Critical Silver Turning Point & U.S. Economic Crisis From Collapse Of Shale Energy

The economic and financial situation in the United States and world took a turn for the worse in 2016.  This was due to many underlying reasons, but the BREXIT vote to leave the European Union and plummeting oil prices were the two largest factors.  The BREXIT vote pushed the value of gold and silver to higher levels not seen since 2013 and extremely low oil prices are causing havoc in the U.S. Shale Oil Industry.

I sat down with Dan at Future Money Trends and discussed these issues and how the U.S. economy and financial system is in dire straights due to the exploding energy and government debt:

Here is an outline of the interview:

01:45 Checkout SRSRocco Precious Metals Seminar
03:05 Spark in Gold/Silver buying causing delays in shipments
04:30 US Economy Crashing, National Debt Accelerating
06:20 US Cheap Energy Tied to Economy; Now Energy is Expensive
08:30 US Energy Sector Crumbling under Debt; Shale Oil Declining
13:30 Biggest Wealth Opportunity in Precious Metals Right Now
15:15 Visit Steve’s Site for Cutting Edge Statistical Analysis on Metals & Energy
16:10 Steve’s Short-Term Silver Analysis
18:10 Silver/Gold Commercial Short Squeeze Could Come Very Soon if $21.50 Breaks

You can also check out the interview here at Future Money Trends.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  As I mentioned in the interview with Dan, we have finally set a date for the SRSrocco Report Precious Metals Webinar.  The webinar will take place on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6 pm EST.  Again, that is at 6 pm Eastern Standard Time.  I will host the Webinar which will include Precious Metals Expert Tom Cloud and Vic Patane.

Next week I will provide an email address for readers to send questions for Tom Cloud.  Tom Cloud has 40 years experience in the Precious Metals Retail Industry and will provide an update and take questions during the webinar.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out our new PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section or our new LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE page, I highly recommend you do.

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8 Comments on "Critical Silver Turning Point & U.S. Economic Crisis From Collapse Of Shale Energy"

  1. Thanks Steve. Still thinking the key thing to watch is the premium peeps pay on Minted coins. Thanks where the rubber meets the road, but WDIK. Have noticed the US Mint numbers on ASE sales have stumbled a lot over the last few weeks…thinking its a combination of no one has any cash…and the price has moved up at the same time; ‘Course its also possible the numbers are deceitful in themselves for reasons not yet clear….

    • The Mint has raised Prices, I was buying from them because they were the cheapest for over a year, No more

      • The U.S. Mint has never been the cheapest for bullion coins…in fact they only sell them to about 12 authorized dealers, who sell to the rest of the retail dealers.

  2. Paper Silver | July 16, 2016 at 11:51 am |

    Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs …

  3. What’s the fiat currency/energy consumption ratio over the past 50 years.
    That would be a nice chart. Inflation adjusted of course.
    Oh no, not inflation adjusted, in gold. Ounces. Oh no, metric tons.

    Wait wait, maybe the $ index, the political cycle AND gold in one chart?
    No, no, unpossible. Guess we’ll have to wait for the WHEN.

  4. silverfreaky | July 17, 2016 at 11:13 am |

    All Fiat Money systems destroy the real economy.Best examples USA/Great-Brittain.
    The newest joke italy.The banks have bad debts about 400Milliarden Euro(german notation).
    A EZB rule says when a bank break down the creditor of the bank have to pay instead of the tax payer.

    Financial president of italy said at the bank crisis 2010 italy agreed to save the german banks.So we have to do the same.At he end we go the same wrong way USA did.Making debts to the moon.
    It never works in history.

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