Massive Stock Correction To Send Metals Surging & Elites Lose Control

With the broader markets continuing to be propped up by HOT AIR and Central Bank intervention, only a fraction of investors have prepared for the massive stock market correction with physical gold and silver.  Some precious metals investors fear that when the broader markets crash, so will the price of gold and silver… just like they did in 2008.

I don’t see it that way.  When the markets crashed in 2008… everything went down together.  However, since 2013, the Dow Jones Index has continued higher while the precious metals prices were hammered to new lows in 2015.  Even though the gold and silver prices have recovered a bit from their lows, the Dow Jones is definitely overdue for a correction.

I spoke about this during my interview with Kenneth at Crush The Street.  In addition, I replied to statements made by Charles Savoie in a previous interview on Crush the Street, that the Elite (called the Pilgrims) were going to push for the nationalization of silver at $2 an ounce.  Charles stated this was due to a new war in which the military would need a new silver stockpile.  I stated several facts and statistics why I did not agree with Charles and don’t believe the U.S. Govt would nationalize silver.

I also discuss the total amount of Industrial silver consumption by U.S. last year, and stated that the military would not need to acquire that much silver for their military weapons needs.

Another topic we discussed was the loss of wage earnings in the United States since the 1950-60’s that has now forced both spouses to work to make ends meat.  Charles Savioe stated in his interview that this was due to the Pilgrim Elites taking all the wealth forcing the public to work harder.  While that may be true to some extent, the majority of the reason is due to the falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment.

Here is an outline of what Kenneth and I discussed during our interview:

01:10 Gold, Silver to Surge if/when manipulation ends?
02:50 Is there Risk for Silver Nationalization?
04:20 In 1930’s Gold to Silver Ratio 4 to 1
07:00 Gov more Likely to Grab Institutional Silver
12:50 American standard of living collapse conspiracy
17:10 Does Technology offset some energy ROI drop?
19:20 Shale oil = way more energy investment vs conventional
21:50 Food energy returned on investment dropping as well
24:50 World’s largest oil companies debt is exploding
27:20 Elite to lose control & wealth as economy blows up
29:05 Secrets to why Nixon depegged dollar from gold
32:40 Oil a big reason behind 1970’s gold price rally
36:00 US Retirement trouble: Pensions & 401k’s withdrawals up

You can also access the original interview here:  Massive Stock Correction To Send Metals Surging & Elites Lose — SRSrocco Report.

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24 Comments on "Massive Stock Correction To Send Metals Surging & Elites Lose Control"

  1. For the sake of argument, a nationalisation of silver (among other things) can be backed by some notional war needs as a plausible excuse, regrdless of the actual war needs. One cannot argue much with a war-time government, “or else”. Copper price was capped (or fixed) in USA in late 1917, and marvel at the language used — it might as well be written in USSR, which unlike the West never really ended the war-time economy routine.

    “Once a price is established, the same necessity that forces this step, also requires the government, sooner or later, to take responsibility for the regulation of distribution by the system, if need be, or priorities, rationing, and licensing. Price-fixing and priorities seek to prevent all private speculation and hoarding, and to control consumption by directin of both supply and demand. Further, the fixing of prices of any commodity makes necessary, gradually perhaps, but surely in the end, the determination of costs and profits, and so of prices for all stages of the production, from the raw material to the finished product, and from the producer to the consumer. There should be reasonable costs and profits for each stage. […] With the copper industry, however, only two prices have yet been fixed for refined copper, first 23.5 cents and then 26 cents. This governmnent determination as to copper is an example of price-fixing in its simplest form.”

    So, a hundred years ago, long before any modern issues, the regimes of that time essentially or formally declared some materials “strategic”, capped their price, and made sure no one gets out of line, or else. The same can be done today: declare silver, and anything else, a strategic material for any reason, such as its use in solar panels, and set up a full price and distribution control, with war-time treason charges for offenders. A “boating accident” option would be meaningless, as it essentially sets a zero or negative (if risk of wearing an orange suit is included) resale price for a controlled metal. During the cold war, such metals as beryllium and rhenium were strategic — and strictly regulated. Beryllium has numerous applications in nuclear, missile and space works; and rhenium makes jets go much faster. In USA beryllium is still regulated due to its nuclear usefulness, and in cold-war USSR one of the decision makes simply stated that “we have no beryllium available to civilians”. There is no shortage of applications of silver, gold, copper or just about any metal today — enough to declare their strategic role, with everything that follows.

    So, to conclude, a time may suddenly come when a guy full of himself states that they have no silver available to civilians, or its trade and use is “temporarily” suspended, but they would graciously take it off their hands for $2 an ounce just to help out the country, and with no charges made. Unimaginable? Not even a little — that is what was done before, nothing new except little tweaks.

    • DisappearingCulture | April 6, 2017 at 5:12 am |

      “…that they have no silver available to civilians, or its trade and use is “temporarily” suspended, but they would graciously take it off their hands for $2 an ounce just to help out the country…”
      And a robust black market emerges, with smuggling to Canada, Mexico, or the Carribean, where one can get a better price. Or a lot of silver objects start being made like tableware, that are not under the regulations like bullion.

      • “And a robust black market emerges”

        with cameras everywhere, algorithmic tracking of all digital currency and all bills paid and all resources used and any discrepancies flagged for review, and your internet car reporting vehicle weight every ten seconds for years on end establishing a baseline weight and algorithms noting and reporting any discrepancies, how ya gonna do that?

        • DisappearingCulture | April 6, 2017 at 11:59 am |

          I’m sure I read about the encroaching surveillance and police state as much as you do. I don’t think it will go that far. You apparently do and that’s fine.

          • “I don’t think it will go that far.”

            back in the 1980’s there was some welfare recipient who was also working and using the welfare money to go to school. she was busted during a “routine survey of bank accounts” (meaning all the accounts at the bank) and directed to return all the welfare money she had received.

            won’t go that far? it already has.

            heh. the ones off the grid will be the most visible of all. “she has no file.”

  2. Arno Nymous | April 6, 2017 at 5:01 am |

    Like I sayed thousand times before on this side . . this side is good in figuring out the true SECRET worth of silver and gold . . but thats not reality. REALITY is what the idiots on the street think and allow the goverments to do! . .
    Reality is what the tv says . . FOREVER!!!

    • DisappearingCulture | April 6, 2017 at 5:13 am |

      As long as THAT REALITY is in control.

      • Arno Nymous | April 6, 2017 at 5:41 am |

        They are everyday MORE in control. Not LESS.
        A hundered years ago people demanded silver coins in their currency.
        Today people demand a good internetconnection and porn.
        I don’t know where the myth comes from that they are not in control or will ever be not in control. Everything . . goes as planned.
        The collapse is their goal to achive ultimate power . . not their downfall.
        They WANT the huge long painfull destruction with piles of dead bodys so the view left can be controlled easyly.
        My future predictions never failed since 13 years.
        Except one prediction when I thought Ebola will spread to south china and India. The rest is NOT in the hands of a view metallcollectors.

  3. The reason a stock market correction is unlikely at this time is because it is obvious to all rational investors that it will happen. We have a ways to go yet before stocks correct. Valuations are indeed high but valuation has always been a poor indicator of future stock performance. In bull markets they get WAY over valued.

    • I would tend to agree with Mike here. The Fed is hell bent on supporting the stock market because of what’s at risk. As far as the other posters I wax and wane on these issues.

      On one hand you can make a case for the elites vying for ultimate control but history shows us that this has always been the case. The arrogance of man has led him to always try and control the world. History shows us this always ends poorly.

      There’s more than one reality. There’s an invisible world that seems to also be playing a role here. What is it? Don’t want to get into it. But $2 silver (or $0.50 like the freaks at FOFOA say) in a confiscation is more than hard to believe.

  4. “the military would not need to acquire that much silver for their military weapons needs.”

    that’s not the reason they would nationalize it. that’s the excuse. heh, I bet you think they won’t nationalize gold either.

    “the Dow Jones is definitely overdue for a correction.”

    if it were a market, sure. but it’s not, not anymore. like that one guy pointed out the other day, as long the flood of new fiat debt continues to enter the system then it all has to go somewhere, and right now there’s nowhere else for it to go except a few places, mostly stocks, and until that flood stops or another infestment destination appears then the stock market will go up.

    • They’ll seize 401’s/Ira’s/Pensions before silver and gold. Much, much easier.

      • “They’ll seize 401’s/Ira’s/Pensions before silver and gold. Much, much easier.”

        it is. but that’s not the point. the point of nationalizing all the gold and silver is NOT so that they’ll have it (they don’t need it), but so you DON’T and thus can’t use it as an alternative to whatever digital fiat debt currency is in use.

        • Agreed gman. However, the current paper overleveraged system has grown so big that confiscation of gold and silver will have very little impact on the timeline to implosion. Most people don’t know shit, hunting down a handful of stackers won’t make a difference.

          Paper system, counterparty risk, leverage and complexity have grown beyond imagination. The paper ‘price’ is what they fix now, when that fails we are way to deep down the rabbit hole to go after backyard ounces. Maybe taxation, but that will be all. And i won’t sell. This is not 1932, when a dollar was still a dollar. This is 2017. IOU’s as far as the Eye can see.

  5. .gov will print a trillion dollars and pay $3500 for every ounce of silver. Possible, not probable.

    But they could! They print currencies to buy up gov debt, stocks, mbs, corporate bonds, whatever. We’ll all be rich, RICH!

  6. DisappearingCulture | April 6, 2017 at 11:56 am |

    Stock market may not correct despite facts and fundamentals like discussed in this article today

    However a selloff could be triggered that only shutting down market trading [as many times and as long as is necessary] would stop.

  7. DisappearingCulture | April 6, 2017 at 12:11 pm |

    “To sum up, smart money is record short, and dumb money is record long.”

    There is certainly a lot of dumb, ignorant, and stupid out there. Maybe they win for a while longer

  8. I listened that interview was very informative as always with your works Steve, thanks and regards.

  9. Frankly I’m surprised that so many otherwise intelligent readers imagine that Mr Savoie was being literal when he suggested $ 2.00 an oz. I think he was somewhat exaggerating to make the point that there is no end to the unjust policies that governments are capable of promoting once they have backed themselves into a corner. To prove my point, Mr. Savoie even sarcastically suggested that the victimized ‘sellers’ would not have to bother with taxes on gains. Who would that be ? …. sellers who bought their silver in 1960 ? The point he { Mr. Savoie } was making was that… if history is any guide… silver owners are probably being unrealistic to think that profiting off of an exploding silver price at some point is a given. I hope he is wrong. I’ve been stacking since January 2004…

  10. Far easier for government to maintain facade of stability via propping up relatively smaller stock market. Any attempt to wake the “sleeping dog” via any attempts to “confiscate” silver would trigger chain reaction to the depreciating dollar and destabilize the gargantuan bond markets and derivatives world wide.

    No , I think govt will stay this course of paper smackdowns as long as they can. If that fails, the Fed through its “secret” trading desk could buy up miners instead of raiding ETFs. A slightly more indirect approach to securing silver and purchased quietly and stealthily so as not to drive the price of miners up, and even using such purchases as propaganda saying the government had to bail out the financially strapped miners for national security reasons. After all govt helped Chrysler and Iacocca. Furthermore, aren’t some industries already negotiating with miners to insure their future supply?

    • Agreed Hubbs. No barbarians at the gates but drones in the sky. Invisible and far more deadly.

  11. The irony to all of this is that if enough smart people would go out and buy the physical silver. This followed by an organized motion to put silver up for sale at $ 100.00 in the open market, would help reveal the fake , phony , fraud aspect to the paper silver empire . Max Keiser tried to start the $ 200.00 silver a few years ago . The right idea but not enough smarts out there to get the tactic going. Due to the lack of perspective the long road will need to be traveled pertaining to any real changes in true market value realized. Present day the paper market is well organized taking full advantage of the passive physical market.

  12. adanata (@DataJunkie1) | April 10, 2017 at 12:24 pm |

    Bottom line? The globalists and their central banks want endless war on multiple fronts internationally. They want; and are obviously trying to incite, civil war within nations. What they do NOT want is a revolution aimed directly at them. At this point the people are far more alert to reality. Regardless of the endless propaganda, they are beginning to shift away from ‘left vs right’ and are becoming more focused upon globalism/banks/politicians and the 99% vs 1%. Ergo, the Sheeple are morphing back into people. Most have become sufficiently enlightened to no longer believe the MSM propaganda; that’s how Trump was elected. These bankster/government freaks would have to find a way to propagandize the public into believing it would be okay to steal the people’s silver/gold… I’m taking bets on the chances of them being able to pull that off. Never gonna happen. We are no longer living in the ignorant/innocent days of the 1930s thru 1950s. We’re waaaay past that; clearly the people are already gearing up for a fight.

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