Precious Metals

METALS & MARKET UPDATE APR 10th: Exploding Inflation Causing Chaos In Countries To Spread

Rapidly rising inflation is causing skyrocketing food and energy costs leading to chaos and riots in several countries.  Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  Many central banks are raising key interest rates in an attempt to curb demand and inflation.  Even if they are successful…

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Get Ready For Silver Supply Shortages & Much Higher Prices

Investors and Institutions are not prepared for the massive changes coming in the future.  They still cling to a strategy of investing that is now… DEAD.  Unfortunately, they don’t know it yet.  Due to the coming Energy Cliff, investors will be forced to move into precious metals to protect wealth…

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MARKET & ENERGY UPDATE MAR 13th: European Energy Crisis To Worsen As Global Economy Shutdowns Rise

We are now seeing more parts of the Global Economy shutting down due to the worsening European Energy Crisis.  While the West believes it can “Reduce” its dependence on Russian oil and gas, the evidence suggests that would be suicide.  Also, the U.S. economy is also being impacted by rising energy prices…

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