March 2021

TOP GOLD MINERS: Who Had The Lowest Breakeven In 2020?

With the gold price reaching an all-time new high in 2020, the gold miners enjoyed record profits.  These record profits were assisted by the low oil price, which kept gold mining costs down.  However, if the oil price continues higher, we could see this impact on the gold miners’ profitability in 2021…

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JP Morgan Continues To Drain Silver From The SLV ETF While Sprott PSLV ETF Inventories Surge Higher

Make no mistake, what is taking place in the Silver Market will turn out to be a HISTORIC EVENT when investors shun “paper” silver for the real physical bullion.  While the WallStreetSilver “Shortsqueeze” social media campaign will help get the word out on Silver, the real trouble will begin when just…

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EXXONMOBIL: The Next Oil Major To Hit The Energy Cliff

As the sun sets on the global oil industry, more companies will hit the ENERGY CLIFF.  With ExxonMobil’s recent announcement that it has written off nearly one-third of its oil reserves, the company has joined Royal Dutch Shell in hitting the Energy Cliff.  Of course, these major oil companies…

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