Precious Metals

FRAGILE NATURE OF CURRENCIES: Why Gold & Silver Are High-Quality Stores Of Value

As the U.S. and global economy speed towards the Seneca Cliff, very few individuals understand the fragile nature of currencies.  Today, we use the lightning speed of the digital banking system to make our purchases at the store or online.  It has become seemingly natural to buy groceries at the swipe of a card.  Only…

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Silver mine supply from the world’s fourth-largest silver producer fell significantly at the beginning of 2018.  According to Chile’s Ministry of Mines, domestic silver production in January declined 20% versus the same month last year.  Chile’s silver production has been falling considerably since its recent peak in 2014. In just three years, Chile’s domestic silver…

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What The Gold-Silver Ratio Says About The Future Silver Price

While silver investment demand is totally off the radar, certain indicators, including the Gold-Silver ratio, suggest that interest in the poor man’s gold will likely increase significantly over the next few years.  The rising interest in silver will also occur as the broader markets continue to meltdown towards more realistic valuations. In my recent youtube…

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