SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 6: And Their Interesting Associates

Bankers Savoie

(by Charles Savoie) –

“The fact that the British Government for India had SEVERAL HUNDRED MILLION OUNCES THAT IT MIGHT DUMP ON THE MARKETS OF THE WORLD NOT ONLY REDUCED THE PRICE OF SILVER ONE-HALF BUT, BY ITS THREAT TO FURTHER INDEFINITELY REDUCE SUCH PRICE, DESTROYED ITS VALUE FOR CREDIT. The result was inevitable. PANIC EXISTS AMONG MORE THAN HALF THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD WHOSE BUYING POWER IS MEASURED SOLELY IN SILVER. It has cut in two the purchasing power of China, Mexico, South America, Asia and several European countries. It has made credit transactions with such silver using countries practically impossible. The reaction has been felt throughout the world.” — New York Times, December 7, 1930, section III, pages 1-2.

The Pilgrims Society Representing The London & New York Financial Communities Is The Entity Controlling The Bank Of England & The Federal Reserve, The Bank For International Settlements, The International Monetary Fund And The Group Of 30 Central Banks In D.C., Headed By Paul Volcker, Who Took 60MOZ Silver From The Hunts By 1986 And Has Been A Pilgrims Society Member Since At Least The 1980 Roster—The Last One Located Of This Shadow Organization.

I won’t devote this installment of “Silver Squelchers” towards proving the claim I made in the text box, though we’ve seen some proof in previous Silver Squelchers editions (last time we noticed Charles Augustus Stone was a N.Y. Fed Bank director) and we’ll see more items along these lines in following Silver Squelchers editions, including Bank of England examples. For fairly extensive proof (110 page report) refer to “Who Controls The gold Stealing New York Fed Bank” presented in February 2014.

This edition will be concerned with Pilgrims Society members from the leaked 1949 New York and London rosters. We mentioned members of the Grenfell family associated with the Bank of England in numbers 4 and 5 of this series. Basil Blackett of the BOE was mentioned in #3; the Cecils (not very well known outside the “right” circles) association with the BOE in #2 Silver Squelchers and others will be described as we progress.

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Article written by Charles Savoie.  You can find more of his work at

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5 Comments on "SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 6: And Their Interesting Associates"

  1. Charles,

    Have you ever tried to contact any of these people?

    • I have seen several dozen of their current e mail addresses. I see nothing prospective in contacting them or by old style mail. However, the researcher who pools info with me, Joel Van Der Reijden, has contacted the NY office more than once and gotten a few details, but a current list? Absolutely not. Congressional subpoena is a prospective route. Back in the early 80s I had a reply from Research Unlimited from a Dmitri Borgmann about “penetrating” the group, (with no guarantee of success). I shelved the letter, if Jim Phelps was around he’d be working for them. Mind you, they insist all they want is good relations between America and the “mother” country—England. So? For that they have to keep their identities secret? 200 to 1 if a current list came out, Jamie Dimon, Alan Greenspan, David Rockefeller Jr., Mike Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Buffett and Soros etc would be listed, plus FDR’s grandson in Dallas.

      • Charles,

        The reason I ask is because the amount of research you’ve down on this organization is incredible and maybe if talked to one of these people then shared what you already know maybe they would open up to you a little bit in private of course

  2. Thanks again Mr. Savoie.As you are a non-gambler ,I think I should point out that you mean odds-on or 1 to 200. 200 to 1 is such a massive non event,like cheese on the moon stuff,or an honest bankster.
    just saying,cheers.

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