FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY SET-BACK: The E-Cat Cold Fusion Machine Fiasco

There is no better way to describe the history behind the supposed world-changing cold fusion E-Cat invention anything other than a complete fiasco.  The E-Cat’s inventor, Andrea Rossi, promised that his is breakthrough cold fusion technology would solve the world’s energy problem.

Unfortunately, not only has the E-Cat failed to live up to its lofty promise in providing cheap energy to the world, its inventor is now tied up in nasty “tit-for-tat” legal battle.  According to Ugo Bardi’s article, Saving The World, One Lawsuit At A Time: a new disaster for Rossi’s E-Cat:


The E-cat saga continues! The energy-producing device that should have saved the world seems to be set to do that one lawsuit at a time. The latest chapter of the saga involves the “Industrial Heat” company that, apparently, provided serious money for the intellectual rights on Rossi’s device. As in previous cases, however, the story ended in a bitter quarrel when the company discovered that the device couldn’t generate the excess energy it claimed to be able to generate.

I actually knew something like this was eventually going to happen to some poor slob that invested money in Rossi’s E-Cat perpetual energy machine.  I found this out early on by reading updates on the E-Cat on Ugo Bardi’s Cassandra’s Legacy blog over the past several years.

Ugo Bardi is professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence, in Italy.  Ugo also studies resource depletion and understands the serious ramifications of peak oil and the falling EROI – Energy Returned On Invested.  I have been following his work for years and was invited to be apart of a peak-oil email discussion group.  I’ve learned quite a lot about energy…. what works, and what doesn’t from reading Ugo’s articles and through direct correspondence.

I have to tell you, when I read Ugo’s title of his most recent article, Saving The World, One Lawsuit At A time: a new disaster for Rossi’s E-Cat, I really laughed at loud.  Ugo has a great sense of humor, especially when it comes to clowns pretending to be scientists.

To get a brief idea of  Ugo’s chronological history of Rossi and his E-Cat cold fusion Lego machine, here are a few of his articles:

This Sinking Of The E-Cat (March 2012):


Above: the cruise ship “Costa Concordia”, Italian technological marvel, sunken after hitting a reef in front of the “Giglio” Island in January 2012. Recently, we saw the sinking of another pretended technological marvel from Italy, the cold fusion reactor called “E-Cat;” destroyed by its own contradictions.

It was Captain Kirk of the starship “Enterprise” who said that it is not a good idea to put oneself in a no-win situation. Good advice that was not taken by Mr. Andrea Rossi, inventor of the “E-Cat,” the cold fusion device that he claimed to be able to solve the world’s energy problems. After having been unable to show that his device produces energy, Mr. Rossi stated that he didn’t need any more tests because he could now proceed to market it in millions of pieces. But, in reality, Mr. Rossi had simply placed himself in a no-win situation. The E-Cat is now fast sinking, hit by the contradictions of its inventor.

Let’s start with what Rossi himself had declared about his E-Cat. He said that it is based on the fusion of hydrogen and nickel nuclei (see Rossi’s patent) and that gamma rays are produced during operation (see here) so that lead shields had to be placed inside the device. Rossi also said that he was building a factory in the United States where he would produce E-Cats by the millions; to be sold as water heaters for people’s homes. According to some recent statements by Rossi, the device had been undergoing safety testing for months at Underwriters Laboratory.

It couldn’t go unnoticed in Florida that someone was claiming to be producing nuclear reactors in large numbers. On February 24, an officer of the State of Florida Bureau of Radiation Control went to investigate what was going on in the pretended “E-Cat factory” in Miami. There, he found no factory, but an apartment and Andrea Rossi in person. Questioned on the E-Cat, Rossi declared that “no nuclear reactions occur inside the device.” Rossi also stated that all the facilities for testing and production are “overseas,” and that safety certification with Underwriters Laboratory will be arranged in the future. The officer then left, writing in his report that his bureau has no jurisdiction over a device which has nothing nuclear inside. (The complete documentation is here, comments can be found here and here. Rossi himself confirmed the story here.)

Full article and embedded links here:  The Sinking Of The E-Cat

The End Of The E-Cat Story? Andrea Rossi Losses Supporters For His “Cold Fusion” Device (January 2013):

The story of the E-Cat, the “cold fusion” device proposed by Mr. Andrea Rossi seems to be losing interest everywhere. Yesterday, Jan 14, another of Rossi’s supporters, Mr. Daniele Passerini, announced that he is abandoning the fray and closing down his blog, at least for the time being.

…. The closing of Mr. Passerini’s blog comes after that, in November of last year, another of Mr. Rossi’s supporters, Mr. Paul Story of “eCatNews” declared that he would close his blog because, “with scant hope of Rossi delivering on his promises, I find myself wondering why I would waste any more time on him. If he is committing fraud, he should be pursued by the police. Interest in the man or the subject is now relegated to the level of curiosity, not dedication.”

Full article and embedded links:  The End Of The E-Cat Story

Dead Cat Bouncing (August 2013):


I said in a previous post that I have lost all interest in the “E-Cat”, purported desktop nuclear device invented by Mr. Andrea Rossi. Although initially I had found it intriguing, and even fun (also here), it had become a never ending story, eventually boring.

However, if the e-cat is not interesting as an energy producing device, it is still an interesting case-study of information diffusion over the web. In the figure above, you see the results given by a “google trends” search that measures the number of times that a certain term is typed in the Google search engine. Looking for “e-cat”, together with “Rossi” the result is that many people agree with me: the e-cat story was interesting at the beginning, now not so much any more.

Note, indeed, how the recent attempts by Andrea Rossi and his followers to revive interest in the device have had little success. The most recent interest peak is related to the so called “hot cat” that was supposed to be an improved version of the old ones. It did produce a little “bump” in the curve, but nothing more. The cat still bounces a little, but it is basically dead.

Full article and embedded links:  Dead Cat Bouncing

Rossi’s E-Cat: The Slow Death Of Meme (August 2015):


Results of a search using Google “Trends.” The E-Cat is dead, but it keeps bouncing; a little.

News about the E-Cat, the (in)famous desktop nuclear fusion reactor: Mr. Andrea Rossi, the inventor, has announced that he finally succeeded in obtaining a patent for his device and that it will be soon commercialized as a home water heater.

After four years of similar claims by Rossi, all regularly unfulfilled, it is not interesting to discuss this new one except, maybe, to note that, in the patent, the famed “nuclear reactor” has now become just a chemical reactor, hence contradicting all of Rossi’s previous claims. But, at the same time, in one of Rossi’s sites (as described here), it is still claimed that a nuclear reaction takes place, but not anymore the one that once was described, involving nickel and hydrogen. Truly, Rossi seems to aim at the world Guinness record for the number of times a person can contradict his/her own public statements.

Full article and embedded links: Rossi’s E-Cat: Slow Death Of Meme

E-Cat:  The Sage Continues (April 2016):


Maybe this device produces energy, too?

Of course, you all know that if I am criticizing Rossi’s E-Cat it is because I am part of the great conspiracy to keep hidden the fact that oil is infinite and ever recreated in the depths of the earth. I am a gatekeeper; no, really…….. (UB)

Convicted Fraudster Rossi Accuses Licensee Industrial Heat of Fraud

by Steven Krivit, April 6, 2016

Andrea Rossi, a convicted white-collar criminal with a string of failed energy ventures, is suing Thomas Darden, JT Vaughn, and their affiliated companies Cherokee Investment Partners LLC, Industrial Heat LLC, and IPH International B.V. for fraud. Rossi is accusing them of stealing his intellectual property, which, judging by all public facts known to New Energy Times, does not exist.

According to the complaint, Industrial Heat had paid Rossi $11 million for a license to what he calls his Energy Catalyzer, or E-Cat, an assembly of copper pipes that he says can produce 1 megawatt of commercially useful excess heat from low-energy nuclear reactions (LENRs). Attorney John Annesser, with the Silver Law Group in Islamorada, Florida, is representing Rossi. Annesser has been licensed for four years. Before that, he worked as a general contractor.

Despite Rossi’s assertions in his lawsuit, no published evidence has ever described any truly independent testing of his E-Cat. Neither is there any evidence of any “major independent third-party certification institute,” as Lewan claimed.

Full article here: E-Cat: The Saga Continues

Well, there you have it.  Those were just some of the many articles Ugo wrote about the infamous E-Cat.  Unfortunately, I still get a great deal of email in my INBOX on all of these supposed “NEW or FREE ENERGY” technologies.  I have had many emails sent to me in the past several years on how the reader believed the E-Cat was the next “Energy Savior.”

I highly doubt my responses to these avid E-Cat supporters changed their minds.  People will continue to have faith in “BELIEF” over science or facts even if the evidence shows them otherwise.  This is the problem with using logic and reasoning on those who rather just “BELIEVE.”

I included these articles about the E-Cat by Ugo Bardi just to give my readers and followers a taste of the FREE ENERGY NONSENSE out there many have fallen HOOK-LINK & SINKER.

As they say… there’s a sucker born every minute.

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45 Comments on "FREE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY SET-BACK: The E-Cat Cold Fusion Machine Fiasco"

  1. I’m sure another door will open soon to cover the fall of the oil emperor. Battery tech and Solar for example

    Musk says he could power the entire US within 2 decades?

    Life finds a way…

    • joey,

      Neither solar or battery storage have ever promised excess energy generation from reputable firms of which there are many. In addition to mass deployment of solar and battery storage, most notably in the form of a huge standing UPS industry for batteries in particular, the technologies are now fully recognized in ESG investment ratings metrics by the SEC as performed by Moodys and other rating agencies. Such firms as Black Rock Capital incorporate ESG ratings into their investment decisions.
      Its a pretty broad and overly simplified brush to somehow link proven technologies in solar and battery storage to a now convicted felon operating out of a South Florida apartment. If the oil and gas industry is doing so well how is it they are crippled in debt now relying on a depletion technology in fracking for their future?

  2. Hi there, Steve. Now that you made this summary, I see that I wrote a lot about the “E-Cat”, while at the same time claiming that I didn’t want to deal with it! Human contradictions, as usual….

    Anyway, the fascination with this thing probably has to do with its narrative content. There is everything needed for a good story: the mad scientists, the evil guys, the good guys, the powers that be, you name it! In the end, I think it is a continuation in the real world of the science fiction stories I used to read long ago. You know, Dr. Zarkov building a spaceship in his basement and using it to travel to the planet Mongo and there fight the minions of the evil dictator Ming…. that kind of things. Plenty of fun, nothing real.

  3. BTW, Steve, now you are going to experience the wrath of the true E-Cat believers. Better confess right away that you are paid by the PTBs!

    • Ugo,

      Yes… I know. I receive a LARGE CHECK from the POWERS THAT BE every month when I use LOGIC & REASONING in my energy articles. Maybe one day I can save all the money from these checks and buy a Candy Bar


  4. Not a single scientific evidence showing why E-cat is a fake and why the cold fusion could and will never exist…

    • RD,

      HAHAHAHaaaa. I knew you would say that.


      • Yeah, better to stay into the doom and gloom theories with the future return in stone age just because “money” will die !

        Please explain me why cold fusion would be physically impossible ?
        (And please do not answer me about this ecat, I just do not care on this particuliar “story”/mess).

    • RD, why don’t you pre order one? Maybe he and your dog Abiotic do really well together.

      • Odds are very high that the e-cat is just a scam or does not work but I would have prefered see real stuff.
        But even if the the ecat is a scam that does not mean cold fusion is impossible in theory and pratice/reality.
        Abiotic is fake because oil is nothing more than oil so indeed why losing money to go into the artic if there is plenty of new oil in old bassins.

      • Another remark : in the 15th century you have to use namely humans, horses, or pigeon to transmit complex information/data, it was very “expensive”. Now you can use radio waves which require much less human work by unit of data transfered.
        But you had to increase the productive forces/innovation (sometimes it has been through hazard) in order to move from the first way to the second.
        It is not because hydrocarbons are doomed in the very long term (falling EROI) that something “new” could not exist in the next century or so which could make the EROI of this new technology from 5 for shale oil to 500.
        I do not say it will happen, I just say it could, we just do not know yet, and cold fusion is maybe one of the possibility.

        • To renew the whole grid, worldwide, we need a lot of oil to build it. At the same time, the old grid has to be maintained. A lot of oil is being used in transportation, commodities, building stuff etc. I’m far from an expert but it seems we blew all the oil that would be needed for a transition already. Only the expensive oil is left, with no room to expand debt. We are facing a perfect storm. Imho, besides cold fusion we need a lot of other miracles.

          Even that radio transmission you mentioned, turned into a big pile of complexity. One that could kill the jit economy overnight. The future will be local, if we’re lucky.

          • The future will be local, if we’re lucky. : the future will be without capitalism indeed (whatever the future will be) because as schumpeter finally noted it : capitalism will die from its success not from its failure.
            Basically, all questions are related to how and for what human is working and using its environment.
            Lots of potential human action stays idle as non profitable (especially in the west) while lots of resources and human action is waste on useless stuff regarding human needs. For example most of plane traffic is completely stupid and useless : people taking plane for a 2 hours meeting or for “holidays” just for a few days (japenese tourists who are traveling all over europe for 10 days trying to “visit” 10 european countries and who are so tired that they are sleeping when they sit down !).
            It is a such vast subject but energy consumption per capita will have to decrease (per western standard) until major innovation is made and there is no reason to believe it will not. In the meantine, it will not be the end of the world, the return of the stone age and such BS.
            Regarding your comments on the grid network, that’s true but oil is not going to disappear from a day when available the day before. You have to think outside monetary profitability. However from a long and radical point of view, each innovation which have been developed and spread into the “market” decreases the social time required to produce it : if you have now commonly iphone and not smoke signals anymore it is to simplify because that’s “cheaper”.
            You can have from time to time production which seem not following these rules because of external factors such as public support (hydrocarbons made from corn ethanol from example) but that remains confidential regarding the whole production and limited in time.

          • robertsinclair | August 23, 2016 at 11:54 am |

            Im fed up about people going on about the end of capitalism. Capitalism died in the us in 1913 and was killed off several times prior to that with each central bank and each introduction of a fiat currency.
            Capitalism is freedom and free markets, where the people choose the money. Money is based on prior work and has a value equating to that work or/energy used in creating the money. The best money is the one with highest retained value for trade. or lowest declining marginal utility. (menger).
            Money has intrinsic value equal to its natural value (adam smith). All values eventually return to their natural values. The dollar has a very low natural value (almost zero, mass produced, paper and ink). it’s market value is maintained by force, but arbitrage will send it to its natural value sooner or later. And the more the central banks interfere the sooner it will happen..

    • No RD, the burden of proof is showing the E-cat WILL work.

      • Agreed, what I wanted to say is that odds is very high that it is a scam as its owner did not want to show to third parties all this “stuff”. But we cannot be sure as 100%.
        By the way it does not mean that OTHER experimental device could not produce some results which after more researches could be interesting regarding energy production.
        To sum up it is not because ecat is/would be a scam thjat cold fusion is “dead forever”.
        This website has specialized into doom and gloom theories : first because fiat will die and now because EROI is decreasing which will imply the end of fiat and the return of the stone age.
        Fiat will die and capitalism (like othe production mode) will die but far from being the “end of the world” it also could be a true rebirth.

        • Perhaps it will be a rebirth, of something smaller. This site deals with the fact that we’ve built ourselves a Pandorosaurous Rex. You just don’t want Cassandra riding the damn beast yelling red sky morning failure warning. Sorry, that’s not how the story goes.

          We spent half the highly concentrated God-like energy source to triple the world’s population. Now we have to deal with that. Oops, batteries not included. If we do happen to stumble on to more free energy, it still won’t repair Liebig’s barrel.

          This site isn’t saying mankind can’t produce a solution, it’s saying mankind hasn’t produced a solution. Note the difference. It’s also saying that the clock on the wall isn’t your friend.

          Regarding doom and gloom. Take a good hard look at several locations on this planet, pure unmitigated horror for men, women and children – Dante’s Inferno is more inviting.

          • Doom and gloom is right now indeed like it has been for many and many decades, that’s the results of the tyranny of the circulating exchange value, central banks actions are just the results/consequences, not the cause.
            It will probably not be smaller per se but different as human goals could be different.
            It is the return to stone age mantra and the BS regarding the fall of the roman empire which is highly debatable.

          • robertsinclair | August 23, 2016 at 2:11 pm |

            Central banks actions are the cause of most of todays problems including energy depletion. They work by selling the labour of of those borrowing the currency. The system has needed an ever expanding monetary base to avoid a deflationary collapse. Which means that the debt has to be expanded in perpetuity. This causes a mispricing of the cost of borrowing by lowering interest rates.
            Its a cheque kiting scam and all participants should be in jail, instead of being in control of the worlds monetary system. To they are a consequence, and a result of a major conspiracy, to defraud and userp the constitution and our inate human rights. We are all entitled to the ownership of private property and to own of our labour.

  5. Hey Steve, since the first comment included “solar,” I would love to hear your thoughts on solar energy / solar panels etc. in terms of usable energy creation / saving for individuals or small groups vs society as a whole, esp . in areas where there is lots of sun. Or perhaps point me to the sites / articles that you use or have used to come to whatever your conclusions are. All i know about your thoughts is that you are negative on some aspect(s) of solar energy. Thanks…jt

    • jt,

      Charles Hall & Pedro Prieto wrote a great book, “Spain’s Solar Revolution” The Energy Returned On Invested. You can read all about it here in an article called, Tilting At The Windmills: Spain’s Disasterous Attmept To Replace Fossil Fuels With Solar Photovoltaics:

      Here is a brief comment:

      Prieto and Hall conclude that the EROI of solar photovoltaic is only 2.45, very low despite Spain’s ideal sunny climate. Germany’s EROI is probably 20 to 33% less (1.6 to 2), due to less sunlight and less efficient rooftop installations.

      Solar companies went bankrupt after the financial crash, including the Chinese company Suntech, which sold 40% of its product to Spain. About 44,000 of the nation’s 57,900 PV installations are almost bankrupt, and companies continue to fail (Cel Celis), or lay off many employees (Spanish photovoltaic module manufacturer T-Solar)

      I believe Solar has a use if you want to have guaranteed power when the grid goes down. Using Solar for small electric stand-alone systems where you don’t care about getting your money back… is a good thing to do.

      However, Solar on a large commercial scale doesn’t past the EROI test. It’s kind of like corn based Ethanol. Hell, I had no idea we produce nearly 1 million barrels of day of that lousy corn ethanol in the United States. What a waste of energy.

      Corn ethanol has an EROI of 1.3/1… at best. So, Americans pay for 10% of their gasoline with corn ethanol in it. If we assume that some of that gasoline is made from shale oil which has an EROI of 5/1, and then we add lousy corn ethanol or 1.3/1 to it, it lowers the overall EROI even further.

      Again, solar is okay of you want to have local guaranteed power, but its worthless on a LARGE COMMERCIAL SCALE.


      • So in fact, you are absolutely sure that never ever (and not in only one or two decades from now) any technology will be able to go back to a EROI of more than 100 like it was on the first decades of oil ?

        • That would be wonderful. We are still waiting to hear what that technology will be. Cold fusion at this time isn’t promising.

          • Look at my links regarding western oligarchs having put some money into research regarding cold fusion. It will probably fail but we cannot know for sure.
            I would put the major odds to find a revolutionary technology into the military complex as things are these days.
            Only them have the resources and the incentives to explore so many fields of research.

      • Steve, the Hall and Prieto book is not wrong, but it should be seen in context. It is about rather special conditions and it is already obsolete. Here are some considerations in my blog

        • Steve and Ugo…thanks for your replies. As I’m sure you can imagine, I’m having difficulties reconciling your two positions.

          Steve, you write, “Prieto and Hall conclude that the EROI of solar photovoltaic is only 2.45, very low despite Spain’s ideal sunny climate. Germany’s EROI is probably 20 to 33% less (1.6 to 2), due to less sunlight and less efficient rooftop installations.” I assume by what you wrote that you agree with them. And I assume that having read my question, you are also referring to my situation as an individual, and not a society at large.

          Ugo writes, “It is true that you can find a few studies (very few) that look serious (perhaps) and that maintain that PV has a low EROI. However, in a recent study, Bhandari et al. (1)⁠ surveyed 231 articles on photovoltaic technologies, finding that, under average Southern European irradiation, the mean EROI of the most common PV technology (polycrystalline Si) is about 11-12. Other technologies (e.g. CdTe) were found to have even better EROIs. Maybe these values are still lower than those of some fossil fuels, but surely not much lower (if they are lower) and a far cry from the legend of the “EROI smaller than one” that’s making the rounds on the Web.

          So on the one had I’m seeing 2.45 and on the other 11-12 for EROEI!! Wow…worlds apart. And BTW, we are living under “Southern European irradiation,” and in fact enjoy close to 300 days of sunshine/yr here (southern Portugal). And we are looking at PV partly for what you wrote, Steve–“I believe Solar has a use if you want to have guaranteed power when the grid goes down. Using Solar for small electric stand-alone systems where you don’t care about getting your money back… is a good thing to do.” But we would like, if possible, to actually generate enough to be indpdt of the electrical system. We have friends here who sell the electricity they generate and don’t use back into the system.

          So if a PV system lasts on average 18 years, and perhaps much longer if not abused (weather here tends to be mild, without snow or really many significant thunderstorms or major wind storms). So, if we could get somewhere in the middle, say 7:1?…we’d be thrilled, as once the initial investment is made, there’s really only upkeep, and manual labor, even by skilled workers like electricians, is cheap here.

          So once again, how can your numbers be so different? Is there a formula that an individual, as opposed to a society or large community even, can use to plug numbers into and find out just what the return is / would be?

          And one more question: in looking for PVs for one’s home, farm, whatever, what should one look for? Are there brands in S. Europe you know of that are known to be of good quality but fairly (cheaply would be nice) priced? Any sources / websites you could send us to. Thanks again…jt

          • Jt, as I said, Pedro and Hall’s book is already dated. It is based on technologies that are by now almost 10 years old. Not just the panels have improved, but the whole infrastructure around them. The experts now speak of EROIs of the order of 40 for the latest generation of PV. Maybe that’s true only in “perfect” conditions, still we are doing well enough that we can think to use PV to power a civilization.

  6. It’s good to see Ugo Bardi’s name here (once again). I never really followed the Cassandra site but so once in a while. I find his far more interesting and have placed a couple of his articles on a Dutch site in the last couple of years.
    But whatever everybody is asserting, the queeste for alternatives must go on and charletans will fall in their swords.

    • Dick, we already have the miracle technology. It is here:

      No need to search for things that have been demonstrated over and over to be scams or measurement mistakes

      • Of course that is true. And I’m sure that those stories you refer to will disappear, which undoubtedly will be the case given time. And I’ve seen a lot of those scams, not only Rossi’s. But stopping to look out for other possibilities is not going to help us either. And here I’m a firm believer in human ingenuity based on proven science, which can be backtracked. And I mean science as in real independent science.
        Maybe there will be a future for special sources of energy for particular needs. And that is what I and maybe others expect from science. To come up with a solution, like nuclear reactors for producing electricity is only one educated step on the way to the future in trial and error. Of course I’m aware of the hazardous nature of our nowadays nuclear plants and residues.
        It already would be a big step in my opinion if we could eliminate ‘waste’ usage of energy in our world. Energy should be productive and adequate for it’s purpose.
        It will be a difficult task to find alternatives and keeping up our standard of living and that has not only to lie in depletion of resources. E.g. how are we going to abandon combustion engines in an elegant way. But one way or another we must not stop looking for useable and if possible viable alternatives. We have to change and whether it is by more rational methods and use of different materials or totally new concepts doesn’t matter. It’s not only the looking for free energy, although that would be very nice, because that’s asking for the well-known free lunch. It is already very difficult for the majority of people to have a proper understanding of the underlying physics, so what do you expect. I regularly have difficulties with understanding it and if I encounter such a situation, I try to fill up that gap. And even in scientific circles it is hard to find the right approach.
        BTW your articles I was referring to earlier were a.o. The Physics of Money and a Collision of Epistemologies. Not exactly chemistry, your field, but very interesting to see how you look upon those matters.

      • There is nothing precise in this article, impossible to make a true idea about what they are doing and so what are the results whatever they could be/are.

        From your article above it would be now very easy to show that cold fusion is absolutely impossible (odds to have a workable device is exactly 0) ?

  7. “CEO Jeff Bezos, is backing a Vancouver company called General Fusion, which so far has raised $94 million.”

    BACKING a company that has raised $94 million sounds like the money is coming from speculative investors; certainly Bazos isn’t exactly pouring his fortune into it.

    “Microsoft MSFT 0.72% co-founder Paul Allen has put money behind Tri ­Alpha Energy in Irvine, Calif., which has reportedly raised $140 million.” How much of his own $ versus money raised by investors?

    The answer to those questions tells one about how much they are betting on this technology

    • As you could see, there was no “scientific” information and even if so I have not the background to have a real idea on the results, maybe you could.
      The only thing is that a few years ago it appeared some still tried to explore this way :as all breathrough technologies, the odds are low but dismissing ALL potential cold fusion as energy production because of the rossi’s visible scam/failure is a logic mistake.

  8. Thanks, Ugo. Any comment, Steve? BTW, are either of you using PVs or planning on using them?

  9. Unless we want mayhem we all want an energy savior.

    However Steve has pointed out our “infrastucture” not only requires energy, but LIQUID energy. Trucks, aircraft, cars, trains, many generators…

  10. Hello Steve.. I think we have to be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater here. While Rossi appears to be a huckster… this does not in and of itself prove that there is not something of interest going on in certain systems, especially those with D2 and Palladium, as originally shown by Fleishmann and Pons. There are very smart, very idealistic folks still pursuing this (I would point to Dr Peter Hagelstein at MIT) who are in it for the science. I am not saying that this will be the energy savior of the world.. just that there very well may be a phenomenon here we have yet to fully understand. Thank you, Jim H

  11. e-cat is wrong approach. google thomas bearden. they suppress proven tech

  12. Great thought leadership Steve. I’ve been following your work for a few years now. I like how you keep sight of the big picture and mine data without emotional bias.
    While Rossi does appear to be a fraud, have you checked out Dr Greer’s initiative to pull free energy out of the vacuum? If you’re not yet up on the ET technologies, check out the military and private contractor scientists videos from Greer, starting with Greer himself:

  13. Paul Schiller | January 23, 2018 at 10:05 am |

    Hi Steve and Ugo,

    While E-Cat appears to be a failure, how about the many experimental runs, at reliable tech companies and MIT and SRI International, that show “excess heat” ? Altough difficult to repeat and having unknowns, none the less, excess heat has been reliably created in many scientific experiments of LENR.
    Curious what you say of that
    Thank you, Paul

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