The Amazing Amount Of Solar Power Needed To Run The U.S. Transportation Sector

The U.S. Solar PV Industry will never be able to grow large enough to power the transportation industry.  Why?  Because the amount of energy needed is well beyond the forecasted growth of U.S. solar power generation.  And, it’s even worse than that.  Industry analysts are making their forecasts based on rising fossil fuel production… the critical energy necessary to manufacture and build solar power plants.

There seems to be this notion by Americans, that in the future, they will just plug in their electric cars and drive to their heart’s desire.  It seems as if no one takes the time to do a bit of simple math.  While U.S. solar power generation has increased significantly over the past several years, it is still a fraction of the total energy supplied.

For example, U.S. fossil fuel production (coal, natural gas, and oil) still supplies 88 times more energy than solar PV power.  However, if we just focus on the U.S. solar power generation versus the transportation sector, it only amounts to 2.6% of the total:

According to the EIA, the U.S. Energy Information Agency, total U.S. solar power generation in 2017 was 0.77 Quadrillion BTU’s versus 29.5 Quad BTU’s consumed by the entire domestic transportation sector… cars, buses, trucks, and trains.  To give you an idea of how much 1 Quad BTU equals, it represents the energy in 170 million barrels of oil.  Thus, the U.S. transportation sector consumes 29.5 times that amount or roughly 5 billion barrels of oil per year.

For the U.S. Solar Power Industry to increase in size to equal the same energy that is consumed by the transportation sector, it would need to grow by over 33 times.  Now, I am just making some simple calculations here, but even with the optimistic projects in this renewable energy industry, solar would still only represent about 15% of the present transportation energy consumption by 2035:

The forecast for U.S. solar power generation growth is to increase from 44 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2017 to 245 kWh by 2035:

So, if we multiply the present 0.77 Quad BTU’s of solar power generation (in the first chart) by six, it would equal roughly 4.6 Quad BTU’s by 2035.  Thus, 4.6 Quad BTU’s versus the 29.5 Quad BTU’s consumed by the transportation sector would only be 15%.

Now, we must remember, not all of this solar power would be used to charge electric cars.  The majority of future solar power generation would be used to supply electricity for residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the market.

I wanted to provide this information to show how inconceivable it is for the United States to be able to switch over to renewable energy such as solar to power our economy.  For example, the U.S. consumed 78 Quadrillion BTU’s of fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil) in 2017.  Present solar power generation only represents 1% of this total.

I believe once U.S. shale oil production peaks and declines in the next few years, we will not have the necessary energy to ramp up solar power generation in the future.  Americans better prepare for a much different world tomorrow.  And NO, it will not be like the cartoon show, the Jetsons.

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61 Comments on "The Amazing Amount Of Solar Power Needed To Run The U.S. Transportation Sector"

  1. The US better go to plan B and soon. The bottom 70% paycheck-to-paycheck folks have been crushed by inflation over the past ten years. They are struggling to pay basic expenses,i.e. food, clothing and shelter. There is not enough income for car payments, insurance, gas & maintenance. Yet they cannot get to work without the vehicles. In many cases the cost of the vehicles is half their income. The only possible solution is much lower energy consumption which means public transportation and elimination of urban sprawl.

    • DisappearingCulture | September 28, 2018 at 8:07 am |

      “The only possible solution is much lower energy consumption which means public transportation and elimination of urban sprawl.”

      And the above will only happen with a lot of population decline.
      Maybe TPTB can offer voluntary life termination [after say age 50], with enhancements to the family’s survivors for the sacrifice. Survivors can be offered better medical,food, housing, etc. if parents/grandparents cash in their lives. I’d consider it, but they would have to pay my family in advance, and it wouldn’t be fiat currency lol
      Many will laugh at this, but it’s better than loss of live through massive riots or social chaos.
      One way or another, the population will be declining.

      • The blood will flow to vital organs first. Meaning die off of the (monetary) periphery. Current phase in my opinion.

        China knows this, the US knows this, mr Maduro knows this, Iran knows this, the eurozone knows this, Russia knows this.

        Dollar dominance, Silk road hopium, Petro-coins, crypto-greed, signals everywhere.

        The monetary plane is dying. Board the physical plane.

      • It’s called O.P.I.O.I.D. crisis, amongst others (booze, tabacco, mass killings, leaded drinking water, etc etc the list is nearly endless). Long fentanyl producers? (/sarc ???) This message is approved (but officially disapproved) by our elitist overlords.

    • Spanky Bernanke | September 28, 2018 at 9:11 pm |

      Nonsense. Elon will invent a flying Jetson car that runs on cannabis. Now I can see why Tesla stock could fly high to $4:20….

  2. “The only possible solution is much lower energy consumption which means public transportation and elimination of urban sprawl.”

    It has been pointed out many times that lower energy consumption equals a decline in the economy. This economy has been created because of our money system to “GROW EXPONENTIALLY” or it goes in reverse and if it goes in reverse for too long it “COLLAPSES”. So as the poster mentioned, lower energy consumption will means a declining population.

  3. Gail Tverberg from Our Finite World has written many articles on Wind and Solar and “why they don’t and won’t work”. One of the reasons is it needs lots of debt in order to subsidize it much like the Shale business. The other problem with Wind and Solar is that it’s an intermittent energy source and trying to capture and bottle the spare energy requires batteries and lots of them and that also has a bad impact on the environment. Parts of California which have been experimenting with Wind and Solar energy have had to deal with power outages because they are intermittent.

    Wind and Solar are OK if you want to use it to heat your pool or water heater but to power and keep the lights on 24x7x365 days a year in cities like LA, Chicago, New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo etc is fantasy.

    • DisappearingCulture | September 28, 2018 at 8:54 am |

      Great post Rodster.
      And as you know wind & solar don’t produce the liquid fuels needed for trucking, trains, and aircraft…that can’t stop long enough to “plug in”.

    • Indeed, good post. Renewables is a net energy sink. Period. Good soundbite though; “renewables”. Sounds good, like a screen refresh.

      Maybe i’ll start a solar panel wash company. With soap covered boobies 😬

    • “We” are going to revert to burning coal in the meantime.

      China coal power building boom sparks climate warning:

    • ‘Gail Tverberg from Our Finite World has written many articles on Wind and Solar and “why they don’t and won’t work”.’

      Perhaps that is because Gail supports the burning of more fossil fuels, In fact she says it creates more demand – which a good thing according to her, because otherwise the economy will implode.

      See comments towards bottom of this page on her site:

      Quoting some her comment:
      “Thus, more demand, is what keeps the economy operating, by keeping the prices of commodities high enough so that extraction can take place. Our problem right now is that prices are not high enough for producers. Oil exporters will collapse from lack of tax revenue (high prices are needed to have high tax revenue). US oil producers will not be able to repay their debt debt with interest. Coal and natural gas prices also tend to be low, relative to what producers need.

      If everyone quits their jobs, and says, “The government will take care of me,” and because of this has very much less spending power, the whole system will collapse from low prices. For one thing, the government will not really collect the tax revenue to fund the system.”

      All this sounds very obvious to me, so is that the only solution she can come up with? To not support renewables and to not abandon fossil fuels either, because “it’s the economy, stupid” ? If everyone has that attitude, why does anyone even bother discussion the future of energy at all?

      • “To not support renewables and to not abandon fossil fuels either, because “it’s the economy, stupid” ? If everyone has that attitude, why does anyone even bother discussion the future of energy at all?”

        No one is saying NOT to support renewables. What is being said by both Gail and Steve is:

        1) It’s delusional to think you can flip the switch from fossil fuels to Wind and Solar and power industrial civilization.
        2) It costs massive amounts of investments i.e. Gov’t subsidizes to switch from FF’s to alternative.
        3) Our current economic and money system is based on “fossil fuels” not wind and solar.
        4) When fossil fuel consumption goes down so does the economy.
        5) Wind and solar are intermittent energy sources, parts of California that are trying wind and solar are experiencing power outages.
        6) Our entire way of life including creature comforts and all of our technology have been made possible by fossil fuels.
        7) If alternative energy was the answer why are we moving away from Nuclear Power?
        8) As I asked the question to someone else, where are all the advancements that have been promised and why haven’t they been brought to market?
        9) Oil producing nations make money from the sale of fossil fuels. That’s how they fund their infrastructure and government programs. If there isn’t enough fossil fuels to export they go broke and eventually collapse, see Venezuela.
        10) We are feeding close to 8 billion humans because of fossil fuels
        11) Things won’t grow without fossil fuels because it’s in the fertilizer.

        *We can dream about flying cars and a fossil free clean world tomorrow but it’s not going to happen because the cake we baked used as its main ingredient, “fossil fuels”.

        • That’s all very clear already – thanks for clarifying it once more anyway.

          The bottom line is this: If ‘we’ HAVE TO choose between extinction and collapse, ‘we’ will choose extinction (in the long run), in order to save everyone and all our comforts in the short run – but for low long?

          (The ‘we’ in this equation is, however, not the whole world – it is the main fossil-fuel-burning nations of the world making that decision on behalf of everyone else on the planet who just have to go along for the ride. Correct me if I am wrong.)

          • “The ‘we’ in this equation is, however, not the whole world – it is the main fossil-fuel-burning nations of the world ”

            I would tend to agree with that.

            Chris Martenson recently wrote an article which touched on that, here’s the link:

            Here’s an excerpt: “Could we do all this using electicity instead? Yes, of course.

            Will it happen all on its own while we wait for “market forces” to do the job? Nope. Not a chance.

            Why? Because it’s far cheaper, faster and easier to use fossil fuels. And humans are nothing if not lazy. Give us a cheaper and easier option and we’ll take it every single time. Which is no different really from a cheetah selecting a lame or slower gazelle over a faster and stronger one. It’s just how Nature works.

            Waiting for “market forces” to magically replace an already-embedded, cheaper and easier energy source is hopeless. Absent a crisis that forces us to, as a society, we’d have to proactively decide to make that transition a top national priority and become deadly serious in our pursuit of it. And if we actually were to do this, it would certainly be a painful process for a good while.”

          • If you think about it in terms of survival, what else do we as a nation do?
            Do we sacrifice ourselves and our families for the noble cause that someone in some other country will live?
            If it is down to survival, what choice do we have?
            As stated above, world leaders know this. Everyone is positioning themselves and their rhetoric around making a last grab for the remaining energy. To do otherwise is suicide. Living ecologically balanced is suicide. If we were to “live in balance” within our local “ecosystem,” our not-so-eco neighbors will grow beyond their local ecosystem and take what resources we have to satisfy their shortfall. It’s human nature.
            For a couple hundred years, the pie was growing. So did the population. Now the pie is shrinking. Next is population collapse.

  4. Like gold and silver bullion, PV panels represent past energy imputs, and not dependent on future imputs. I saw on Reluctant Preppers interview of Joel Skoulsen who said there is a German company that makes PV that can deliver power direct via built in inverter, and at least while the sun is shinning, you can power appliances directly without first diverting to batteries- the weakest link.
    In my mind, the first thing I would do is design super insultated refrigerators so that they could cool down during the day and drift through the night. AC use peaks during the day and so with better insulation, could keep house cool at night.

    PVs wear out over time, so would store enough for the next few decades. An easier option than biodegradable, non renewable gasoline.

    • Industrial Civilization was designed to run on cheap fossil fuels. Our banking system was designed around cheap and plentiful fossil fuels. Our Governments run and operate and pay pensions and subsidize programs based on cheap fossil fuels. If we are not consuming enough fossil fuels, economies go in reverse. Governments collect taxes on fossil fuels that are sold to other countries. If the world doesn’t consume enough fossil fuels Govt’s go broke and eventually collapse.

      That’s our problem(s) that the experts fail to address.

      • You get it Rodster. The experts don’t fail to adress however, they did. Some of them that is.

        Politics fail to adress. Because that would mean instant collapse.

        Critical mass Rodster.

  5. Your solar power growth projections are way too low. 6x by 2035? More realistically, solar will probably be 40x what it is today. I mean we are talking about 17 years from now. Just think, cell phones were hardly even invented 17 years ago.


      The one major FACTOR the “Green” and “Renewable” folks forget is that it takes the burning of FOSSIL FUELS to make Solar and Wind power plants. When the U.S. Shale Oil Ponzi Scheme collapses and with it, the 5+ million barrels per day of oil production by 2030, then we can kiss SOLAR GOODBYE forever.


      • In 2014 – The average solar panel actually used about two-thirds of an ounce of silver, which is about 20 grams.

        “Overall, the solar industry uses about 5% of the world’s annual silver supply, or an estimated 52.4 million ounces. However, as demand for solar increases, especially in China, the demand for silver used in solar could double. Because of this it is estimated that by next year the solar industry will use 100 million ounces of silver.”

        A mere 3,125 Tons. Likely much more than that now. I’ve read that Silver is in deficit. Looking forward to that discussion.

    • SOLAR FUTURE, all caps? Are you pushing an agenda, or just trolling? Both?

  6. The most amazing thing about the time period we live in
    is that what would take us 200 years to research and develop
    is happening in 1 DAY.
    The beginning of the last century we went from burning wood (HYDROGEN+carbon) to burning coal (HYDROGEN+carbon) then to burning petroleum (HYDROGEN+carbon).
    NOW where is there another source to get a virtually unlimited supply of (Hydrogen+?)
    Even if a country had it, it would first have, to seal its borders, seal it’s economy by creating a dual currency THEN begin Limited distribution.

    Obviously we are talking about at least 200 YEARS!

  7. At this stage its a given that Solar and Wind are a dead end. So…what do we do? There doesn’t seem to be a 1+1=2 equation. There doesn’t seem to be a viable system answer. So what should we do today to hedge against a low energy tomorrow? We need a longer-term…possibly multi-generational solution. If not multi-generational then how about for the next 30 years?

  8. Hi Steve.
    Just touching base to let you know that i pledged $5 a month to your cause through patreon and never received a confirmation that you would be receiving this. Please check on this.
    Dan Schafers

  9. At the end if status quo doesn’t change we are screwed any way.
    The Elites will have enough energy for themselves. We can’t even cooperate with governments, they work with elites not with us.
    Interesting link for everybody –

  10. Thomas Malthaus | September 28, 2018 at 7:40 pm |

    Your opinion on nuclear power’s future, Steve?

    • Thomas,

      Nuclear, either Uranium or Thorium won’t do much to help the energy situation. However, we could experience serious catastrophic meltdowns of Nuclear power plants, if the grid goes down.


  11. I believe we are all way too negative. There is a lot going on for example
    China is building till 2013 every month a nuclear plant (appr. 100). Not only China,
    so is Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bangladesh etc, etc. The light will not go out at all.

    There is a abundance of natural gas globally so I really don,t understand where all the
    doom is coming from. The developments in hydrogen are breath taking.

    Let us meet again here in say 10 years and then admit we were all complete wrong.

    • Pieter,

      I don’t think it will take 10 years for us to figure out just how bad of a mess we will be in with energy.


    • “There is a abundance of natural gas globally so I really don,t understand where all the
      doom is coming from. The developments in hydrogen are breath taking.”

      So please explain and i’m not trying to be a smart ass how natural gas is supposed to keep the lights on in every major city around the world 365 days a year? How is natural gas supposed to replace diesel fuel in our “just in time” trucking system? How is natural gas supposed to replace fossil fuels to build our roads and bridges? How is natural gas supposed to run and keep the lights on in our hospitals? How is natural gas supposed to replace the fossil fuels the Agri-Business requires to feed roughly 8 billion people?

      Please bring us up to speed on the wonderful advancements of hydrogen because we’ve been hearing this for decades now. Remember how Atomic energy was supposed to be the savior for our energy needs? Now Nations are moving away from it because of the harmful waste products and risks associated with operating NPP’s?

      People seem to forget that energy producing nations won’t move from one energy source to another if they can’t make money from it and energy producers won’t invest if the government isn’t willing to subsidize i.e. “give kickbacks to the energy producers”. Replacing one energy source with another requires HIGH LEVELS of debt creation AND THERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM. THE WORLD IS FLAT OUT BROKE AND ON THE VERGE OF A GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE ! This is what Steve and Gail Tverberg have been warning about for a long, long time.

      Here’s an article by John Michael Greer titled “Technological Superstitions” which covers why all the techno future promises have yet to arrive. It’s worth a good read. If you want the tl;dr version, here it is: MONEY is required and lots of it.

      • & Rodster

        Have you ever hear about technologies that can convert natural gas into diesel fuel? Yes the world is flat broke clearly no question about this. But the world is clearly more complicated as many most of us can comprehend.

        There are many companies working hard on the hydrogen technology such as:
        Voestalpine, Ehrlingklinger Ag, H&R and many more other companies.

        While I share concerns I don,t like just focus on the negative aspects on the economy and energy.

        The nuclear renaissance is already in it works globally and it is going faster as you can imagine. Just look at John Quakes a retired canadian Prof and follow the news in the uranium space.

        Remember how many times steve predicted 20 USD or less for bbl of crude,
        now we are already hovering above 70 usd and most likely we be next year back on the 100 usd. Not that the 100 usd is a real measurement of value anymore.

        Nobody can foresee what is going to happen next year lets not even predict in 10 years.

        Technology will evolve much faster as in the past. Just have soe believe in progress there is more computer power and brainpower as ever before.

        • So if natural gas can be converted to diesel, then why isn’t the trucking and transportation industries using it? You see we hear a lot about these wonderful technologies that will one day save the world. Expect we are still using the same energy that created the industrial civilization which is fossil fuels. And that’s just one aspect, how is natural gas going to keep the lights on 24x7x 365 days a year? How are you going to make tires with natural gas? How are you going to move ocean freighters on natural gas? How are you going to fly planes on natural gas? Now there may be some new fangled technology out there that does all that but if so where is it? Why hasn’t it been implemented yet? British Petroleum says we have approx 50.2 years of fossil fuels available. Why are we still on fossil fuels if all these energy techs are available? I think the answer is a lot of these companies EXIST like Steve says because they are getting free money to come up with these ideas so they have to paint a rosy picture. Look how Tesla is turning out with all of the hopium Elon Musk has been preaching.

          All future technologies require debt because it’s a promise made to the future and all these technologies that will save us all from fossil fuels such as Shale Oil requires massive debts. So when the Global Economy collapses one day because 1+1=2 and the global economy nearly collapses in 2008 if not for the TBTF banks being rescued. Who’s going to fund all these wonderful technologies that we keep hearing about?

          And while focusing just on the negatives can be depressing, focusing on just the positives while “ignoring reality” is not helpful either because I can sit in front of my TV or Computer and have the MSM tell me how wonderful everything is and how great things will work out. When the reality is there’s a storm brewing out in the horizon.

          Sure all this could go on for several more decades, who knows but we are walking towards a global mess at blinding speed.

        • Fischer-Tropsch technology was been perfected in the late 1970’s by South African chemical scientists/technicians who were making synthetic crude oil (feedstock for a conventional refinery) for $30/bbl. This is the golden egg of apartheid and the world embargo on ZA. The US DoE could have (kind of did) do a similar-objective carbon-reforming trial plant but the Saudi’s lowered the price of oil to kill it and keep the world dependent.
          Most-awesome use of our declining wealth would be an LFTR plant with a co-located F-T plant using waste heat, outputting liquid fuels, chemicals, and electricity in mass quantities. No need for water like with conventional reactor.
          “Real” Clean Diesel uses very-clean all-synthetic F-T feedstocks, which are not available outside of ZA and (soon! with ZA hirelings) Red China.

          • Electricity is not equal or economically-transformable to Diesel, but Diesel easily and locally/economically moves rotating machinery for electricity (or, even better, Diesel runs pumps/machines directly).

            Solar panels are a good investment on a small scale. Being able to trickle charge battery banks without running a genset is a very useful thing. Without batteries, making ice, purifying water, or pumping water is a useful application of DC of a few Amperes. With batteries, night-time lighting with LED’s is MUCH MUCH better than any fire-based lighting system. Assuming grid-down, unavailable, natch’.

            Agree with other posts that depopulation is likely, and required to meet other objectives. I’d prefer to avoid being depopulated.

  12. For all you silver buffs out there silver is officially in an uptrend. It blasted through resistance. I am long silver and even bought some more physical. The first time since 2009. Gold on the other hand looks bearish as it just broke a bearish triangle. Oil has diverged from gold and silver. Could silver diverge from gold?

  13. Here’s an EXCELLENT article Chris Martenson posted on Peak Prosperity everyone should read and YES it’s all about our thirst for that liquid called Black Gold, Texas Tea: “Our Delusional Economy Is Poised To Slam Into The Brick Wall Of Reality”

    Excerpt: “Here’s the thing: Unless there’s a very sudden and rapid change in how we are approaching the looming brick wall of resource shortages, the future is going to be quite difficult.”

  14. I’m more of a declinist than doomer. In the long run, there’s very little difference.

    Look closely, and we have been in decline since the 1990s if not before. And yet here we are still talking about things in 2018.

    It’s not up to us, we’re getting old. And the children won’t know any different, they will simply inherit a collapsed world and wonder where it all went wrong.

    Just live your life and enjoy your time before you die. This is a peak moment. Generations of humans past and future envy you. Forget about the precious metals. If you want just make a few preps here and there.

  15. Solar panels won’t keep BAU afloat, clearly, but will sure save your sorry ass, and keep a small community coherent for next 50 years. Then pull out replacements which are currently extremely cheap.

    Bare minimum you can pump water from 1000 feet down with no battery, just panels direct and the right pump/controller.

    With very minimal battery of a few hundred watt hours one can have DC direct refrigeration and led lights. Lead acid batteries very simple to make from recycled lead from junk piles. Will be available for centuries.

    • But you still need Fossil Fuels for those replacement parts, batteries, pumps etc because fossil fuels helped create them. That’s what many seem to discount/ignore.

  16. Always something new coming along… (hurry up and wait…)
    Scientists from the Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) believe they’ve found a winning formula in a new method to fabricate low-cost high-efficiency solar cells.

    In what Prof. Qi refers to as “the golden triangle,” solar cell technologies need to fulfill three conditions to be worth commercializing: their conversion rate of sunlight into electricity must be high, they must be inexpensive to produce, and they must have a long lifespan. Today, most commercial solar cells are made from crystalline silicon, which has a relatively high efficiency of around 22%. Though silicon, the raw material for these solar cells, is abundant, processing it tends to be complex and shoots up the manufacturing costs, making the finished product expensive.

    Perovskite offers a more affordable solution, Prof. Qi says. Perovskite was first used to make solar cells in 2009 by Prof. Tsutomu Miyasaka’s research team at Toin University of Yokohama, Japan, and since then it has been rapidly gaining importance. “Research on perovskite cells is very promising. In only nine years, the efficiency of these cells went from 3.8 % to 23.3%. Other technologies have taken over 30 years of research to reach the same level,” explains Prof. Qi. The fabrication method he and his research team have developed produces perovskite solar cells with an efficiency comparable to crystalline silicon cells, but it is potentially much cheaper than making silicon solar cells.

    • Boswell,

      There are a bunch of new SILVER BULLET ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES that are going to save us… or so they say. However, we have run out the clock and when we realize that TECHNOLOGY only makes the matter worse, then we will finally gain some OVERDUE WISDOM.


  17. As students of history we know:
    The change from horse to railroad then to cars;
    destroyed farms Globally (80% of production fed horses)
    bring in the great depression (Global financial collapse)
    and WWW1 and WWW2.

    Any changes to our present (hydrocarbon) global structure will bring global destruction.

    The Structure MUST collapse FIRST!

    To minimized collateral damage.
    Every Nation must have secure borders.
    Every Nation MUST be self reliant and independent (economically and financially).
    THEN and only THEN can we withstand the collapse
    and rebuild
    and bring in the next Stage.
    Or there will be a GLOBAL Dark Ages 2.0

    Every nation has a choice!

    But then again reruns are more enjoyable, right?

    • All good points, but we’ve had since the 1970’s to prepare the points you mention, yet open borders and globalization are the current policies and priorities regardless. If nations really had a choice many of them would probably want to opt out of the train-crash, but do they even have a choice? Everyone is locked in through the global financial system + all countries are severely in debt. Everything has become “too big to fail”. This means only one thing: individuals would have to prep individually and make their own personal contingency plans and just really hope the emission don’t kill us all in the long run (through some kind of miracle). This all comes down to a moral/ethical issue. We have had opportunity to change the course of events for decades and decades, yet, it’s full-steam ahead – BAU as usual! I fully agree with Steve in that EROEI will have the last say in all of this.

  18. Donna Harcos | October 1, 2018 at 9:36 am |

    Hi… We have to look to other sources of FREE energy which mainstream does not allow us to look at… a real shame for humanity. It is all about money and not helping the earth our atmosphere – just filling the pockets of those in charge. Research alternative methods of power as in magnetism- free for all and very powerful.

  19. More Rubbish!
    We at Public Research Institute analyzed energy consumption and use in the US.
    We created a carbon neutral energy model of the US economy which provides energy sufficient to run
    the industrial sector, and the transport sector, including electric vehicles.
    We found that emplacement of 6Kwe of PV on the roof of every house, 50 Kwe of PV on the roofs of every farm, a 1Mwe direct drive Wind turbine on every farm, conversion of all housing to Passivhaus standard, of all commercial buildings to energy efficiency half that of the bullit building in seattle, and 95% of all ton-miles on double tracked electrified rail, provided all
    the power required.
    Our energy model in *.xls format is available to anyone interested.
    Summaries are available upon request.

    • You failed to analyze that the global economic system needs fossil fuels or it collapses. Remove fossil fuels from the equation and energy producing countries collapse because they make revenue on fossil fuel sales which fund government programs and services. See Venezuela. No one discounts alternative energy but to scale it in order to replace fossil fuels is fantasy and just feel good stories.

      Chris Martenson explained it best in his latest article why alternative energy is going nowhere.


      “Could we do all this using electicity instead? Yes, of course.

      Will it happen all on its own while we wait for “market forces” to do the job? Nope. Not a chance.

      Why? Because it’s far cheaper, faster and easier to use fossil fuels. And humans are nothing if not lazy. Give us a cheaper and easier option and we’ll take it every single time. Which is no different really from a cheetah selecting a lame or slower gazelle over a faster and stronger one. It’s just how Nature works.

      Waiting for “market forces” to magically replace an already-embedded, cheaper and easier energy source is hopeless. Absent a crisis that forces us to, as a society, we’d have to proactively decide to make that transition a top national priority and become deadly serious in our pursuit of it. And if we actually were to do this, it would certainly be a painful process for a good while.”

  20. “Ladies and gentlemen,
    as we begin our descent,
    please make sure your seat backs and tray tables are in their full upright position.
    Make sure your seat belt is securely fastened and all carry-on luggage is stowed underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bins.
    Thank you.”

  21. Someone said that 1 BTU from oil has ~90% losses but 1 BTU from electric has only 5-30% losses. Is that included in the numbers above?

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