BARBAROUS RELIQUARY: Holding The Metals In A Post -Western World – Part One

A recent Chairman of that private corporation in control of the finances – perhaps even, the destiny – of the USA for the past 100 years, famously referred to the yellow metal as “a barbarous relic”. Although this Ph’d prophet of policy-managed markets has hardly been a fount of wisdom in the course of his career… in this case he stumbled upon a truth.

Yes. Bernake got it right! Gold has all the attributes of  a primitive thing – and as such belongs in essence to a different cycle in humankinds’ journey. In fact, it’s the very primitive nature of gold[&silver] which renders it a potentially deadly kryptonite to the modern financialized world.

SRSrocco:  This is a guest post by Roguefaction.  He has is own site called The Collapse Of The West.  This will be Part One of a series of articles on what he explains as the reasons to hold onto the precious metals.


Barbarous Relic


by: roguefaction

A recent Chairman of that private corporation in control of the finances – perhaps even, the destiny – of the USA for the past 100 years, famously referred to the yellow metal as “a barbarous relic”. Although this Ph’d prophet of policy-managed markets has hardly been a fount of wisdom in the course of his career… in this case he stumbled upon a truth.

Yes. Bernake got it right! Gold has all the attributes of  a primitive thing – and as such belongs in essence to a different cycle in humankinds’ journey. In fact, it’s the very primitive nature of gold[&silver] which renders it a potentially deadly kryptonite to the modern financialized world.

In the hands of those determined to resist the nascent neo-feudal project becoming more visible with each passing day, the precious metals take on a likeness to the primitive weaponry wielded by the tattooed Picts who enveloped and destroyed a Roman Legion in the mists somewhere north of Hadrians’ Wall. With an arsenal of such potency, one might even dream of rolling back the DEBT-USURY EMPIRE, and restarting the course of our history from a much fresher page.

As outlandish as that idea may seem ..and although it’s probably true that gold has no place in the modern day fully-financialized crony-capitalist economy

it may be equally true that the future holds no place for the fully-financialized crony-capitalist economy! And that our archaic past just may hold the keys to our still unsketched future. Like many “1000 year Reichs” before it… the INDUSTRIAL AGE CIVILIZATION we are living the tail end of now may prove a mere blip on the chart of humankinds’ longer timeline… and the western world’s resource extractive, imperial hegemonist model may be fated to go the way of the Dodo any day now!

One might think that calling gold a relic of the past is a damning indictment of its value to the denizen of the modern world. HOWEVER, I come here not to damn, but to praise the shiny metal…for the light it casts upon the perils of our times… and the dim outlines of that road which leads away from doom. Stripped of the mythologies accorded it by both its major detractors and it’s chief cheerleaders, the precious metal[s] offer perhaps a last, best chance forward to a new era of economic equilibrium in a world which seems increasingly fated to drift into war and chaos.

But for that happy ending to come true, we need to be able to separate the fools’ gold of myth & pseudo-history from the .999 pure fact of how we have arrived at this point in the western worlds’ trajectory from periphery… to central player… and back again. Only via exegesis of the myths and legends we have been taught about gold/silver and those who hold it can we hope to complete that sifting operation… and thus be able to make strategic investment decisions based upon a understanding of a rapidly shifting global power dynamic. It’s no accident that Ukraine occupies the headlines of the moment – it’s the middle of the hour glass where the sands of fate and fortune slide in accord with the demands of gravity!

Lucien Levy-Bruhl, French anthropologist of the C19th, gained a modest fame in his time through writing several books on the subject of the “primitive mind.” It was his conception that the ‘primitive mind’ was different from the ‘western mind’. Although the works of scholars of the past centuries are routinely cast aside by the aspiring luminaries of the generations who follow, many a nugget of insight can be mined from these old ‘lore bodies;’’ Levy-Bruhls’ case is a good example. Like his fellow académique Bernake, he unwittingly laid out the case for what makes gold/silver – by the very ‘primitiveness’ of their tangibility – relevant to our ‘post modern’ age. A much later French Levy…Claude Levy-Strauss…similarly embarked on a mission to distinguish what the archaic, or primitive mind represented, in contrast to the modern mind.

“Savage thought, Lévi-Strauss argues, continually gathers and applies structures wherever they can be used. If scientific thought is represented by the engineer who asks a question and tries to design an optimal or complete solution, savage thought resembles the bricoleur, who constructs things using whatever materials are at hand….Mythical thought, according to Lévi-Strauss, attempts to re-use available materials in order to solve new problems”.

By which, this more modern anthropologist gave us the keys to unlock the conundrum of gold as relic of our past as well as  potential arbitrator of our future! There is no greater ‘contrarian’ play of the moment than investing in the precious metals. In the course of this series, I will leverage that fact into making the following case: those who do choose to follow that road less taken may be the inheritors – and potential beneficiaries – of the SAVAGE MIND necessary to surviving an age of modern savagery!

For, unlike those around us who look to virtual currencies/virtual realities as the antidote to the irreality of the banksters’ cynical Carnival of debt-enslaved Soulsprimitivist metalheads (of the monetary metals kind) can see and utilize materials invisible to others… with which to build a bridge back to the status of free personage! The inclusion of precious metals in one’s tools of resistance to that project of neo-lib/con crony-capitalism – which seeks to reduce us back to serfdom – is a mark of the iconoclastic individual who I call FUTURE PRIMITIVE… aka…the post-collapse survivor.

Barbarous materials… there are dozens, if not hundreds of variations on the theme of what happens after the unraveling of the western financial ponzi scheme. In many of them… gold/silver factor in as a large part of the proponents’ recipe for how to deal with a societal collapse. From low-tech farming enclaves to your standard Rambo-style last-redoubt type mountaintop hideout… guns, gold n grub! Most of those which I have read are very poorly thought out. In fact, I consider it well overdue to take a stab at looking at the common post-collapse memes through the eyes of the post-western observer. Through such a perspective, many a myth currently dear to the Smeagol-like amongst us…infatuated with  ‘my Precious’ thinking to the point of being immune to both common sense and reason… can be deconstructed, so as to allow those truly intent upon survival to throw off their golden/silver blinders  in favor of a more, umm, fluid approach to arriving safely at the Grey Havens.

Many blogistas and hired guns of the moneypower -with vested interest in pretending that merely by hunkering down with a stash of  shiny can one expect to ride out the coming storm –vociferously oppose any challenge to their bizarrely blinded formula… while mainstream knowitalls pour withering scorn on any notion that going to the metals makes any sense at all! Both sides of that truth-debased coin betray an agenda of deceit… which those serious about coming out alive post  collapse of the west need view with a skeptical/deductive eye

Private Eye…and a survivors’ instinct for the main chance!

Precious metals, in other words, are a double-edged sword – used well and wisely, they might just help you cut your way out of Babylon. Misunderstood, they will merely serve as a reliquary to be melted down and pasted – as an easily looted veneer – on one’s burial casket! Those few western investors savvy enough to truly ‘think outside the box’ will definitely want to utilize the former, rather than the later of those two options.  And that means going to great lengths to see past what the available media – mainstream OR “alternative” – organs in the west have to say about gold/silver. For we are very much, at this time, like unto those former citizens of Rome, provincials left behind in the wake of withdrawal of the forces of law and security… waiting in the false calm before the arrival of pillagers and pirates… to fend for ourselves in the new Dark Age to come.

The “western mind” at this point is so inculcated with the false teachings of a cabal of manipulators dedicated to robbing us of our heritage of freedom (gifted by the forebears at considerable sacrifice), that effective resistance to their planned destruction of our world has been almost snuffed. We need to effectuate a ‘guerrilla resistance’ of the primitive kind to their machinations… with the ultimate aim of a renaissance of that unique legacy of personal freedom and empathy for others which was the ultimate pinnacle of western culture before it became a tungsten-coated imitation of itself. The precious metals have the potential to be the battery which charges this resistance… as a store of energy/store of value… to be drawn upon as circumstance requires!

Alternately, they can be misused as mere appendage to the goal of seeking personal profit at the expense of others less lucky! Via their various complicit on-line tools, the shadowy puppetmasters behind the curtains hope to employ the classic Leninist strategy of controlling all sides of the debate… in order to mislead investors into such a dead end strategy. It is my purpose to oppose that distortion of what the monetary metals represent. And in following parts of this series, expose the real aim behind the phony left/right divide used to inveigle the unsuspecting metalhead into supporting an agenda inimical to their interests!


To great extent, opposition to that nefarious purpose can only be effectuated by a detailed examination of the psycho-cultural background to the current hijacking of the high ground of debate by the dupe minions of the moneypower who flock to the banner of so-called ‘hard money’ Austrian economics. Their ability to impose a blackout upon reasoned discussion about the true nature and purpose of monetary metals has gone unchallenged from within the ranks of the metalhead community for too long. An EROI perspective allows for the assemblage of a counter-narrative to the fatuous barkings of the running dogs of Mount Pelerin-based metals orthodoxy. And to the great dismay of that orthodoxy, I do not intend to let that opportunity go wasted! Indeed, in the course of this journey to the center of the metal holders’ mind, apple carts of several peddlers of the party lines which I have met in my own meanderings will have to be upset – the solidified notions about the purpose and method of investing in the precious metals…and about the parameters of debate as to what is or is not an acceptable scope of interest for those so invested.

As gatekeepers of this institutionalized blackout on free-thinking and empirical investigation, a coterie of well-groomed academic hacks has been cultivated and foisted upon western societies for almost two centuries. Their job has been to bury the simple truth about money, currencies, trade and free enterprise under a tidal wave of phony discourse about ‘natural laws,’ and an avalanche of rhetoric which presumes to give “scientific” credibility to the barking mad projections of a tenured intelligentsia whose circular arguments have in fact reduced “Economics” to the level of comedic farce.

Not so comical is the use that these ravings have been made of by the “praxis-oriented” wing of the moneypowers’ army of dead souls. From Marx, Nietzsche  and Ricardo, to Rand, Rappard, & Reagan…the deluded footsoldiers of a fake anti-authoritarianism have proudly raised a banner under which all kinds of atrocities against humanity... and common sense… have been conducted. In the narrative pushed by the complicit scribblers of precious metals orthodoxy, we must ignore the connections between the use of gold/silver as tools of international terror and hegemony… and content ourselves  with watching the charts to see when the next big breakout occurs! That meme is dying…

and the narrow [let’s not concern ourselves with geo-political matters – this is just about an investment!]perspective of those legacy thinkers still well off enough to have no bone to pick with authority and the full spectrum dominance system it is building is now wilting under the influence of the basic fact THAT THE MIDDLE CLASS IN THE WEST IS DISAPPEARING! We are seeing the beginnings of an awakening on internet forums to the understanding that there is no point in limiting the discussion to only those topics which lower our vision to the level of ant-like creatures. Here, on Koos Jansens’ site is my current favorite marker of this shift towards getting real. Better late than never!

I can confidently predict that you will see much more such pushback in days ahead, as the more savvy of western metal holders begin to realize that the deeply inculcated myths they have grown up believing… that the West is the center to the rest of the worlds periphery… must be overthrown in favor of a new understanding of the balance of power – and that their destinies are no longer in their own control, but rather in the hands of other players! Only with this new paradigm in place… that the western world has lost the power to influence events to its own purpose… will the investor be able to make those decisions necessary to coming out ahead.

Readers of a site like have a unique opportunity to contribute to the formulation of that understanding… and the successful strategies which can evolve from it! Those of us with practical knowledge of what it means to run a business, hands on… in the day to day slogging of the small scale entrepreneur so despised by the new power brokers and their academic/media enforcers…. must band together to take the momentum back from the monopolists of the monetary metals conversation. Only when their orthodoxy of opinion has been reduced to one of several competing narratives, instead of the domineering consensus which refuses access to all new entrants to the debate…. will it be possible to shine a light on the road which leads away from penury and perdition.

Because the precious metals are so deprecated-/despised/ demonetised/demonised/ of the moment … making such a contrarian investment begs the question – what causes individuals to break from mental norms enough to even conceive of them as a safe and profitable destination for their savings. After all, the mainstream message that gets poured out of every available channel is that we no longer live in a world where monetary metals have a purpose… or a future. It takes a certain state of mind, therefore, to become a square peg a round hole, and weather the consequences of being so! This series will examine that ‘state of mind’... for both its’ strengths AND weaknesses…in order to understand the Psychology of the Precious Metal Holder. In both western and post-western formats!

For me, gold is part of a hand I am playing while seated across the table from a card shark who goes by various alibis: Satan…Lucifer…neo-lib/con crony-capitalism….Mordor and its Many Minions –takes your pick! The stakes are rather large… freedom of one’s very body and soul!  In this all or nothing GAME OF DEATH…gold/silver are my wild card… and maybe just maybe the trump card too!

In part Two, we will kick off a kind of hermeneutic examination of the interlocking network of hopes, prayers, assumptions, and demands by which the [western]gold\silver community staves off that cold, measured re-appraisal of their situation – an appraisal which I believe to be a necessary step to keeping afloat in perilous times. Gold has been with us for aeons. Some even claim that we humans are the product of extraterrestrials breeding a hybrid slave race to mine gold for them! Whether or not one subscribes to such wild ideas, the truth is surely that gold/silver metals are deeply embedded in our collective consciousness as a token of value. Probably nothing has been so fought over throughout the course of history as gold. While their image is often burnished with a false luster of virtue and probity in history, gold and silver have been responsible for untold misery, slavery and death throughout the centuries. They have been used for exploitation and greed more often than for the social good and collective well being of mankind.

Yet in the end, they are not guilty of being anything more than the objects of mankinds’ lust for lucre. They remain entirely neutral of ‘moral’ value, yet have the capacity to represent the essence of value,  even sanctity, as has been shown throughout time by their religious and monetary usage. Are we ready to ditch those traditional strengths in favor of merely symbolic, electronic forms of money? Or is there a way to leverage those strengths into a form which puts control of our lives back into our own hands, instead of in those of the manipulators? Those are the key questions to be answered as we watch the current financial system totter, and the dogs of war get released in the usual methodically illogical manner.– The answers will go far in determining whether the future will be dark or bright for humankind.

Stay tuned, brethren of the bar and coin as we boldly go beyond previously appointed limits… in examining what it takes to Hold[ing]Gold: Cutting Through Myth and Legend – in search of a winning hand.

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36 Comments on "BARBAROUS RELIQUARY: Holding The Metals In A Post -Western World – Part One"

  1. joe lindell | May 16, 2014 at 11:56 am |

    The article was extremely verbose, using words that confused one’s understanding instead of
    using commonplace words to make his point. This guy is a “stupid” intellectual trying to impress
    readers with information that he himself has mentally cluttered with unnecessary verabage.

    Joe Lindell

    • I don’t agree with you. It’s about time the debate shifts to a more sophisticated discussion. There is plenty of room for you on kitco though. They have charts you know.

      • I’m with joe on this one.
        Started dozing around the third paragraph.
        Sorry houtskool, charts are mostly irrelevant in a manipulated world

        • In a manipulated world, like the one we’ve had for the past 100 years, and long before that, one cannot hold the carrot in front of the mule and be taken seriously any longer.

      • lastmanstanding | May 18, 2014 at 10:03 am |

        The kitco comment was fucking ridiculous…I looked at enough charts in college that I knew that most of them were bs then. Kitco even tried to make themselves more respectable by having Danielle hide her cleavage.

        While I don’t have the same sophistication as you, Rogue writes like he writes whether one like his style or not. One get a choice to read it or not.

        I’m with rogue…”stakes are rather large” right now.

    • Agreed, and glad someone gets it.

      • roguefaction | May 17, 2014 at 7:22 am |

        Hey! You’re back! …

        thought this might just bring you back into the “anti-debate” ….where there is safety in numbers… you can maybe just maybe get an angle for a zinger or two!

        Markus ol buddy… you are my man for a message to all n sundry.

        I’m more than familiar with the epoch y’all have enjoyed with setting the agendas for metal sites… and the amount of effort required to unseat that consensus meme into which y’all have safely snuggled.

        Message follows: It’s over…. [read n weep]

        no matter how long it takes… or how much effort… batting gainst the joe’s n judejins of this sadly diminished [western]world is childs’ play for the suitably inoculated. You can rant. You can rave. But you ain’t gonna save no bacon …

        folks wanna know what’s what; and sooner or later – they gonna wanna know why YOUSE ALL don’t want them to find out!

        Then… y’all gonna remember what Blondie says to Tuco;

        ” It’s for you.”



  2. This is one self absorbed writer. There is very little content to this article but plenty of colorful words, and absolutely nothing that isn’t already known. Please do not bore us with part 2! If the author has something new to add to the precious metals discussion then state your case as succinctly as possible and get out of the way.

    A good writer respects his reader’s time. 🙂


    • roguefaction | May 17, 2014 at 1:54 am |

      Mikey… many thanks for your unique and thought provoking insights!

      one of the smaller blessings of the life I have chosen to lead is that I dons’t need wear a watch/ nor have any idea of what your “time” means either! If you lack the discipline to decide how to use it… who else do ya think is gonna ‘respect’ it>: waddya waddya bud?

      Boredom is a self-imposed shackle… jis flip the switch next time you see sumthin that you ‘know already’ dude. Chartporntopia is jus a keystroke away!

      And though you were prolly not even a gleam in the eye of the one who begot you, when this jewel of a song came out… …your comment evokes memories of it’s ” timeless” relevance to folks like yurself! Jus in case yur modern ear suffers the same limitations as yur eyeballs seem too… here’s a helpalong –

      Pls check back in when you have a substantive critique of the content of the article itself to offer us. Otherwise… the audience may be FORCED to conclude that the entire discussion is several notches above yur pay grade! [insert smiley face here!]

      yur most humble… etc. etc…

  3. Sounds quite interesting. Like ‘Another’… the link at the end of this article brings me to your blog, rogue, but not an article.

    Thanks Steve for posting. And Roguefaction, your blog is on my watchlist.

  4. “When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk” Tuco

    • “But if you miss, you had better miss very well. Whoever double-crosses me and leaves me alive, he understands nothing about Tuco.”

      shoulda read the rest of the script Roo…

      “Every gun makes its own tune.”

      • ……I only said what was needed!

        Just out of curiosity Rouge, what level in Dungeons and Dragons did you reach?


  5. newbiegoldbug | May 16, 2014 at 6:15 pm |

    “In truth the gold standard is already a barbarous relic”-John Maynard Keynes
    Let’s get our facts straight.

  6. DaleFromCalgary | May 16, 2014 at 6:59 pm |

    Rewrite that introduction. It was Keynes who introduced the phrase about gold being a barbarous relict.

    The rest of the article took the long way around the pasture. We gold bugs have enough problems without verbiage like this.

    • “We gold bugs have enough problems without verbiage like this.”

      Right you are! Being FORCED to sit down and read over 2000 words of mindless drivel is an even crueler twist of fate than having to wait for winter to end in Albertastan. You have my sympathies, weary gold bug!

      ” It was Keynes who introduced the phrase about gold being a barbarous relict.”/// DOOOH! ///head slap!…And you’ve certainly put an end to any pretension on my part to be a ‘fact-based’ writer!

      But methinks I shall decline your demand to rewrite… and fall back upon the device of artistic license to excuse my inability to distinguish one MINION OF THE MONEYPOWER from another. …


      ,,, much like certain Simpsons…[Marge: My name is Marge Simpson and I have an idea. It may sound a little boring at first.
      Mayor Quimby: Chat away. I’ll just amuse myself with some pornographic playing cards….” Marge vs. the Monorail (#4.12)” (1993)]…

      I bear my own ‘cross of dross'(with apologies to W J Byran!) in the form of the many members of the Quimby Clan amongst us ….Escort: [Bart has just jumped into the back seat of Quimby’s convertible to hide from Principal Skinner] Freddie, honey, I think something just fell into the back seat. Freddy Quimby: I’m not paying you to talk…(“The Simpsons: The Boy Who Knew Too Much (#5.20)” (1994)]…

      who delude themselves into believing that they may disguise their own lack of familiarity with their native language by denigrating anybody with the audacity to use words of more than six(6) characters.

      Much like the ‘trail guide’ of FOAs’ original FREEGOLD walks through the woods… and pastures… and byways… by means of which measured strolling the savvy and patient GOLDENHOLDER (in contradistinction to the snarling & whiplashed “GOLD BUG” of your self-professed species!)gets to where they need to go… I’m in no need of a short cut through the pasture SIR DALE…. if you’re afeared o gettin lost in da woods Cletus… just don’t leave home!

      Seems there’s a number of readers who can’t quite get control of their wandering eyeballs enough to simply stop reading when the challenge exceeds their abilities…

      solution? Don’t whine about it friend… just change the channel back to your closest “chart porn’ station…. everything gonna be alright!

      Meanwhiles, my merry men…like Lisa and her sax… think I’ll just continue to woodshed… sour notes n all… in the hopes of one day getting that solo from Coltrane meets Johnny Hartman(you are too beautiful?) down right!

      your most obedient, etc. etc….

      Bart n Lisa… Marge n Rogue[Homer]

  7. Prayerful men of my faith have been warning hard times are coming, where everyone will fast whether they want to or not. This isn’t something they were saying two or three years ago. Let us give God his due.

  8. i recommend Murray Rothbard’s “Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought”, well over 1000 pages, containing everything one needs to know in economic fallacies! yet these 1000 pages are much easier to absorb than roguefaction’s 10 pages!

    roguefaction’s writing has only purpose, making me to doubt my english!

    • Judejin…thank you for your input.

      Rothbards’ change of allegiance… from one of the better explicators of the C20th phenomena loosely known as “anarchism*” …to a salaried minion of the movement which the moneypower created to draw away those naturally oriented towards free personage – into their controlled opposition movement called “libertarianism”…

      is one of the best examples of the Leninist ‘control the opposition – control the debate- techniques which have allowed potentially well meaning folks like yourself to end up on the wrong side of history…. cf… herein… “phony left/right divide used to inveigle the unsuspecting metalhead into supporting an agenda inimical to their interests!”

      I’ll be going into exactly that issue here in Pt 2….

      unless your fellow language-challenged confreres here manage to wrest control of Stevers’ sandbox out from under him in the meanswhile! Keep up the good work! Yur English is no obstacle to understanding… it’s an issue of ideology that prevents a comprehension of content!

      *anarchism… a movement descriptive of the populist resistance to international usury-debt CAPITALIST/COMMUNISM … most famously embodied by a) Makhnovshchina – “Free Territory” https://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/Free_Territory – wherein Ukrainians neither ‘left’ nor ‘right’ stood tall for 3 long years, against both the Reds and Whites, while the world looked away… watch as history not only rhythms, but repeats…. right now… as eastern Ukraine gets taken down again by the combined forces of the same TERROR. b) the worker-peasant/middle class resistance of Catalonia/Navarre/Basquerria/Asturias regions to the Fascista-Commie coup of Spain 1936…wherein self-governing factory/shipyard/munitions/mine collectives PRODUCED the goods and services needed to reject the moneypower… for as long as they were able. c) Cuba…where an American CIA-installed, Jesuit-educated tool of the same usual suspects killed off enough of the worker/middle class resistance[ look up: bahia de los cochinos/escambray campaign]to take up power in an exercise of mass terror/social programming which “the Kenyan” intends to soon replicate on Norte Merikan shores…
      d) would be yur homeland… the Han lands… but yu so far outta yur depth here there is no use even getting started on that part of the discussion!

      • the only things that prospered during in last 3 years of PM slump are online bloggers that try to distinguish themselves by bringing something more onto the table for the hungry bugs seeking comfort food.

        but roguefaction, your food is too hard to digest. i have to pour some cold water onto your ambition. few understand you, even fewer will give a shit about what you write.

        steve is actually compiling some useful stats to inform us of what’s going with the miners and mints.

        but roguefaction, i think they should hire you as next Fed governor! you can write much more sophisticatedly than all the greenspan’s combined.

        your website will get more hits occasionally, but you’ll remain a rogue.

        • roguefaction | May 17, 2014 at 6:04 am |

          ” i have to pour some cold water onto your ambition. few understand you, even fewer will give a shit about what you write.”

          Interesting revelations… judejin… perhaps too much so, for your own good. Quite the mixture of hopes, fears, and assumptions rolled into a general confirmation of the salients points of the article.

          Is there anything at all that might goad you and your confreres into confronting the substance of this debate… rather than a continued, but pointless juvenile effort to deliver an attack upon the messenger? At this point, one may needs doubt it….

          so, in keeping with your attempt… I have to also express some doubt that you have a supply of ‘cold water’ sufficient to pour upon the fires of obstinate objectivity here judejin! You[pl] seem much too fired up yourselves… in an effort to snuff debate… to be able to apply such a dousing.

          Indeed, the careful reader will notice that the various elements of my thesis here are being played out by the coterie of critics who fail to see contrary to their intent, their mindless ad homs merely confirm, rather than rebut the precis of my piece.

          I gather that the prospect of a part two to this exposure of the generalized effort to dumb-down debate to the level of “Joe’s” required “commonplace” is creating quite a stir in what’s left of the minds of those most threatened by such an eventuality….

          carry on screaming lads… I could not have asked for a better illustration of what I set out to describe and destroy here than the collective rantings of the lunatic fringe hard at work to defend the sanctity of the asylum!

          “you’ll remain a rogue” ….err,… yes, that is the general plan, Stan!

          I remain… etc etc,….

  9. Face it pulpfiction,the guys on here have sussed you out straight away.Ive read your stuff all over the net,and the A/druid Greer does it SO much better.
    “tungsten-coated imitation of itself”….olther way round mate,but a good self-description all the

    • roguefaction | May 17, 2014 at 5:15 am |

      All compliments… backhanded or otherwise… from all defenders of consensus thinking here…
      gladly acknowledged!

      Now… as to substantive rebuttal to the content -as opposed to the usual torrent of abuse pon the messenger-

      ummm… you were sayin? Ok.. I’ve “faced it” ….total fail bud. Next?

  10. 1 Corinthians 14:7

    ‘And even things without life giving sound, whether pipe or harp, except they give a distinction in the sounds, how shall it be known what is piped or harped? For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? So likewise ye, except ye utter by the tongue words easy to be understood, how shall it be known what is spoken? for ye shall speak into the air’

    • likewise to the above… ad nausea um … survivors of the coming storm harken to a different prophet than yours dude[s]…

      this trumpet calleth not to thee,
      but rather those left behind
      and still somehow free…

      not very many can there be
      of Elwings’ kin,who chose to
      linger, not make for the Havens…

      fore Mordors’ hordes,
      dressed dark n grim
      be unleashed upon them…

      This message ain’t for you… so just let it be. Those with ears to hear here will appreciate your silence. There will be time enuff for screams and screeching, a little later!

  11. I am not sure what your objective was in writing the article as you have rather than putting it in simpler language. It makes it more difficult than it should be to understand what your message to us is.

    It is sad that virtually all the comments so far have been about how you put the message rather than the message itself.

    You may regard that as a success but the messenger in this case is surely less important than the message.

  12. Why does the mind (ego) need to use a paragraph (or two) to say something that can be accurately communicated in one sentence? Vain fluffy words!

    True words are not eloquent, eloquent words are not true. Lau Tzu

  13. In my humble opinion, there are those who are afraid, and those who are curious.

    Everyone knows where we have been. Let’s see where we are going!

  14. infometron | May 17, 2014 at 2:25 pm |

    Someone enchanted with and compelled by the interplay betwixt thought, word, and deed, once wrote: “Too many simians, and not enough brethren of the breath anymore!” Scary, but I guess that about sums it up, eh Rogue? Looking forward, somewhat reluctantly, apprehensively, but delightfully and disgustingly, to Part 2. Kudos to Steve for hosting your posting.

  15. Velikovsky | May 17, 2014 at 10:38 pm |

    Admittedly, I can’t say I’m that keen on the writing style, and thus only skipped over the article. I was only thinking of the ‘gods’ or Anunnaki prior to seeing a reference to such towards the article’s end. In my opinion, they were anything but a ‘wild idea.’ You have gold mines in South Africa which are proven to be around 200,000 years old.

    My point, though, is that man (as handed down by the Anunnaki) has always cherished gold; has always had a fascination with it. Even the bible makes reference to the fact that Earth’s gold belongs to the ‘gods.’

    Be that as it may, there is a place for gold now just as there was thousands upon thousands of years ago.

    It is bankster’s kryptonite; a terrifying scourge. The one thing guaranteed to keep these vile creatures awake at night. That is, when these vampires are not hiding in dungeons, partaking of human sacrifice.

  16. rogue’s writing is paraphrasing what every other gold/silver blogger has been saying for ages in a much more sophisticated way.

    the only problem is such paraphrasing is sure to get lost in a world where the average reading level is quite low. such paraphrasing is not adding to the substance and not entertaining at all.

    rogue’s appealing to a niche audience within the bugs’ community.

  17. infometron | May 18, 2014 at 8:25 am |

    @judejin (and others)

    “rogue’s appealing to a niche audience within the bugs’ community.” Sadly, for reasons noted.

    “rogue’s writing is paraphrasing what every other gold/silver blogger has been saying for ages in a much more sophisticated way.” This is not at all what is being claimed or implied. I’m staying tuned for Part 2.

    I took time to read Rogue’s new website. He is a learned man, and articulates his thought extraordinarily well (and I’m sure even he would readily admit to joyful indulgence). Anyone who has spent much time at all writing knows that words and thoughts are coupled in an intimate dance. Some dance better than others. You recognize that. Moreover, he appears to walk his talk, and will suffer fools gladly, to a point.

    Unfamiliar words can give rise to new ways of thinking. E.g., “torpor.” If you haven’t seen that word before (I hadn’t), check it out using google. How hard can that be? (It’s not). And if you find that at all interesting or motivating, check out Rogue’s website, then try telling me he is just “paraphrasing what every other gold/silver blogger has been saying for ages.” BTW, I ain’t no apologist. Just sayin’!

    • i’m very sure that he has much less to offer than the great austrian economists, who are the earliest modern gold bugs!

      much more learned men can write much easier to read essays that contain real substances rather than clever metaphors that don’t convery anything new.

      i recommend one of my favorite sites: , which contains a must-read analysis on 911, “moral decoding of 911…”

  18. Stay strong in the face of the vocab-challenged, attention-deficit proto-fascists RF!

    What serveth it a man to save his livelihood, if he neglects his verbal skills and powers of concentration? Nay, it might even be impossible to do so.

    Keep digging, fools! There’s sure to be gold in there somewhere.

  19. human‘s “natural” inclination towards gold is not primitive at all.

    there’s profound innate logic underlying this human nature.

    this logic is what defines human beings and its purposive actions, which are what Mises’ praxeology explains very clearly.

    so i’d recommend anyone who are interested in Roguefraction “primitive mind” thesis to read Ayn Rand’s Objectivism and Mises’ human action which explains this primitiveness much much better!

    sorry, roguefraction, nothing new, only much poorly explained and paraphrased.

  20. The author projects great command and usage of the English Language; unfortunately, the ilk of which he is trying to impress upon, will be left with an undying look of bewilderment on their collective visage.

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