This is a video on the coming silver shortage by, the same folks who run FutureMoneyTrends – FMT.  Dan at FMT, was actually my first interview back in July of last year.  If you haven’t seen my interview with Dan, you can see it at the LINK HERE.

Dan puts together some good informative videos on the precious metal sector.  In the video on the Coming Silver Shortage he provides some interesting information on the supply-demand situation in the silver market.

One interesting fact, is the huge increase in silver consumption in the solar industry.  Dan states that in 1999, consumption of silver in the solar industry wasn’t even reported, but by 2015, it will reach 100 million oz.

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  1. Silver i don’t think is even on the list of 22 critical us commodities in net import imbalance, according to leeb today.
    silver usa is still net producer, especially if u consider the amount put into coins, bars & rounds doesn’t leave the country.
    he doesn’t name the list items, but obvious ones are oil, NG, orange juice, & REM the metals group, which are so important they would likely be separately named, not as one group .
    well known for decades is that Russia & S. Africa are almost the sole mine source for many of the critical rare metals.

  2. I read about some technology the other day that reduces the silver content required in photovoltaic cells by something like 50%, while slightly increasing efficiency. I do expect solar panel adoption to increase in a linear fashion, possibly trending to an exponential growth curve if they become cheap enough. However, there is another technology that is threatening to replace silver in solar panels completely, and that is carbon nano tubes. CNT could increase the efficiency to 80% but currently the cost to produce them is prohibitive and they are still working on the efficiency. Based on the optimistic tone of the articles I’ve read, its only a matter of time before silver is completely phased out of solar panel components.

    • Using your logic you can make a case that silver demand will skyrocket because of the fantastic new battery technologies that require silver. Rarely have people been able to predict major changes in industry by looking at ideas in labs. When cost is not a factor you can make some amazing things. Assuming that you can “get the cost down” is ridiculous. In the 1960s people were certain that by now we’d all be traveling in personal helicopters and that computers would be advanced enough that image recognition would allow cars to drive themselves. But today those technologies still sit in the labs or on press releases only.

      • We’re all making assumptions about the future, some are more plausible than others though. That being said, I own silver and will continue to accumulate in 2014. But whether or not the investment will ever pay off is up in the air. In the mean time I’m trying to stay current on trends in the economy and technology and try to disseminate that information in a way that will make people more informed.

      • We don’t have self driving cars due to the amount of hampering government regulations have had on the industries related to that.

  3. I follow the clear shortages between total production and usage and inventories…the numbers discussed in the video are showing a shortage in supply.

    BUT, what is not visible (as of yet) is any industrial users claiming a shortage or inability to source silver. No squeeze causing higher prices. No hoarding. No run on the phyz. I have not heard a single story as of yet that silver users cannot source their silver.

    So, while I’m of the belief something has to give between infinite fiat and finite silver, oil, etc. I just don’t see it yet.

  4. petedivine | July 30, 2014 at 1:50 pm |

    FYI…Provident is running a good deal on “Year of the Horse” silver from the Australian Perth mint. Its just a little over regular silver bullion. I’ve purchased from Provident and find their pricing to be very competitive. It sometimes takes a couple of weeks to get my order, but I always get my order, and its always just as I’ve expected.

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