Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Important Gold Market Trend Changes

This is a very important precious metals update by Tom Cloud.  Tom discusses important trend changes that will impact the gold market going forward.  One of the trend changes is that China will announce within the next month for the SDR – Special Drawing Rights (IMF) its gold and Dollar holdings.

Four years ago when China applied for the SDR, only 900 organizations and banks took the Yuan, Chinese currency, for payment.  According to the Heritage Foundation, 10,000 organizations and banks are now taking the Yuan for payment.  This will significantly jump after Oct. 1st, when China announces their Dollar & gold holdings.

Tom also discusses two other important trend changes in the precious metals update below:

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11 Comments on "Tom Cloud Precious Metals Update: Important Gold Market Trend Changes"

  1. Release their gold holdings? The political number or the shiny number? When they announce 20.000 tons and include the yuan in the sdr, wouldn’t that appreciate the yuan? China can’t have that.
    Fiat farce majeure. That’s what we’ll see. Will it change the future regarding the energy Seneca cliff? No.

    • “wouldn’t that appreciate the yuan?”

      no. the gold is for the chinese communist party ruling class families. the paper fiat debt is for the slaves in the fields. same as here.

      heh. and that gold is NOT held in china ….

  2. BTW, thanks Tom for your excellent answers in the webinar.

  3. “10,000 organizations and banks are now taking the Yuan for payment.”

    how many of those are in china or owned by chinese?

    • Indeed, anybody who have done business with a chinese now knows that the truth is not even a defined concept over there.

  4. This audio/video mentions all the gold buying going on…and what may ramp up in the next few weeks. And while I believe that, it remains to be seen if it will affect spot price or premiums over spot. My bet is spot down a bit in the next few weeks, with low premiums

  5. Silver demand is crashing : US mints halts silver eagles production

    Bad news for us, looks gold is going to be the real winner.

  6. Tom—You state that in some places in Europe, people cannot get their Gold. Please be specific. I am a Brit and would want to know otherwise with respect this statement has no value and without verification, just false.

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