Precious Metals

METALS & ENERGY UPDATE FEB 20th: Will Gold Continue Its Breakout & Why Global Oil Stocks Declining?

With the Gold price breaking out of an important technical level and reaching $1,900… will it continue higher?  That will likely depend upon if the Russian-Ukraine tensions continue to escalate.  Also, why are Global Oil Stocks declining lower than the average for the past five years…

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METALS & MARKET UPDATE FEB 13th: World Is Going Superbowl Crypto-Crazy

If you are going to watch the Superbowl today, get ready for lots of Crypto ads.  Also, the legendary football quarterback, Tom Brady has retired after 22 years and is now going FULL BORE into Cryptos and NFTs.  When the NFL’s top quarterback is going into Crypto, you know we are heading towards PEAK INSANITY…

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Turkey Sells A Lot Of Silver To U.S. As Its Currency Collapses

In a stunning change, Turkish silver exports surged to the United States in 2021 as citizens sold metal to offset the collapse of the Lira.  Thus, silver behaved exactly how it should by protecting wealth for Turkish citizens as the Lira continues to evaluate.  However, this is just the beginning…

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