Precious Metals

The Silver Chart That Has The Federal Reserve & Central Bankers Extremely Concerned

For the first time ever, this silver market dynamic has the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers extremely concerned.  While gold may be the most important sound monetary asset on the central bank balance sheet, they hold relatively little silver.  Thus, the majority of investment silver held in the world is…

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METALS & MARKET UPDATE NOV 8th: Fundamental Values Will Pull Markets Down & Push Metals Higher

This is an important precious metals and market update on why fundamentals drive stocks and indexes’ value.  Unfortunately, investors continue to be deceived by the extremely high valuations and stock market bubble.  Why?  Because they confuse SPECULATION with FAIR VALUE.  Markets and stocks… ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS…

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PRECIOUS METALS PRICE MANIPULATION: How Much Is It Impacting The Gold & Silver Miners Versus Leading Companies?

If precious metals price manipulation is taking place, how much is it impacting the gold and silver miners versus the top tech and blue-chip companies?  According to many analysts in the precious metals community, the supposed manipulation of the gold and silver prices’ has gone on WAY TOO LONG…

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