Stock Market Bubble

METALS & MARKET UPDATE JULY 25th: More Alt-Media Analysts Saying Disinflation & Deflation Ahead

In this Metals & Market Update, I go over the short-term charts on the broader markets and precious metals.  The Major Indexes are now at a BREAKOUT area where they could move higher over the short term.  This would also be bullish for the precious metals. However, Mike Pento, interviewed on Adam Taggart’s Wealthion…

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PALISADES RADIO SRSROCCO REPORT INTERVIEW: Stock Market Bubble, Inflation-Deflation, Precious Metals & Energy Cliff

As the U.S. stock market bubble gets even larger, Americans are totally unprepared for the coming ENERGY CLIFF.  I sat down with Tom at Palisades Radio.   I discussed the inflation vs. deflation debate, Americans being the most exposed to the stock market than ever, details of the Energy Cliff, and why…

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MARKET & METALS UPDATE JUNE 13th: Stock Market & Commodities Topping?

It looks like the data is pointing to a topping in the broader markets and commodities.  Yes, this goes against the status quo that says we are heading towards massive inflation.  In my newest update, I provide charts showing the commodities are indeed topping and will likely go back to lows by the end of the year…

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