“Pilgrims Society Are The Gold & Silver Manipulators, Not Bilderbergs” Silver Supressors – PART 3

(by Charles Savoie)

Nothing is as great a danger to gold and silver investors as The Pilgrims Society.  Across the years, not only has The Pilgrims Society, with its twin branches in the world‟s top two international banking districts—London and New York, featured as members, unknown to the gold and silver long community, major price antagonists and opponents of the private ownership thereof, these price suppressors and opposers of monetary metals as money have been in the leadership of The Pilgrims Society.

Here are some key excerpts from Charles Savoie’s PART 3:

PART 3 pic 1

There was no more important ringleader in breaking the Hunt-Arab silver play than Paul Volcker—still today, Obama‟s top economic adviser.

There was a 2002 meeting in New York for the silver stealer who dispossessed the Dallas Hunt brothers of 60MOZ silver under terms of the so-called “bailout” loan he arranged (“spiked”) for them in 1980 after his Pilgrims Society pal William Simon, Treasury Secretary who cut the price of gold down from $200 to $105, pulled the COMEX strings and crushed the Hunt/Arab silver play and of course, the gold price was also again struck at hard by these devilish monetary conspirators.

The Pilgrims Society struck at the Hunts in 1972 when Libya nationalized Hunt petroleum holdings there, and the State Department under Pilgrims Society member William P. Rogers refused to intervene. Here was one of the assassins of the Hunt fortune in the leaked list of The Pilgrims, New York, 1974, along with the son of the biggest gold and silver stealer in U.S. history—FDR—now FDR‟s daughter in law is a Pilgrims Society member, “headed by the Queen of England” (original reference deleted as a cover up)

PART 3 pic 2

Halifax became the Earl of Halifax and was president of The Pilgrims of Great Britain (1950-1958). This is the fiend who more than any other Pilgrims Society conspirator, directly and with full intent, caused the Great Depression. As British Viceroy of India (1926-1931, under The Crown, King George V) he was also known as Lord Irwin, and he signed off on a plan to dump Indian silver on global markets to the extent of hundreds of millions of ounces.

The full details are in “The Silver Stealers,” and are a potent antidote to the senseless drivel so often seen in gold circles that the Crash of October 1929 and Federal Reserve policies were the main cause of the Depression. Those events exacerbated it, but they were hardly the driving force behind it. Neither of those things caused mass unemployment. At the time we actually had large export activities to the Far East, China and India.

When the value of silver plummeted due to this Pilgrims Society conspiracy against monetary silver, the buying power of at least 800 million Far Eastern consumers ceased. That in turn caused millions and millions of American factory workers to be idled and forced into soup kitchens and bread lines. It caused a fantastic wave of foreclosures. Certainly these export industries had Pilgrims Society members on their boards of directors.

The connivers very likely went short before the export trade seized up, and certainly by summer 1929, due to a known signal issued by Pilgrims Society member Paul Warburg, father of the Federal Reserve Act. However, a larger and more profitable goal made the sacrifice of export industry income most worthwhile—the continuing drive to eliminate silver from the world monetary system so their full fiat could literally strip billions raw of their wealth, drawn to these secretive Pilgrims Society conspirators instead.

At a London meeting they hosted Weinberger (an Episcopalian by the way). He was the silver price suppressor who during his tour as Defense Secretary, oversaw the draining of more than 24.4 million silver ounces from the former National Strategic Stockpile—

PART 3 pic 3

Forbes Magazine rankings of the wealthiest Americans are serious distortions. The Pilgrims Society wants to show the old rich as very faded and the new rich as ascendant. That‟s a lie intended to mislead. Steve Forbes, Pilgrims Society, advocate of a bogus gold standard, maintains the intentional misrepresentation of the Forbes rich list. Will the magazine do a feature on The Pilgrims Society? No, unless it feels pressured by a lot of sites talking about it. In that case, Forbes would craft an article full of misrepresentations to mislead the public.

PART 3 pic 4

The Pilgrims United States had major gold suppressor, The Earl of Cromer, Pilgrims of Great Britain, in 1971 (and again on January 10, 1974). From 1961 to 1966 the Earl was a governor of the Bank of England, and therefore in the thick of the London Gold Pool conspiracy to hold gold prices capped at $35 the ounce.

During the same time, and at least into 1969, the Earl of Cromer was also a director of the International Monetary Fund (antagonistic towards monetary silver and gold) —the World Bank, otherwise known as the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (antagonistic towards monetary precious metals) —and a director of a related entity, the International Finance Corporation. He was a member of the Metropolitan Club in D.C. during his subversive stint as the Crown‟s Ambassador.


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3 Comments on "“Pilgrims Society Are The Gold & Silver Manipulators, Not Bilderbergs” Silver Supressors – PART 3"

  1. Johnny Paleswine | July 26, 2014 at 4:18 am |

    Sir, I must say, on behalf of many, that we are very impressed that you are as dedicated as BrotherJohnF to spread the painstaking research of Charles Savoie.

    I is already now, thanks to you and BrotherJohn that his work is appearing on SGTReport and Silver Doctors. I assume that the noise became to loud for them to continue to ignore it.

    Mark Dice has been and continues to be verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cowardly. Bildybuggy and CFR are affiliates of the Pilgrim Society. Mark Dice has failed to say anything convincing as to why Bildybuggy is to be feared, in and of itself. He refuses to touch this subject.

    Only you and Jeff Nieslen.

    Pilgrim Society planned and executed the BP 2010 oil spill, I believe. Four weeks prior, CEO Tony Hayward sold 40% of his holdings. There was much more financial gymnastics that took place prior to this designed disaster to the State of Louisiana. But this is how these evil maniacs roll.

    Regarding Max Keiser, the big fraud, his shows on RT have become verrrrrrrrrry boring. He stopped discussing silver in 2012 and began pumping this bitcon at the same never explaining why.

    Max Keiser lies about many things, including the economy in Canada. The economy there is doing much better than he says. Despite the fact that the Canadian dollar is a worthless polymer product, Canada has verrrry little above ground gold and no silver – most likely follow a Just In Time inventory program – homes are expensive, lots of terrible traffic and people are working. Govt is a big fat pig like anywhere else though.

    We are at a gut moment in time, financially speaking. Publicizing the Pilgrim Society, you and Mr. Savoie are risking your lives. It is responsible for the poverty in the West and all major wars. I think about all the time that I heard in my life about how would have loved to murder Adolph Hitler. How we would probably kill him immediately if we were to stand next to him. Or, how we would have helped the Jewish people during WWII, fought against the Nazi, etc. I have heard it all my life.

    You are very brave for publicizing Charles Savoie. I used to bombard SGT about the Pilgrims. SGT does not seek any meaningful exchange of ideas. Sean saw to it that all my posts never appeared.

    Jim Sinclair refused to respond to me. Silver Doctors was as cowardly.

    I hope now that you are putting a new trend in motion to expose these evil people. Soros and Kissinger are merely their agents. They use them as human shields. The difference between the Pilgrims and Hamas is that Pilgrims pay much better.

  2. I have some hesitancy about what I’m about to say, but feel I should do so in the interest of public clarification. Apparently my leading detractor, whose coverage is slight next to mine, pointed out that I said I had “partial” Pilgrims rosters for years such as 1933 and 1949. That was “apparently” true when I first made that statement. The fact is, I have complete lists for 1933 and 1949. I haven’t received any missing names in the meantime. How to reconcile the contradiction? Yours truly is a tightwad in ways, to have more funds to invest in my sector of choice. Do with less today, to have more later. Accordingly, I was still using an older, square monitor. The color/brightness resolution was not all it should have been, causing me to notice too-dark areas in some files that were sent to me. With the impending end of support for Microsoft Windows XP, I decided to spend funds for a new system—new everything, except the 3 in one. No use in reformatting a hard drive of almost 5 years use to go to a current supported operating system. So with the new, standard rectangular monitor and the brighter resolution, I noticed I could read all the names in those lists, which was a bonus of making the hardware/software upgrade. I hope this addresses any dispute over my statements. I appreciate SRS Rocco for being willing to feature my documentaries and the extended reach they receive, because of the web presence he has attained. My driving goal is to protect our private ownership rights in hard metals and mining shares. Government is not the threat, rather the bad boys who keep infiltrating the government due to controlling the nominating process of both parties, and their working control over Congress and the Federal courts. How does Bilderberg and the Trilateral Commission post rosters to the web? Very easily. The Pilgrims Society must be dragged kicking and screaming to do the same so we can know who all our monetary adversaries are. New tidbit—Pilgrims Society member William Polk Carey, who controlled $12 billion in real estate, was related to President James K. Polk (1845-1849), who seized vast areas from Mexico in the 1846-1848 Mexican-American War http://deadpresidentsdaily.blogspot.com/2012/01/william-polk-carey.html

  3. Johnny Paleswine | July 27, 2014 at 4:58 am |


    Is the same group behind Ned Schultz, Jeff Not a Christian and Jon Nadler and the rest of the “experts” on Kitco and others; Gartman, etc. who refuse to discuss the real metrics and say that the economy is ” recovering ” but never say what is it recovering from?

    In 2 years, the debt from o/s US govt bonds could be over $20 trillion!! Will silver still be at $20? It is possible given that Americans have none and only foreigners see the value in buying it, for the most part.

    Apart from gains made on insider deals knowing when to go long or short, who, in your opinion, pays these guys to hate silver and gold? Where are they taking us? We all arrived here in different ships but we are all in the same boat.

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