocks, Real Estate and Insurance Funds evaporate in the future.

Again, this will be due to the coming Energy Pearl Harbor, shown in one of Louis Arnoux’s charts below:


Unfortunately, very few people understand the energy cliff that is heading our way.  Instead, they cling to a notion that while a financial crash will be difficult, once the dust settles, we will begin growing and expanding our economy based on real money.  Folks, growth as we know it, will be over for good.

This is why it is important to understand the ramifications of this energy cliff.  Investors who understand the implications of this energy cliff will consider moving out of most stocks, bonds and real estate and into physical gold and silver.

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  1. I’m sure all those comments on were highly sophisticated and well funded. /s

    The deep state is hiding something. They know that as soon as cb’s take their straws out of their fiat cocktails it’s over. Lehman almost turned the whole planet into bartertown, that’s the result of blowing bubbles since the seventies.

    • IN this coming SHTF crash,, the 4 best precious metals will be: gold, silver, brass and lead. Folks better stock up now and learn to reload their ammo!

  2. I heard there’s only 36 more years of oil in the ground. However there is more than 400 years of coal left. I don’t know if that is world wide or just the US.

    • Dan,

      Unfortunately, that 36 years of oil left in the ground is incorrect. It is not a matter of how much oil is in the ground, rather how much can be extracted profitably via Thermodynamics. We have about 10 years left.

      Please check out our upcoming interview on the Thermodynamic Collapse of Oil.


      • Also – Its is quoted as 36 years of oil and 400 of coal – but those predictions are ALWAYS calculated on current consumption i.e. we would have 400 years if we continued to use levels used this year!. As we all know the global population is growing beyond predicted levels and the rate of growth needs to select the increased consumption ! Don’t know the exact years but it is a fraction of these figures….

        • Paola: “As we all know the global population is growing beyond predicted levels and the rate of growth needs to select the increased consumption ! ”

          Energy is the foundation resource and the primary driver of population growth. With depleting energy resources the earths population will decline accordingly. We will reach peak population shortly after we reach peak energy.

      • This is why we should grow a lot more cannabis to turn it in to diesel for my new truck. Which is why I think they are passing more laws to allow to grow the stuff because they know it’s coming to an end.

  3. Don’t forget rhodium! One of the rarest elements on earth

  4. I am NOT a BOT…I reiterate that using your EROI ASSUMPTIONS ARE JUST THAT ASSUMPTIONS…They are not proven. Nor can they be. Please don’t insult my intelligence about comprehension. OR AFFORD ABILITY…PURE BUNK. You assume you know the finite reserves of the United States and even the world?…What a crock….Nobody knows that for a FACT. Affordability…LOL…LOL…The United States is 19 trillion in debt with 65 trillion in unfunded liabilities and your going to tell me that the oil companies will not or cannot find a way to fund exploration or bleed old oil fields or open new reserves and old reserves? Or open the ocean floor to exploration or in the ARTIC?…Nice charts though…

    • JEAN,

      ” You assume you know the finite reserves of the United States and even the world?…What a crock….Nobody knows that for a FACT”.

      You would be surprised how well they know what is economically feasible to get…and where it is..and the best estimates available are the figures presented.

      “…and your going to tell me that the oil companies will not or cannot find a way to fund exploration or bleed old oil fields or open new reserves and old reserves? Or open the ocean floor to exploration or in the ARTIC?”

      Apparently you are not aware of the oil company bankruptcies that have taken place. Or the large INCREASING % of income into companies just to pay interest, operating costs, and dividends to stockholders. They will not go after oil that they know will bankrupt them.

    • Sshhh…go back to sleep. Plenty of easy cheap oil nothing to worry about.

    • JEAN,

      You are free to voice you opinion. However, it is not based on science. Please stay tuned to our upcoming interview with Louis Arnoux and Bedford Hill of the Hills Group. They are the brains on the thermodynamics, math, calculations and the science of this upcoming oil collapse, not me. And yes, it is based on science, not hearsay, opinion, rumor, belief or speculation.

      If you still want to believe in the TOOTH FAIRY afterwards… you are free to do so.


      • Cheezy McMayor | September 29, 2016 at 3:45 pm |

        No, no, no, not the imaginary TOOTH FAIRY, he believes in the OIL FAIRY …which on the contrary is quite real. See for yourself, just put your old service well under your pillow before you go to sleep for the night and in the morning you wake up to a gusher worth $gazillions!

      • are your calculations above for the gold and silver taking into account the EROI? What will the prices have to be to actually use scare oil to mine something we can’t eat?

    • JEAN, you describe the problem very well. More & more debt and printed ‘money’ thrown at diminishing returns, faster and faster. Exponentially faster. But that doesn’t improve the affordability of oil, does it?

  5. Search “sock puppet”.

  6. What I will be very curious to learn is when the thermodynamic collapse of the oil industry happens…will the price of oil go up or down?

    • Well; yes and no

    • gasoline will be restricted to very important people and the governments that work for them. you will be barred from accessing gasoline but will be taxed to pay for their usage of gasoline.

      • “gasoline will be restricted to very important people and the governments that work for them.” Ha, ha, you will have better luck with the tooth fairy than finding a government that works for the people.

        I have never thought of stealing from me as working for me. Inflation, which all governments strive for, is theft and they now openly admit it with their inflation targets. Time to smell the methane.

  7. I read about a small company last week that has a revolutionary new technology that generates solar energy at 95% efficiency – which is made from a chemical component of “Sand”. This man a Mr. Moors also supposedly knows of another company that has produced a “New” technological way to “Store” the solar energy that has been generated during the day and together these two new techs will make electrical energy both super abundant and very cheap within the next ten to 15 years. Have you heard of these?

  8. I would humbly submit that the current price of gold and silver are NOT based on production costs at all, but rather the brazen manipulation of paper future contracts by entities ( central banks, TBTF banks?)with very deep pockets. There is no other conclusion to be drawn when looking at the hundreds of times billions of $ worth of PMs are dumped during times of the day when volume is minimal, thus guaranteeing the biggest possible drop in price.
    Historically, a surge in demand suggests people are moving to safe havens and hence away from an economy that is sputtering. The gov’t, banks and corps are based on confidence. Break that confidence and people begin to rush the exits and it all goes FUBAR — not good.

    • The “brazen manipulation of future contracts” is the METHOD they use to control price, not the PRICE TARGET.

      It is amazingly coincidental that all these metals are “priced” just slightly above their production costs. He may very well be spot on with why the manipulation puts the prices exactly where they are.

      • read this quote
        We looked into the abyss if the gold price rose further. A further rise would have taken down one or several trading houses, which might have taken down all the rest in their wake. Therefore at any price, at any cost, the central banks had to quell the gold price, manage it. It was very difficult to get the gold price under control but we have now succeeded. The US Fed was very active in getting the gold price down. So was the U.K. – Eddie George, then Governor of the Bank of England, 1999
        Of course 911 was carried out by 19 lucky hijacking fanatics that enjoy coke and hookers alledgedly and and building no 7 just fell down by a fluke, even though the mayor had been wanted an hour in advance, but he forgot to tell the first responders, some of whom died then and who are dying from various diseases including statisically high nos of thyroid cancer which is caused by exposure to nuclear radiation, i believe. Not forgetting the the pentagon was hit by a drone after being blown up. The cameras witnessing the event were conviscated.
        The price of gold and silver is the market price which is controlled by the central banks. Which incidentally is a crime. The us is run by criminals.

    • Yes prices are determined (“manipulated”) at the CONeX/LBMA, but these exchanges – fraudulent as they may be – are still tied to the fizzical market, even if they are levered 200 paper to 1 fizzical unit. As long as they can “fulfil” their contracts in either cash (for the most part) or fizz, they will continue. But if prices are too low for too long, the miners go bankrupt and fizz will stop flowing and they would go bust quickly. 1050 gold and 13.50 silver was too low. we *may* revisit these numbers, or even lower numbers (in a crash) but I sort of doubt it. Time will tell.

      For similar reasons I still have a hard time seeing sub-20 oil for an extended period of time. They will paper up the “real economy” and with that paper create/maintain demand for oil, which will put a floor to the price of oil, in effect continuing to bail out the producers by means of currency devaluations… The ever-declining EROEI and declining new discoveries will make oil rarer and rarer and harder to produce and lead to a decline in (real) economic activities (already on the way) and especially a de-globolization and a revival in local and more sustainable economies (this is in the works)… But the price of oil might be 400 at that time (and gold in the now “silly-sounding” 50k range), but what do I know ?

      Either way, I’m looking forward to hear more about it in the upcoming interview that Steve has announced. A great thanks goes to our host for sharing his work and insights. GLTA, x.

      • “For similar reasons I still have a hard time seeing sub-20 oil for an extended period of time.”

        it will be driven to that level or lower for as long as it takes to bankrupt all the producers. the entire world-wide industry will then be “acquired” by shadowy background “deep state” entities who will appear to have billions upon billions of dollars at ready hand. the price will then be jacked up to $1,000,000/bl and stay there. it will be available only to very important people and the governments who work for them, and we will be taxed to pay for it.

      • well said.

  9. Thanks Steve, good message for all investors….please keep it on….Cheers-

  10. The energy reality cliff is about to join the reality of bible prophecy. Gold and silver are highly recommended to help endure very difficult times (tribulation), but soon one must have eternal deliverance. That only comes via reaching out in pure faith and embracing the salvation offer through the shed perfect blood of Jesus the Christ and by our personal repentance of sin and redirecting oneself from a carnal walk to a spiritual walk. Then GLORY is assured no matter where the depression of reality takes us temporarily. Moreover, one will not endure the difficult times coming in hopeless desperation, let alone a hopeless eternity.

  11. Basic question. In a collapse – an extended one or even simply the collapse – why have gold or silver. How are they of value initially and ultimately when things settle down?

    • Would you rather have paper currency? Gold is the universal money – you can exchange it for whatever you need where ever you want. During World War II, it was the only money that was accepted for everything from cigarettes and chocolate to pantyhose and petrol. Over 2.5 billion Indians and Chinese can’t be wrong.

    • The collapse can basically two forms – hyperinflation (debt and currency to the moon until it is *really* worthless, and not just worth less) or a deflationary implosion (debt repayments and interest payments are defaulted upon). Currently we live in a crazy and toxic mixture of both, where CBs around the world are monetizing all the bad debts, preventing the bust, but hyperinflation is not (yet) kicking in since all this (digital) “capital” is locked up in a mountainous 250 T of debt. Either way, historically, both outcomes have resulted in the issuance of new currencies and/or new monetary systems… PMs (especially gold as CB-in-extremis-fall-back-to-money) will retain health/purchasing power across the transition into the new era… ..unless this time is different, of course. If we all get nuked or go into a full-blown mad max world where the remainder of civilization breaks down for good… …then we will all have a biblical moment much sooner than we may like (sadly, these are distinct possibilities).

    • John W,

      There are no guarantees in life. However, most of the paper assets in the world are going to collapse as well as the majority of real estate values. Life will go on though. So, it is better to own physical metals than paper assets. At least gold and silver will provide options in the future, whereas paper assets will provide no options.

      It’s really that simple.


      • DisappearingCulture | September 29, 2016 at 8:43 am |

        It really is that simple.

        Yes do all the prep you want or can do. Where you live. Being more self-sufficient. build friendships with genuime people. Food, firearms, tools, etc. etc. And maybe you can barter something you have excess of. Outside of that what has historically been valuable as money or a medium of exchange, like gold and silver coins, are a safe bet.

    • “In a collapse – an extended one or even simply the collapse – why have gold or silver. How are they of value initially and ultimately when things settle down?”

      because out of sheer normalcy bias they presume that any collapse that drives up the value/price of gold will somehow not affect the general markets. they think they’re going to buy a gallon of gasoline with a silver quarter, or a gallon of wine with a silver dollar, or a handgun with a maple leaf.

  12. It’s time to bring back the Victory with Hemp era and build the factories to convert weeds into butanol. Note that I didn’t say ethanol that kills engines.

  13. I enjoy reading your articles, however I’m not convinced by your analysis here. You are basing your assumption on current demand, in a bubble economy based on fiat currencies, and comparing it to predicted future following a severe financial crisis in which precious metals will once again assume some sort of monetary role. You’re comparing apple and oranges here. I would be more interested to know what demand for precious metals was like during the gold standard and following the 1929 stock market crash as these would be more comparable economic environments.

  14. “…the upcoming Thermodynamic Oil Collapse will destroy the market’s ability to produce or consume platinum and palladium at anywhere near the current volumes.”

    Isn’t that the perfect recipe for a price explosion in a particular commodity, more than gold and silver?

    I dunno… I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea to write off platinum as an investment option. In a world of “rare” and “valuable” gold, I suspect the world’s elite criminals will need a precious metal faaaaaaar more rare and expensive than just the common gold that many “useless eaters” on the planet have got.

    • Platinum is valuable in chemistry, but you don’t need much and it’s mostly not used up. Very stable accurate thermometers are platinum ribbon in a quartz envelope. AFAIK, the big industrial user of platinum-group metals is in air pollution reduction in cars and smokestacks. This is nice, for as long as it lasts, but war does spectacular air pollution that is only exceeded by volcanoes.

      A Platinum Eagle is a fancy coin. I might want one as an example. I trade you 25 oz of silver?

  15. Great work Steve, as always.

    But what is not clear to me is why in such a collapse people should value so much gold and silver .. other than agricoltural land, chickens, food and water .. and guns too probably. You seem to assume the world will return some sort of gold standard and somehow “stay civilized” in this collapse. I’m not so sure about it. What if precious metals go the way of oil price (and that means down)?! I say this being a PM investor. In such an energetic collapse people would be perhaps more worried to survive, eat and survive than thinking of saving money (barter is older than coins and saving would be gone for most), no? On the long, very long run i guess especially silver will be valued, due to its reflectiveness and conducibility, but in such a collapse…

    • Er,

      This is the big question…Why own gold and silver during a collapse if it is better to own land, chickens, guns, bulk food and etc. The reason to own gold and silver is due to their ability to store ECONOMIC ENERGY. Nothing else does that as well as these two metals.

      What happens when someone runs out of bullets or needs chicken feed? What if the store selling bullets doesn’t want anything you are selling? This is why in a TOTAL COLLAPSE, gold and silver still work.

      A perfect example is taking place today in Venezuela. One of Tom Cloud’s clients is a missionary in Venezuela. He says, farmers are now taking 1 oz silver coin for 9 months worth of food taken from their farms. Just 2 months ago, it was 6 months worth of food.


      • “The reason to own gold and silver is due to their ability to store ECONOMIC ENERGY.”

        there is no such thing as “economic energy”. g/s store absolutely nothing. they merely are good mediums for the trade of existing goods and services. nothing more.

  16. After all these years of your articles, hearing gurus like Morgan, Cloud, Butler, Schiff etc. it finally comes
    down to a “financial crash” for silver investors; the rock and the hard place. I must now hope the our
    country’s financial system crashes so silver can rise in price? What will the USA look like when 99%
    of the people, who don’t own gold and silver, panic? Does Charlotte, NC ring a bell.

    • Sadly, you may be on to something. The CONeX/LBMA-fraud will be played as long as they can (with the help and blessing of the CBs, governments and market “regulators”). The PMs moonshot is prevented using all they’ve got – their paper scam is attempting to defy market forces. As far as I’m concerned, I am convinced they will fail (due to the golden BRICS put that is in play) so in a way I’m actually glad i get to buy PMs at artificially suppressed prices. When the time comes, prices will catapult up leaving huge gaps in the charts as fizzical metal goes bidless. But yes, the world is likely going to be much less pleasant a place to be when the bill for the current (and past) financial crimes comes finally due.

    • DisappearingCulture | September 29, 2016 at 2:22 pm |

      ” I must now hope the our
      country’s financial system crashes so silver can rise in price?”

      I suspect a large increase in silver [and gold] value in dollars and other currencies may be in close proximity to a financial collapse. Keeping the lid on PM prices is essential to maintaing the value of fiat currency; the other side to that is a sigificant rise in price can’t go on without “triggering” a fiat confidence collapse [dollars, Yen Euro, Pound, and stocks, bonds, many real estate valuations].

      • “What will the USA look like when 99% of the people, who don’t own gold and silver, panic? Does Charlotte, NC ring a bell.”

        bingo. winner winner chicken dinner.

        plan accordingly.

      • “I suspect a large increase in silver [and gold] value in dollars and other currencies may be in close proximity to a financial collapse.”

        nonsense. the g/s “price” is set by a rigged comex. they artificially set a “price” and everyone goes along with it. this will continue right up to the end, when the internet goes black, there is no food in the stores, and a hundred soldiers of obama’s civilian army sons are standing outside your house staring at you.

        heh. notice those billboards all over the country, “private collector wants to buy your gold!”?

  17. Steve , Your report is as always informative and worthwhile. One thing that I find curious is that at one point , noted by experts in the field , the Hunt brothers had pretty much corralled almost all of the physical silver, I believe this took place back in the late 70’s. To back that moment in history up , the actions of both Paul Volker , and Alan Greenspan’s quick maneuvering helped to highlight such a desperate reaction by the central banks , wall street and the U.S. government. That combined with the fact that the U.S government has run all of the physical silver out of their holdings in addition to wall street taking advantage of the Hunt Bros debacle has to have some merit as to physical silver’s current value and placement for how much is readily available.

    • SilvrWllWin,

      While Hunt Brothers amassed a lot of silver from 1973-1979, there was still a lot of silver out there in coin form from various countries who still minted silver coins up until 1965.

      The interesting thing about the Hunt Brothers buying is that the value of gold, silver and oil all increased the same percentage from 1971-1979-1980. The notion that the Hunts had cornered the silver market by driving up the silver price does not explain why gold and silver did the very same thing.

      Today, the majority of investors have been brain washed into believing Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate are the high quality stores of value, they are not.

      So, the little gold and silver out there won’t be much when we start to see the STAMPEDE into the precious metals.


      • DisappearingCulture | September 29, 2016 at 2:16 pm |

        “While Hunt Brothers amassed a lot of silver from 1973-1979, there was still a lot of silver out there in coin form from various countries who still minted silver coins up until 1965.”

        FYI for historical referrence The U.S. put out 40% silver half dollars in massive quantities until 1970; in that year only in mint sets. Canada had a 80% silver dollar coin [0.60 troy ounce] in 1967, and Mexico had a 0.64 troy ounce silver coin in 1979.

  18. you prediction of oil pearl harbor is so wrong for the following reasons:
    1. you don’t realize that your analysis of bakkan oil cliff contradicts your own oil pearl harbor prediction
    2. you don’t understand oil collapsing to 10 would mean the whole world spins into a deflationary collapse, taking all commodities and financial assets with it and probably silver/gold temporarily too just like 2008.

    the correct prediction based on most of your oil and precious metal analysis/data should be:
    1. oil will resume climbing due to bakkan oil cliff
    2. but gold/silver/palladium/platinum will greatly outperform both oil and other financial assets most due to safe haven bid resulting from collapsing financial phantom financial assets such as government bond.

    based on the actions so far, every time gold/silver will break major resistance, something big happens:
    fed hike, brexit, DB bust, …… basically gold/silver climb confirms that the fed shit show is toast….

    your logic computing unit is flawed like most ppl.


  19. Cheezy McMayor | September 29, 2016 at 4:16 pm |

    BTW, has anyone ever asked themselves why the Rockefeller family really got out of oil just over 2 years ago? Or is anyone, here, even aware of this fact? What did/do they know that others don’t, seems they’d know best when to get out, considering their fortunes began in & were made in oil.

    • To my knowledge they haven’t actually sold their holdings I’ve been reading the same articles for years.. I think The first article I saw was 3-4 years ago and since then a couple come out every year where the Rockefellers plan on selling everything but never seem to do which makes believe at this point it might be a PR stunt imo

  20. I keep hearing this advice buy gold buy silver buy real estate property. I’ve done that. Now I hear how real estate is going to go in the tank and Harry dent says that gold and silver won’t be worth much in the future. Well, I don’t believe Harry dent and I don’t believe the people regarding real estate. I would rather own instead of rent. So I bought over 30 Acres with a 4 bedroom house. All paid for. I have over 13,000 ounces of silver. So I’ll raise my own food live in my own house and shoot deer and other animals on my property. And I will defend it with my own weapons. Do your own research and do what you think is best. Only one problem that I have and that is I don’t know what I’m going to do for gas. I guess I need to learn how to ride a horse.

    • “I have over 13,000 ounces of silver.”

      hear that noise? that’s the sound of several dozen internet search algorithms recording that data, and your ip, and the address/dl/photo associated with it. when they need money, they’ll know who to arrest.

  21. There is another line of thought though… If gold and silver were to be (WILL) be priced as money again, then only a tiny fraction of their purchasing power would need to flow into platinum or palladium – of which there are no physical stocks to speak of – and their “prices” would also catapult to the upside… …a perfect “contrarian contrarian” PM play ?

  22. Why can’t some large entity buy all the paper gold contracts, and, put an end to comex? “Futures? We don’t have no stinkin Futures”……….come on China, Russia, somebody out there..MAN up, and get gold back to real time sales. Better yet, miners start your own exchange, and be rid of comex….

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