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It is no secret the mining industry is in trouble and has been in trouble for several years. The acquisition cost for precious metals, especially gold and silver, have been at rock bottom since mid 2011. The base metals, like zinc, lead and copper have also experienced a “correction” in acquisition cost due the collapsing global economy. If you add to this fact the collapsing cost of oil, due to an over abundance of supply, the mining industry needs a break!

The good news in all of this is Keith Neumeyer, CEO, First Majestic Silver and Chairman, First Mining Finance, who continues to re-invent the mining industry and has created a win-win for some of the distressed mining operations. Enter First Mining Finance. With the success of First Majestic and Keith’s die-hard devotion to the precious metals he has witnessed, for a number of years, the importance of the supply-demand fundamentals. These laws of the markets have been criminalized by the so-called “regulators” that operate the global pricing mechanism for all precious metals at the COMEX and LBMA.

Keith’s analysis has allowed him to build two different multi-billion dollar companies. First Quantum Mineral, a copper mining company, is one of the largest copper mining companies in the world. First Majestic Silver is one of the largest silver mining companies in the world. When Mr. Neumeyer begins discussing the mining industry, especially where precious metals are harvested, we should all pay close attention. He has forgotten more about precious metals mining than we know collectively! When he says something like “I expect silver to hit triple digits.” that certainly has my undivided attention.

American Silver Eagles have been on allocated sales [read rationed] since July 2015. The US Mint recently announced they were going to “quadruple the allocation amounts” for silver eagles. This means they are still being rationed which translates to another rigged market. The U.S. silver mining production no longer supports the demand the US Mint has for silver eagle coins. The laws regulating the production of American Silver Eagles state very clearly the silver to produce these coins is to come from the U.S. and no where else. This is no longer the case. The US Mint is forced to import silver, probably from Mexico or Peru, (since Canada’s silver mining no longer supports the Canadian Royal Mint Silver Maple Leaf) to satisfy the demand for silver eagles.

If you have been following The Daily Coin and Shadow of Truth podcasts on YouTube, then you are well aware of China and India’s desire to convert a significant amount of their home electrical needs to solar power. China announced in 2014 they would provide 100 GW (giga watts) of solar power to individual homes by 2020. This requires an enormous amount of silver for the production of the solar panels. Which leads to my favorite question for close to three years now – where is the metal coming from? Where will it come from as the mines are slowing or closing that harvest silver? If the mines are slowing down or closing, for whatever reason, how do we continue to back-fill the need the human race has for silver? Let’s not forget the USGS stated “silver would be the first element on the periodic table to go extinct” Got physical?

Let’s listen in to Keith Neumeyer and find out what’s going on and what you should be doing right now to take advantage of the current situation. Mr. Neumeyer hasn’t built two different multi-billion dollar companies by sitting on his laurels.

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15 Comments on "Keith Neumeyer – Triple Digit Silver Is Coming – The Daily Coin"

  1. Be careful folks. Keith SELLS PM’s. Keith is in REAL TROUBLE as PMs continue to Plummet. Of COURSE he’s gonna tell you the sky is falling, triple digit Silver, etc. He NEEDS to MOVE PRODUCT! But what he’s NOT telling you is that PM’s are commodities………like OIL. And historically PM’s FOLLOW OIL. OIL IS PLUMMETING ALSO……….AND THERE IS NO BOTTOM IS SIGHT. I Suspect Silver will drop to about 9 bucks an ounce and hold for some time. There will be Plenty more better buying opportunities. Let Keith EAT his PM’s

    • Gold and silver really are not commodities. One can argue silver is because the majority of demand has been industrial. I’ll strongly argue gold is not. They are being priced like commodities because there is no free market price discovery mechanism[s] in place at this time. And investors are overwhelmingly buying stocks bonds and other paper/digital promises over PM’s. A slight increase of the populace going into these PM’s will hasten the day when free market price valuations supplant bogus market [like COMEX] valuations.

      That they are something very different from a commodity will become apparent again when oil and copper [these two being the leading commodities indicators but of course there are others] aren’t seeing increased fiat valuations and G & S are. So yes there is a correlation of the fiat price of PM’s with oil price. But only with the continued market manipulation of PM prices.

      As for sales of physical G & S, sales are still strong. So regardless of fiat price it is the spread retailers make profit on, not the COMEX spot price.

    • Gold stackers are usually PMs dealers in disguise. They have already predicted gold $10000 and some of tchem even more. I believe that PMs may go strongly up after the so called reset. However, the problem is that the reseat is at best several years off .

  2. Silvrwillwin | January 17, 2016 at 9:01 am |

    There’s a moment in time that I reflect back to from time to time while watching the news – (2008) , It’s about a guy coming out of a building in NYC showing all kinds of happy emotions.The commodities exchange had just made the announcement that the commodity control over silver was stronger than ever regardless of Bear Stearns close call to having to regurgitate physical silver to it’s share holders in a huge way and all at once. That event alone had it played out would have been catastrophic for the dollar ! Morgan Chase had just been given the controls over the handling of the silver exchange by the U.S Government (enter Blyth Masters).
    Any way , this trader was all of a sudden facing a news reporters microphone and began spewing glee about the financial opportunities that lay ahead for trading the commodity of paper silver !
    That was it – the fork in the road – physical was about to get it’s neck boot stomped to the ground !
    So Jonathan – I totally disagree with your take on the physical of both gold and silver.
    In fact I dispute Keith Neumeyer’s poo-pooing the thought of central bankers meddling in the Comex.
    To both I say BUNK !

  3. Just the facts please.

    If open market price discovery is compromised by manipulation, then the economy will be unbalanced and unstable. Not just the commodity being manipulated, but the entire economy. As with the global price of oil, which touches literally everything including the petrodollar and especially PM’s.

    The average weekly closing price of gold and silver for 2015 are –
    Gold $1,160.94
    Silver $15.73

    Three main indicators of a continuing deflationary collapse: Year-over-Year
    WTI down over 32%
    CRB down over 24%
    BDI down over 40%

    There is so much excess capacity in the local, national and international economies, that it will take years of operation at variable costs to absorb it. Deflationary forces will prevail in some assets, as currency inflationary stress builds to a breaking point, including the USD. At which point any and ALL prognostication could be true, or not!

  4. Silver wont go Triple Digits until the mining CEO’s find their backbones and SUE the COMEX to get rid of their the highly leveraged Paper Silver price discovery mechanism ….. until that time, the metals will continue to be diluted with phony paper ounces to distort true price discovery.

  5. First Majestic (AG) stock looks close to breaking down. If 2016 is like 2008, First Majestic could be headed to 2 and then 1. If it does hit 1 and it looks like they will survive, this stock could be a fantastic buy. If silver turns around right here, then maybe AG is in the process of bottoming. I would guess that many more miners are going bankrupt before the dust has settled. The survivors will be fantastic buys but I think that’s down the road a bit more.

  6. R. Stephen Dorsey | January 17, 2016 at 7:07 pm |

    I was extremely disappointed with this softball interview. It pumped First Majestic from beginning to end but on the critical question that remained unanswered was how the world, especially the emerging economies, were going to access silver in the immense quantities to bring off the revolution in electricity production, medical usage, etc., that were listed. If silver rises to triple digits, won’t that price the proposed projects out of the market? (Note: we have been in deficit for a number of years now.)

  7. Obviously gold and silver has value. Why are the coins not gold and silver like they used to be? Because only deceitful rulers want inflation and not deflation. Gold and silver must increase in fiat price unless it is manipulated just as all real goods in demand must increase because you are trading colored paper for something real. Just the thought of colored paper for value is laughable as a thought but it is in use today and future societies will laugh at our foolish system destined for failure.

  8. I agree with you “repliers.” Butler has predicted $100+ silver for 35+ years! Each year Morgan opens
    his mouth of predictions and has been wrong every year since 2009. Schiff is no better. Silver must
    have more buyers than production, PERIOD! Schiff sells gold and silver. So does Morgan. They each
    have a newsletter for the gullible. They each go on speaking tours. They are nothing more than politicians of hype. Majestic Silver, if Steve’s production costs are correct, is losing its butt. They should go bust in 2016. Until we stackers get another 1% of the population to buy silver, it’s going to
    be a long wait. This is why I keep saying, ” I bot silver for my grand children.

    • This clownish CEO continue to produce more and more and more : what an a…hole.

      If and when silver finally reaches triple digit “his” company will have been bankrupt or out of silver resources below ground…

  9. (shrug) by the time silver should be $100+ people will be hard-pressed to buy food and fuel. they won’t’ have time to buy silver. price’ll drop. better off buying food and clothes.

  10. And….it looks like First Majestic is headed to 2.

  11. Anyone who thinks the US can create trillions of dollars every year and each dollar will buy more stuff is delusional ….

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